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5 Video Marketing SECRETS To Make Awesome Videos

Video Marketing. On a scale of one to ten as to how important this is to your online campaigns, I would put it at an eleven. Video Marketing is huge. In fact, I don't actually know ANY top online Network Marketers who DON'T use it. Do you?

Want more SECRETS?

I challenge myself by creating a video daily. I love video marketing and have created over a thousand videos so far since 2010.

Creating videos every day, does come with it's challenges of course as you don't always have ideas on hand for new videos, however I keep the ideas coming by reading books, checking out what others are making videos about, and using blog story sites like for ideas.

When I do my daily videos, I often venture out to create videos with watchable backgrounds. This is tip 1.

Tip 1. Create videos that have interesting backgrounds. This creates enough curiosity to extend their viewing time on your video, which is basically what you want. Don't continuously do videos from your home office with the same background. This can get boring for the regular viewer and looks like you never go outside..

How do you sell the freedom lifestyle if you never go anywhere?.

Tip 2. If you are using a selfie stick (which I recommend you do as it looks quite professional). Don't forget to angulate the stick so the lens doesn't pick up the stick in the video. This is a common mistake when doing selfie pics and videos.

Tip 3. If you unscrew the cellphone holder from the end on the selfie stick, you can use the spindle to screw in another camera. I use a Sony HD Handycam on the end of my Selfie stick.

Tip 4. Look at the lens. Again this is a common mistake. You often see people doing videos who are looking at something else on their smartphone or camera, but not the lens. This gives the viewer the impression of “not talking directly to them”.. and can be a bit of a turn off.

Tip 5. Move your hands. Don't sit there like a “stiff”. Don't “boggle” the lens and stare it out either.. Act as if you were talking to a friend, move your arms, hands and body… and don't stare the lens out, look away occasionally, you wouldn't stare a friend out would you?.

I hope you got value form this post. If you did please comment below and share it. I'm sure you know someone who will benefit from having some video marketing tips.

Peace and prosperity.

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  1. great post! I used to lookat myself on the screen and not the lens haha… oops thanks for the reminder!

  2. Awesome Tips! I just got a Go Pro to do Videos.
    You are right it is not always easy to push it into your Day! Something that I need to improve on for sure!

  3. I have yet to make a video! I learned a lot here. Thanks Keith

  4. 5 great tips for doing videos…. we always talk about content but this is so important also… thanks for sharing this Keith…

  5. LOVE These Tips Keith Thank you Much!!

  6. I was also thinking to get myself a selfie stick but what about the sound does it lower the sound if it is to far from you?

    • Kevin, no it’s fairly near to you, my selfie sick can stretch about 3ft tops. So you don’t really lose any sound… if you have a good mike on your camera/cellphone, it will pick up your voice ok.

  7. Wonderful post and video. Is it true that Keith is the master of video? Thanks for sharing this amazing tips.

  8. Great Video Marketing Secrets!

  9. I gotta get me a selfie stick so I can do more videos on location

    Dr. Lisa

  10. Great video tips Keith….I just got a new phone and it’s a nightmare lol my last phone I could look at the screen and it picked up my eyes normally. I soon found with my new screen I have to look straight into the lense which can be difficult look

    • Keith Everett (The Victory Tribe)

      January 29, 2016 at 4:30 pm

      I used to do that with my old phone, it kind of made it look like I was just not paying attention.. lol

  11. Great post Keith, I find that Tip #4 is often missed. Great job and thanks

  12. Those are 3 great tips. The selfie stick in the shot is a common mistake. Great post thanks for sharing!

  13. Love these video marketing secrets Keith!! Extremely useful and anybody can implement it! I gotta get a selfie stick too!

  14. Great tips Keith. I need to work on switching up my background which I plan to do once it warms up a bit. I do have a nice painting though. Lol. Thanks for sharing!

  15. great video !!~ great reminders and content ♥♥ thank you for sharing

  16. Great post.

    I have yet to get started with video marketing but….
    I got my selfie stick 🙂

    I will make sure to pay attention to the angle of it.

  17. I love this tips Keith! Thank you, this has always been the hardest part for me!!!

  18. Great tips Keith! Thanks much! I especially liked the one about changing our environment. =)

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