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The Essentialists Guide To Conquering the World and Making More Money

Maybe you don't want to conquer the World, maybe you are interested in making more money

People spend far too much time on doing non essential things when they are in business. Check out the video below first to see what the NO1 thing you should be concentrating on is.

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Maybe you just need a friend right now to tell you how it really is. I can be that friend to you. I've been around a while, I've been well off and I've been broke. The only real difference that I can see apart from the pain of being broke was my lack of good thinking through the bad times.

We master money by first mastering ourselves. Lack of money is nearly always the result of poor thinking. Yes, some people are born with advantages, we all know that, but for the majority of people who aren't, there is a formula for becoming wealthy

This post is about  part of that formula that is so glaringly obvious. Yet most people are almost blind to it. If one of your main goals is “making more money”, then you need to pay attention to this.

What is it?


Making More Money – The Essentialist's Breakthrough

Question: What is an essentialist?.

Answer: A person who follows and implements the philosophy of “Less, but Better”.

One of the most glaringly obvious faults people have when they are building a business is the overwhelming ability to do many non essential things with their time, thus spending very little time on actually implementing essential things.

It's the main reason why people get so overwhelmed, they attempt to do everything. Often all at once.

Let me give you an example:

A very successful online marketing friend of mine released a product that shook up a lot of people online, he offended many people and was forced into toning down the language a bit, it is called “Be a 5 Percenter” in it, he states that marketers should be spending 90% of their time on “SALES”. He has built a huge online business by spending 90% of his time focused on Sales..

Do most people who come into our online marketing space do that?. NO..

Here's what most people do:

  1. They spend most or all their time learning and very little time if any, implementing what they know
  2. Many have virtually no marketing budget.
  3. People constantly check emails and play around on Facebook
  4. They jump from one business opportunity to another, blaming everything and everyone  but themselves for their lack of results.
  5. Very few people online have any sort of daily method of operation (DMO)
  6. Few people know what to do next, or in many cases, where to start.

This is not due to lack of information. The Internet is swarming with information. Most of the time it is down to lack of planning, and often attempting to do everything, instead of only doing essential things.

So, how can we know if something is essential or not?. well somethings are obvious. opening emails every 15 minutes or taking a trip to Facebook every 30 minutes is probably not going to serve your business, however, working on creating an offer and finding quality traffic to send to it would be.

In my own business, I have defined 10 essential things, I'm currently doing. There are many more, but  I hope this helps you to do the same with your business.

10 Current Essential tasks

  1. Building followers to both Twitter Accounts
  2. Automating the Twitter Flow – Sending quality content and offers to the flow
  3. Creating videos daily of value for both Facebook and YouTube with strong calls to action to offers
  4. Continue building my list/Working on building a bigger buyers list
  5. Working on creating another product
  6. Selling affiliate offers via paid traffic and list
  7. Blogging, & Marketing the posts
  8. Posting offers to my Private Facebook group
  9. Prospecting for new clients for my main business
  10. Coaching clients and actively prospecting for more

Things I would consider “Non Essential” would be checking email constantly, Facebooking several times a day, sitting on webinars with no intention of implementing what's being taught, doing “facebook lives” just chatting away for no reason and not delivering any real value, or giving any sign of a call to action..  I could go on, but I won't..

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Peace and prosperity


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  1. Oh my .. So glad I am in a constant state of progress; I can fully relate to many of 6 that Most Marketers do .. glad to keep learning, implementing and doing.. Great Post and wake up call Keith !!

  2. The interest would be in making more money and then maybe conquering the world !!~ LOL ♥♥☺☺ great Post enjoyable ~~ thank you

  3. This is a great Essential List of things to do to build a strong, sustainable business! Thanks Keith!

  4. Thanks for sharing your list! Great action list – I do have a tendency to learn, learn, learn, but I also have to do, do, do!!

  5. Loving the 10 Essential list Keith. This is a great post! I am guilty of doing some of the non essentials.

  6. Great post! Concentrate on those income producing activities

  7. The big takeaway here for me Keith is the way we master money is through mastering ourselves.

    That sums it up brilliantly!

    Dr. Lisa

  8. Thank you for sharing those ! 10 Essential Task!

  9. Hmmm Keith I like the essentialist guide to making more money. I know a few people who have a huge following simply wasting time on Facebook Live and I find that lots of people love wasting their time listening to such people and adding their two pence lol!
    I am glad you shared. Hope this post is seen by a bazillion people 🙂
    J Sylvia!

  10. Great piece Keith,

    As you say the consistency to all your points makes a online business.

    Online business is not different to a offline business.

    Consistency is the key

    Love your list Keith



  11. Awesome Keith, I needed to read this! Great reminder!!! Do less but Better!

  12. BOOM! Even in clothes, less is more. I can buy one great pair of shoes and spend more for it, than go to Payless and for the same money, buy 5 pairs of junk shoes.

    At the end of the day, we only get an exchange of $ when we SELL something, so to spend time doing anything that does not move in that direction is vacation mode in my books.

  13. 2017 is going to go be the year of making EVEN MORE $ from the blog and not letting any brands take me or other bloggers for granted (IE: simply get “paid” in product)!

  14. Awesome tips Keith! Listed the ones I need to focus on especially for 2017. Thanks!

  15. Awesome post Keith. I think so many people get stuck in learning mode and never take action. You’ve got to do both if you want to be successful in your business. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Some very interesting and useful ideas here! Thank you for sharing!

  17. [ Smiles ] We are all interested in making more money.

    Thank you for posting this, Keith!

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