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The Beach Bum And The Millionaire

This is the tale of two friends. Two very different people who grew up together. They went to the same school, they even on occassion dated the same girls, but by the time they had finished school, both had reputations as mischief makers.

One friend who we shall call George, was blonde, he dropped out of college and moved to the coast of Florida and became a Beach bum, he lifted weights, chased girls and gained a reputation of being a bit of a Gigolo.

He bummed around in the sun, gradually getting fed up with living on “tips” and promises, so he started his own business, a Gym. It thrived.

Life Is a Beach, Right?..

However he got bored and his incessant drinking was his downfall, he left the gym in the charge of friends who milked the venture for all it was worth, until George was Broke.

Embarrassed at his loss, he turned his back on the sun, packed his bags and drove home in his beat up old car, and went back to live with Mum & Dad.

Our other friend was Pete. Pete was street smart. He got a college education, went to business school and ended up being recruited by one of the top tech firms in his city. He thrived, his family thrived and Pete became a millionaire who now has his own business turning over $20 Million a year.

The thing is, George and Pete, are the same person.

You see, you can be a George or your can be a Pete but just because you are not seeing all the success you want RIGHT at this moment, it doesn't mean it won't come. No matter what you have going on right now in your life, defeat in anything is only temporary as long as you don't give up on your dream.

Most successful, self made people in any field had challenges early on. Some were Drug Addicts, some were on the other side of the law for a while, however your past doesn't define you.

The actions you take today are all that define you. People can change in a heartbeat, it's the time it takes to change that costs people their dreams. Sometimes people never change.
Today is all we have.

The past is the past, it's gone. You can't be successful if you keep digging it up. Bury the past and embrace the future because TODAY is the first day of the rest of your life..

Tip If you want success, mix with like minded people. Let go of as many negative influences in your life as you can. This doesn't mean cutting off friends and loved ones it just means seeing less of people who don't inspire you and seeing more of those who do.

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Peace & Prosperity


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  1. Thanks for your post Keith. Now is the time for massive action! Boom!

  2. What a great post and story…. thanks for sharing this Keith..

  3. The past always stays in the past. It does not define your future at all.

    If you don’t succeed now, doesn’t matter that you won’t in the nearest future. Just gotta keep pushing!

  4. [ Smiles ] Loved the story; it has deep meaning!

  5. It is all about making the right decicion. I choose to be Pete, the female version

  6. Hey Keith,
    Thanks for sharing your fantastic post and wonderful story! Surrounding yourself with other like minded people is so important to ensure success 🙂

  7. Excellent post Keith. I loved the story you wrote to illustrate the point.

  8. Great post Keith! What you said is the truth. We must surround ourselves with the right people. Once I changed that part of my life, everything else started to change. I started to transform into a better person as well and as a result attracted more of what I did want into my life.

    • Thanks Shavelle, There are plenty of Naysayers out there, but on the plus side, there are plenty of positive people around too, especially in our community… thanks for your awesome comment..

  9. Great on, Keith. So true! Look for the positive and forge ahead. Only look at the past when you’re sharing how far you’ve come!!!

  10. Great tips Keith,
    I especially liked the Does it really matter? and Keep it Moving.

  11. Great post! Too many people define themselves by their past. Not realizing you can change your future whenever you choose. Your future has very little to do with your past. Other then, hopefully you’ve learned from your past.

    And you are so right about getting involved with the people you want to be like. Those that are heading toward the future you want or those that have already achieved it.


  12. Loved the story Keith, very insightful! Defeat in anything is only temporary if you don’t give up on your dream…..GREAT line!

    We learn and move forward with more knowledge!

  13. Great story Keith! My fav line is “just because you are not seeing all the success you want RIGHT at this moment, it doesn’t mean it won’t come.”
    Thanks for this great blog post

  14. Great article. I am reading this book now. This first chapter changed me. All I had been hearing and learning came together in a huge way. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Great story Keith, thanks for sharing. Keeping your focus on the future is definitely the more productive way to move through life.

  16. Great Storey Keith ! Inspirational start to my day 🙂

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