There are many strategies out there for building a business online, however after spending a while reading Bruce Lee's philosophy, coupled with his many metaphors, I can see a direct correlation between what we do as online marketers and what he did as the world's most famous Martial Artist.

Be Like Water – Bruce Lee's Metaphor for Resilience.

So What Has Kung Fu Got To Do With Building a Business Online?

Kung Fu is a fairly complex series of moves, practiced over and over again, until they become strategies for defense against an attacker. Building an online business from scratch is very similar, it is a series of moves, we learn.

Once we learn certain moves in an online business, we put those moves together to form strategies. By implementing those strategies over and over again, we are able to create results. If the results are not forthcoming, we can change the strategy.

As with Kung Fu, there would be certain moves that you are good at, and others that require more practice.

The difference here, is that when learning a Martial Art like Kung Fu, you graduate through the levels over time. No one expects to become a black belt in their first month. This is where an online business and a martial art differ of course, as many people joining an online business expect to be at the “expert” level in just a few short weeks.

KRUNCH!.. “Be Water” In Your Business Online

When people “quit” learning Kung Fu, the urge to learn does not necessarily go away, people just accept that it's too hard for them. This also happens when people start out in an online business, sometimes people think it's too hard, and beyond them, so they quit.

In order to be it, don't be “sticky or blocked”, be it. (See Bruce Lee's “Be Water” analogy.

The truth is, most people are capable of earning a “black belt” in a martial art, but it depends on the level of commitment and how badly you want it. It's the same with an online business. If it's more of a wish than a “must have”, then a person will quit at the first sign of trouble.

The “Trick” of course, is to change tactics, not the idea.

If you look at Bruce Lee's “Be Like Water” analogy

“Empty your mind! Be formless, shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. Put it into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow, or it can crash: Be water, my friend!”

You might ask, what does it mean?

To understand ‘Be water' we should first look at Taoists and the concept of ‘Wu Wei' which uses a lot of metaphors of water.
Wu Wei literally means ‘not doing'. But the deeper meaning, is being calm. In the moment. Still. Like water.

This means Action without Action or Wei,Wu,Wei.

Only when the inner waters of your mind are completely calm, can you be truly natural. In sync with nature. Your own self. That is the true union of the self with the divine. When Bruce Lee talks about being water, he uses his words carefully. He doesn't say be flexible like water. He says ‘Be water'!

In other words, accept yourself. Not without emotion or feeling, but without being “sticky or blocked”. Stop being “like” something, be that something. In order to succeed in a business online, you need to live, breath and be that business.

The Rules of Kung Fu Marketing.

  1. Without commitment, you have nothing.
  2. Treat your online business like learning an art form, being good takes time.
  3. Don't give up. Change tactics.
  4. Be like water. Don't be “like” something. Be it.

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Peace and prosperity.

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