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Why Attitude is NOT Everything

Attitude is NOT everything. You've probably seen the quotes on Facebook to the contrary,  You may even have bought the teeshirt. Sorry to have to break this to you if that is your belief, BUT – Attitude isn't everything.

Watch this video first.. 

Attitude is NOT Everything… why not align with a REAL strategy for Success?.. 

How so?.  When so many motivational “experts” say it is?

Well, let's think about this.

Attitude cannot be everything, it can only be something. If it were everything then all we would need to do is to adopt a “positive attitude” and everything would be “hunky dory”. Nothing bad would ever happen to us, it would all be good.

This of course is not the case, nor will it ever be. 

If “Attitude was everything” we would no longer need to put any effort or work into anything ever again, all we would have to do is adjust our attitude and everything would be right with our world.

Effort changes things.  Thoughts change things, Words change things. It's what you think about, talk about and do something about, that changes things.

In reality, Attitude is only part of the equation.

You can't build an online business (or any business) on attitude alone. YES, you should have a good attitude, but what about things like “work & skills.. do these things not count?

Believe me, I am a great believer in the Law of Attraction. Attraction Marketing is very powerful. Having the right attitude is  very powerful.. but no amount of imagination, can conjour up a business paying you a million dollars a year unless you first have a plan, you then put that plan into action… and work your A*s off.

Yes, you the Law of Attraction can help you speed up the process by imagining, feeling and looking to manifest it into your life, but without action, the process won't work. You have to put yourself in front of the opportunity you are trying to bring into reality. Attitude will play it's part in the process…

But it isn't everything..

and saying it is, well that is just one big fat hairy lie….

Earl Nightingale said “Your rewards in life are in direct proportion to your service”. In other words, if you sit on your sofa all day practicing your “attitude” you will still be broke in a month's time. BUT… get of the Sofa, get a plan together, create a strategy and sprinkle this with the “right attitude” and BOOM!, you're good to go.

I'm sorry, but in this life, especially in our profession, online marketing,  the dirtiest four letter word seems to be “work”.

With words bandied around the Internet like “autopilot income” “copy paste strategy” “turn key business” (and yes, I'm guilty of using those words,  it seems that people expect to do very little.. to get a lot. “How is that going to work”?…

This doesn't work offline, so why should it work online?

The real truth is. Having a great attitude will help, as with all these other useful “things” we sometimes mistake for being the “answer”. The truth is, if you haven't succeeded in your business yet and you've been doing it several month's or years, you need to stop blaming others and look at the root cause.. YOU.

YOU are the one who got you where you are today..

If you SUCK at marketing, STOP Sucking at it, learn how to do it properly, invest in a good mentor, invest in yourself, stop blaming others and accept responsibility.

Don't believe everything you hear. Attitude is not everything. It's something, it's a good thing, but it's not everything

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Peace and prosperity always ..

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  1. Excellent post Keith,

    Loved your video as always 😉

    Just keep chugging.. Your providing so much value to the market..

    Thanks for sharing & stay blessed 😉

  2. Love it – “stop sucking at marketing” I think I gave myself that pep talk. Great post Keith

  3. Interesting new perspective! 🙂

  4. Attitude without action is just attitude. It’s something, but definitely not everything. It’s funny how we have so many flippant quotes that we throw around without really thinking about the depth of truth. I liked this video and the baby is too cute!

  5. Great post Keith!! Really love the baby quote!! lol

  6. Yes, attitude is important but Action is probably the vital part of the equation.

  7. This was a BOSS post! I am fully on board with this position.

  8. Attitude is important, but not to the extent the action is. Thanks for this post Keith!

  9. Love this Keith great video and Attitude !!~~ thank you for sharing !!~

  10. Excellent post Keith. Attitude is important but Action is probably the vital part of the equation.
    Thanks for sharing.

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