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Why Sleep Deprived Network Marketers Have Got It All Wrong

One of the most commonly touted things online amongst the Network Marketing/Internet Marketing community is that the only way to “WIN” is to constantly hustle.

Coffee is the lifeblood of sleep deprived marketers all over the planet, and it's quite common to catch us on Facebook at all hours of the day telling the World that to “make money” you've got to hustle, hustle, and then hustle some more, even if you don't feel like it… do it anyway.

sleep depravationThis advice is fatally flawed.

What people don't realize is, once you neglect the asset (you), you steadily run the risk of putting your entire self out of the game. Maybe for ever.


Here's an example.

Geoff was a textbook overachiever. He was fiercely ambitious, and determined to make his mark on the World. He constantly traveled, was on the board of Kiva Microfunds, was co founder of a successful investment fund and had been voted Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the year.

One morning, 36yr old Geoff woke up and it felt like a bomb had exploded in his head. He was sweating and frightened. He didn't feel right. It was like he was experiencing an anxiety attack without the anxiety. His breath was short, his head was buzzing, something was clearly amiss.

After a clear diagnosis, his doctor gave him two choices. He could take medication for the rest of his life to deal with his symptoms, or he could completely disengage from everything for a year or two to recover from his illness.

Geoff had literally, almost worked himself to death, this was the result of three years of sleep deprivation.

*Shattering* The Sleep Stigma

If protecting out asset (ourselves) is so important, why do so many people find it so easy to give up their sleep? The main reason is because many people view sleep as something that gets in the way of their “hustle”, instead of viewing it as a necessity.

Without the right amount of sleep, vital cells will not regenerate. We need sleep in order to function properly.

Also, a lot of people don't realize that one hour of extra sleep a night can actually result in many more hours of top quality productivity the next day. Cutting corners on sleep is counter productive. Sleep deprived people may work longer but it doesn't necessarily make them any more productive.

Yes, they are up all hours of the night “hustling”, but are they really just a human time “bomb”waiting to explode.

In a Harvard Business Review by Charles A. Czeisler called “Sleep Deficit, The Performance Killer“, Professor Czeisler likens sleep deprivation to consuming too much alcohol.

Society continues to celebrate people who hustle long and hard without or with very little sleep. Sleep deprivation  kills many people, or makes them very ill. It also continues to kill many people in automobile accidents and  accidents at work.

In the past 5 yrs, over 1.35 million people have been killed in car accidents due to “driver fatigue”. just in the USA alone.

“The general effect of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance is well-known: Stay awake longer than 18 consecutive hours, and your reaction speed, short-term and long-term memory, ability to focus, decision-making capacity, math processing, cognitive speed, and spatial orientation all start to suffer.

Cut sleep back to five or six hours a night for several days in a row, and the accumulated sleep deficit magnifies these negative effects. (Sleep deprivation is implicated in all kinds of physical maladies, too, from high blood pressure to obesity.”)

So what can be done?.

Realize that although we all want to empower ourselves to have this “no limits” lifestyle, and way of thinking. Very few people can actually keep up the whole no, or very little “sleep” thing. And those that do, tend to be building up serious problems down the road for their physical and mental health.

I would personally say this , if what you're doing cannot be done in the 16 hrs that most people are awake. Are you creating a business or a job with very long hours?  We all do non essential things at times, but some people make a lifelong habit of it.

In my view. The best way to live a long and healthy life, which in essence is really the whole meaning behind the word “Success”. we should learn to balance our work /leisure life better. More sleep makes us more awesome and also more productive.

So, to all my sleep deprived network marketing friends. Remember the sleep you are cutting now, could be costing you dearly in the future, here's to your health, wealth and future happiness.

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  1. great post Keith. A reminder that we all need sleep.. well rested mind and body is key for progress

  2. Love this Keith… I used to be one of those sleep deprived MLMer’s… learned work smarter not harder… thanks for sharing this great post … You rock

  3. I have to get sleep or do not operate very well! Great post! Thanks for these tips, Keith!

  4. All the more important that our efforts are focused and tight. It also gives us the urgency people follow. Well done, Keith!

  5. Great post Keith! I so agree, being in EMS for a long time fatigue KILLS! And it can literally ruin business too, we lack so many things when we become sleep deprived. You nailed it on this one! Thanks for the share!

  6. The effect of lack of sleep is really bad…I personally experienced feeling tired and exhausted even after waking up in the morning. I know well if I feel bad the whole day, that is I deprived myself of sleep from previous nights. I must learn to balance things then. Thank you for reminding…

  7. I COMPLETELY agree. I’ve actually been thinking about this lately – as I see comments from people about almost bragging about being the last one to bed, first up to hustle. But we need to work with a refreshed mind and sometimes take out time for ourselves. And once that magnetism kicks in – BOOM! Thanks!

  8. Yes soo true Love this Statement >>>> once you neglect the asset (you), you steadily run the risk of putting your entire self out of the game. thank you for sharing Keith !!~

  9. I’ve learned to get at least 5-6 hours of sleep per night. When I do this I’m more productive….and I’ve also learned to take power naps in the afternoon between 15-30 minutes before I start my business, which also help me be more energized and productive. Thanks for sharing Keith!

    Dr. Lisa

  10. [ Smiles ] One is unable to do business effectively if they neglect their own self!

  11. It is rare that I don’t get enough sleep. I am very regimented and very disciplined about going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday. I totally agree with you.

  12. Hmm I get 7-8 hrs of sleep weekdays and I get way more n weekends. Purely because I used to be that person that stayed awake, waiting on a 3am webinar then a midnight one, then helping out a team member in another time zone.
    I was starting to wish for a 9-5 where I could just shut down.

    Hey Keith,
    Powerful post and so much needed. The psyco,logical consequences of lack of sleep are so much bigger as well. Yet here is the thing….

    I truly believe that most MLM/Network marketing companies esp. USA based ones forget there are other time zones, when setting online training events/webinars! This means most European, Aussies, Asian and African affiliates stay up in all kinds of hours Every Blessed week, to catch a live training! Where specific benefits “that will definitely change your business” are offered only to the Live attendees. Its a real Pain! I used to be asucker for 3 am webinars till I realised its a sales gimmick… lol! If there is no replay, then too bad!

    They make out that if you miss you will never succeed! Real Harsh even mean words to say to someone Trying dang hard, burning the candle on both ends! They even suggest you work 3 more jobs to pay for the training or events…! Like if you dont, you ain’t hungry enough! So You end up on #teamNosleep.
    If yo dont then maybe: Your pain isn’t deep enough, Your why isn’t huge enough…Telling such to single parents with bills to pay, debt overload, sleep deprived working all hours…Hard call!

    So frankly Keith, Its some industry leaders who encourage their teams to work to the bone to achieve the dream. A flawed Strategy, yet sold like hot cakes! I find them disingenuous to be honest! WHY? Because these same Trainers/Gurus then preach about how one must look after oneself. Go to bed early, wake up early…..Chicken and egg catch 22! Lol..rant over bro.
    Sorry if it came across like a grump! Just my two pence… You rock. I m off to bed now to catch my 8 hrs! 🙂
    ~Julie Syl

  13. Wow, Keith this is an eye opener. I do work a lot of hours daily, cause I still doing the full-time job thing, but I do get in 5-6 hours per night. I seem to be more productive if I sleep less than 8 hours. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

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