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Napoleon Hill, The Twelve Riches of Life

Napoleon Hill is often referred to as the Father of Personal Development. He is well known for many books, including “Think and Grow Rich” “The Master Key to Riches” & “The Law of Success”.

The Law of Success was his first published book (1928). His most famous book is “Think and Grow Rich”. Think and Grow Rich has sold over a 100 Million Copies.

Sadly Napoleon Hill died November 8th 1970, cause of death is listed as “unknown”.

napoleon hillNapoleon Hill – The Master Key To Riches

In this blog post, I am going to take you on a journey over the “12 Riches of Life”, extracted from Napoleon Hill's book “The Master Key to Riches”, written in my own words, for  reasons of copyright.

These are the Twelve Riches Napoleon Hill attributes to living a long, successful, healthy life.















Step 1. A Positive Mental Attitude. Hill says, all riches, whatever nature begin as a state of mind. The mind is truly the one thing a person has complete control over.

Everyone has the power to shape their own thoughts. Hill referred to the brain as an electro magnet. You either “pull' success to you, or you “push” success away.

A PMA is the starting point of all riches, whether intangible or of a material nature.

Napoleon Hill – The Twelve Riches of Life

Step 2. Sound Physical Health. Health consciousness as Hill calls it, comes from the brain. If we think in a healthy way, feeding our body good nutritious foods and exercising regularly, we can maintain good health which in return sharpens our brains and creates better thinking.

The body does not control the brain. The brain controls the body, therefore optimum health starts with healthy thoughts.

Step 3. Harmony in Human Relationships. In order for our lives to be considered “Rich”, we need to have good positive relationships with others. This starts by having a good relationship with ourselves first. We have to love ourselves in order to love others.

Material Riches will mean very little if we have no one to share them with.

Step 4. Freedom From Fear. No man (or woman) can live freely, while living under Fear. Very few situations in life need to be feared. YES, fear can be useful in 0.01% of situations, but for most of the time, fear is totally unnecessary, however people still see situations worse than they really are.

To overcome fear, ask yourself what is to be gained by being this fearful. Ask yourself what is this fear costing you?

Step 5. The Hope of AchievementWith hope (and faith), comes Happiness. If we can look to the future with hope and belief that we can achieve our objectives, we will proceed with Riches in mind (literally).

Step 6. The Capacity for Faith. As I mentioned above, Hope and Faith are key to Success in anything. If you don't have faith in a situation that it will happen, you won't attempt anything. We need to believe before seeing, instead of “seeing is believing”.

Faith is the basis of all so called Miracles, and Mysteries, many of which cannot be explained by logic or modern science.

Step 7. Willingness to Share. Very few people understand the power of sharing. Riches were never meant to be hoarded. Riches only become true Riches when shared. When shared, Riches multiply. You can apply this to all Riches, both material or Riches of the Heart.

Step 8. A Labour of Love. Without the Joy of Self Expression, our lives can be very dull and boring. We need to pursue our passions and express our selves. People were never designed to just wander through life.

Our lives were made by design, the number of years doesn't matter, it's what we do with those years, that really matter.

Step 9. An Open Mind. Tolerance of others is one of the highest attributes of culture. A man or woman with an open mind is truly educated to receive greater riches in life.

Step 10. Self Discipline. A man (or woman) who cannot master themselves, may never become the master of anything. Napoleon Hill goes on to say, the highest form of self discipline is “humility of the heart”, when one has attained great riches.

Step 11. The Capacity to Understand People. In order to understand others, we need to understand ourselves first. We need to recognise that all people are fundamentally alike.

The capacity to understand others eliminates many of the common causes of friction between ourselves and others. It is the foundation of all friendship.

And finally:

Step 12. Economic Security. This is the tangible part of the 12 Riches of Life. Economic security is never attained by money alone. It can only be attained by the service we give to others. In order to receive we need to keep on giving.

A millionaire has economic security through giving economic security to others via employment and also through the value of goods and services he/she provides.

Based on “The Twelve Riches of Life – Napoleon Hill. Click here to visit the Napoleon Hill Foundation

I hope you enjoyed this Article. If you did, please leave a comment below. Let me know your favourite Napoleon Hill book. Also, please do share this post, thanks.

Peace and prosperity

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  1. Excellent post! thanks for sharing.

  2. Napoleon Hill was SO ahead of his time and with his teachings, I often wonder why “we” don’t have this figured out yet! Great notes on the breakdown! Thanks!

  3. Excellent review of an awesome book and author. Thanks for sharing these Keith. I am a huge fan of working on your mind and attitude.

  4. I Can’t Believe That I Have Never Read This Book, Because I Love Mr. Hill. Thanks For The Suggestion. It’s Now On My “To-Be-Read” List.

  5. I need to read this book… thanks for sharing this Keith… you rock

  6. Outstanding Post Keith thanks for sharing.

  7. Lynette Bledsoe

    January 4, 2017 at 2:42 am

    I especially loved Step 3. Harmony in Human Relationships – I love connecting with people and building new relationships. Thanks for sharing Keith

  8. i gotta get this book to start reading. thanks so much

  9. Excellent post Keith! These tips are so important to remember ALWAYS! Love the teachings of Napoleon Hill!

    Great share 🙂

  10. Physical health is listed as #2 on this list and it’s super important. Many people think, “once I have more time and money, then I’ll worry about my health” but they really don’t realize that being healthier will give them more time and money. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Great article Keith. I own this book just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. Awesome tips for living a successful, healthly life! Thanks for sharing.

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    Great post, Keith!

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