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Video SEO – Simple NINJA Trick To Help Rank Your YouTube Videos

Video SEO. To be honest, I feel like the cat who got the cream this week. I decided to “up my game” on YouTube as I've been producing a ton more videos lately. I have been doing an online course  this week which has really “blown me away” by what they have been sharing on the course.  Check out the video below as I share a real NINJA tip on how to give your YouTube videos some MASSIVE Video SEO Power BEFORE you even upload them to YouTube..

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As you probably know, it's not easy to rank on page 1 of YouTube (or Google) for a lot of the keywords that we would love to rank for. However, with a few tweaks here and there, you can get your videos ranking on the front pages of YouTube and Google for specific keywords.

Video SEO – More Power To Your YouTube Videos

In the example above, I am showing you how to name the uploaded video file (the mp4) as the keyword. You should also upload your own thumbnail (also titled as the keyword)

I also show you a pretty neat technique on how to add associated keywords and comments to the file even BEFORE you upload it. I learnt this is the course I am currently doing. This is one of many new ideas I have picked up on marketing on YouTube.

Most people believe that you have to have plenty of technical aptitude to rank videos highly on YouTube, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. Most of the real SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work can be learnt fairly easily. It's really just a matter of adding the keywords to the Title of your video and in the description below.

Yes, there are other twists and tweaks you need to do in order to outrank the majority of other videos. However, it's not rocket science and these things can be easily learnt if you have some time each day to learn and apply.

I use YouTube videos to inspire, educate people and also to review products. A large part of the revenue in my business comes from videos on YouTube.

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Peace and prosperity.

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  1. That is a great super ninja trick thanks for sharing Keith!

  2. Interesting video Keith! Thanks for this ninja trick!

  3. Awesome Keith, very useful information.

  4. Great tips!! Actually just used a few of these that I didn’t know about and also forgot to use. Thanks for the nuggets!

  5. You’ve got the “stealth bomber” thing going, Keith. 😉

  6. thanks for sharing this awesome seo trick =D

  7. Great trick Keith, Really ninja 🙂 From today onwards, I will add relative tags in my videos too

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