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Why People Don’t Like You – (And How You Can Fix It Right Now)


Do you know why people don't like you?. Do you care?. I know. You can't please everyone, and trying to do so, usually means you end up pleasing no-one. However, aren't you just a teensy weeny bit curious to know why some people.. despite all of your awesomeness, just can't flipping stand you.

I know I was.

You see, I've always convinced myself that it didn't matter what others thought. In fact, some people use this as some kind of Mantra.. however, as human beings, I believe we do want to be liked.

Even if we give the impression to others that “we couldn't care less”.  Our unique personality  is going to endear some people to us like bees around a honeypot, whilst downright pi**ing off others..

So, why is that?.

It simply comes down to behavioural style. (involving, relating to, or emphasising behaviour).

Behavioural style. is the reason we tend to like or dislike someone. When the styles differ, and one person is not understanding the other person's behavioural style, this usually causes a negative reaction.

So, why then is it, opposites attract?. Opposites attract if one person understands the other person's behavioural style. When two people live together who are complete opposites, they thrive only if and when, they appreciate the other person's uniqueness.

Hence, this is why you see many couples fail. Mainly because one partner attempts to ignore this rule and constantly attempts to change the other person to be “more like them”.

Like attracts like. We tend to like people like us. When people are like us, they tend to “like us”.  So, in order to get more people to like you, and less people to “not like you”, here is what you can do.

  1. Learn to stop judging people who behave differently from you. Different does not make them wrong, it only makes them different from you. Learn to appreciate the other point of view, even if you disagree with it
  2. Even if you are rapidly climbing the ladder of success (in your eyes), stay humble. Success does not make us any better than the next person, it only makes us more able to help the next person.
  3. We are not in competition with others, we are only in competition with ourselves. Blaming others is not an attractive trait. People who blame others, and whine and moan at every opportunity, tend only to attract other negative people who “get off” on doing the same.
  4. Give people something to admire. When life is good to you, pay it forward, you never know  the effect you are having on other people. A few kind words at the right time can change another person's World. Use words wisely.
  5. Stop talking about YOU all the time. People get so sick and tired of people who can't stop talking about themselves all the time. The magic word is “You”. This word matters to others, more than any other word.

We're obviously not going to get everyone to like us. Some people just don't like anyone. However, you can apply the five points above and be “more likeable”..

I hope you have found this useful. I think we all tend to get involved in our own little world at times and we forget about others, but it's other people who actually make up our World, and the more people we can attract in a good way, the more interesting our World becomes. Thoughts?

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Peace and prosperity

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  1. This is very interesting. So that’s why people try to change their significant others. I never knew that. It’s always a good idea not to judge others, different does not make them wrong. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Leonie Nicolson

    October 20, 2016 at 5:31 am

    Awesome, yes I think when your behaviour is different from someone else’s then this can cause problems and quite often they don’t understand. Yes I have attracted some awesome people to me and we have similar interests. Totally agree with all of what you are saying here Keith.

  3. Great post Keith enjoyed !!~ thank you for sharing appreciate youuu!!~ ♥

  4. This is great Keith, Very well said.

  5. The most important thing is to be yourself. You will attract some and repel others. The main thing is to attract the right people you want to work with and who want to work with you.
    You raised some very interesting points in this post Keith. Thanks for sharing

  6. I especially like # 5. When you can point the lens away from you, you become irresistible.

  7. great post keith, thanks for these lovely tips

  8. I agree that we always attract people similar to ourselves! Thanks for sharing this Keith!

  9. When I read your post Keith, I think so many people need to go back to the basics and read “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

    We all need to lose the agenda when making new connections.

    Dr. Lisa

  10. #5 made me smile !! So very true, great sharing Keith !

  11. Great article Keith. Luckily, for me, whether people like me or not isn’t much of a concern. As soon as people see the results i give them, they usually want to work with me anyway. 🙂

    • Keith Everett

      October 22, 2016 at 6:05 pm

      I know where you are coming from Michael, it always helps to know though, especially in Marketing.

  12. Learning to understand other people and appreciate them is definitely how we get to live in peace and harmony with others. Making the other person feel appreciated and loved is paramount. Yes, the word YOU has something different about it and it makes all the difference. Great tips Keith. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Well I’ve never experienced people not liking me unless it was over a guy or something when I was younger lol (not knowingly anyway).

    But I love #3… Once people realize that we are not in competition and having that scarcity mindset, I believe a lot would change. People need to posses the attitude that there is an abundance of everything in life and enough for everyone to enjoy.

  14. Why people don’t like you lol? Quite an attention grabber. Powerful message and post Keith!

  15. Hi Keith,
    Glad to find your blog again! Really enjoyed your post and these tips you shared are right on, thank you for sharing your value 🙂 Like DOES Attract Like!

  16. Keith,
    Great Post and a makes you thing deeply if someone likes you it’s important on this type of bushiness, but realistically not everyone is going to like you and that is fine. Great Post!

    Lori English

  17. We attract who we are, Its the Law. And on a more general scale we attract what we say…So if we are always seeing and saying negative stuff about others, thats who we are and attract.Funny how today I ma thinking about the Law of The Mirror and I read this post!

    If people dont like you, then you dont like much about yourself. You just never stopped to think about it! Awesome post Keith, thanks for sharing!

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