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4 SECRET Key Influencers To MASTER Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing. This is not some GURU spouting secret Magic from the top of a mountain. This is REAL . This is 21st Century marketing at it's finest, also commonly known as the art of “Selling without Selling”.

So how do we attract people to us in the first place?. And why should they buy from us?.

Good question.

Attraction Marketing – The Key Influencers

Let me answer that by giving you the 1st Key influencer.

attraction marketing systemKey Influencer No1.
Give people Value. While a lot of people around you are just spamming their links and posting pictures of their company products everywhere, be different.

What makes people stand out?, especially those marketing online, give people a lot of value up front. A good example of this is where someone offers you (in exchange for your details), a high value item such as a video course.

If you get a lot of value from this video course,  your perception of the person who gave it to you automatically changes. You now see that person as a key influencer, hence you want to know more. You may want to go over to their blog, you might even want to find their YouTube channel to see what else you have.

Best of all. this could be the start of a lifelong business relationship. If you are offering a product or business opportunity, the chances are, they may now want to know what that's about too.

You lose nothing by giving value to people up front. It's a Win/Win situation for both of you. People want to win before they commit to anything. People are naturally sceptical.  By giving them something of value up front, you gain a person's confidence and also show that you care.

Attraction Marketing – Are You Curious?

attraction marketing systemKey Influencer No 2. Raise Curiosity. “Curious minds wonder alike”. Curiosity sells. Curiosity attracts. It is one of the biggest forms of human magnetism there is. Believe it or not, we are all curious.

Curiosity sells. Not only does it attract people to you like no other influencer, it can also inspire people to go out and invent great things. “What if”, “What does this do?”.

So how can it help us in our business?.

Think of it in terms of something you already know and something you want to know. If an online marketer sprays (pun) their latest product all over Facebook, where is the curiosity?. We already know it's a weight loss MLM thingameejig.

If I already know what you're selling, what would make me want to enquire further?. I certainly don't see any value from your spam so maybe I'll just put you in my mental box of “spammer”.

We compartmentalise people in our minds, depending on what we see, hear,  touch, smell and feel.

However, what if I kept seeing your posts on Facebook and all you kept doing was telling me how much weight you were losing. And every day you kept looking even better. And then you kept telling me how good you were feeling too.

I saw with my own eyes how you were changing.

Wouldn't that just whet your appetite? wouldn't I be just a little bit curious to know how you were doing it.Much better than a whole bunch of spam. I bet.  And that leads me into

Attraction Marketing – Who Knows This ?

attraction marketingKey Influencer No 3. People will believe their own conclusions, far more than what you are telling them. This is very powerful. If you drive down the street in a top of the range, BMW, people will assume you own it. They may also assume you are quite well off, or even wealthy.

You may not have to convince them of your wealth, as by now they have probably assumed it.

Now, maybe you borrowed it (or stole it), but in the eyes of another human being, they will assume you own it. Hence, if a person is already convinced that you are living a certain lifestyle, you are far more likely to get them to listen to you, than if you were not.

So how can we turn this to our advantage?.

Quite simply. Whatever it is you are selling, always become a product of that product. It's no use trying to sell a weight loss solution if you are very overweight for instance unless you show people you are losing weight.  And hey, I'm not knocking overweight people, I've been there myself.

When people are convinced that you are using “something” to lose that weight, they will get curious to know what it is.

Attraction Marketing – People Rarely Buy This

Key Influencer No 4. People are very rarely looking to buy things they “need” (from you),  They are nearly always looking to buy things they want. People tend to go to the local store or pharmacy for things they need. The main reason people are even looking at opportunities online is that they want what that opportunity seemingly promises.

This is Key..

When you are talking about your business or your product, are you aiming it at a person's needs or wants?. If you are aiming it at a person's needs, you may be very wide of the mark. Here is a way to use Attraction Marketing by aiming at a person's wants.

If you are selling people on your weight loss product for instance, they don't really want to know about where the head office is, how many people use it etc (this information may be helpful later), but really all they want to know is “What's in it for them?”..

Instead of trying to dazzle them with a whole list of features, why not concentrate on the benefits?.

What would be the key benefits of your product?.  for weight loss, it could be

  1. You will look like a “Million Dollars”,
  2. You will feel healthier and have TONS more energy..
  3. You will look awesome in (whatever your favourite clothes are)
  4. People will look at you and “wonder” how you did it.

Whatever a person wants, if you have a system that can produce more leads and sales, then you have a system that can improve a person's lifestyle. If you have a weight loss product, you have a product that can make people look and feel good. So, when selling anything, never sell the sausage, always sell the SIZZLE..

Remember, people want to “look good”, “look good in front of others”, “feel good”, “look knowledgeable” “be a part of something special”, “have many friends” “feel secure” “be loved” “be appreciated” “listened to”. When you fully understand this, you can make people feel good about buying from you.

I hope this post has been of value to you. If it has and you would like to master Attraction Marketing, the next step is to click here and get your free video.

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Attraction Marketing – The Uncanny Art of Selling, Without Selling

Online, there is a storm Raging.. and I'm not talking about a storm in a teacup.. This is serious. People are sick and tired of being continuously pitched on Social Media.   People are not stupid. They are tired of the tricks, the Smoke and Mirrors… They can tell a pitch a mile off.    Instead of beating them senseless with a sales pitch why not have people chasing you down, with credit card in hand?

Watch this video to step up your Attraction Marketing game.. 

“How a Real Estate guy in Foreclosure Sponsored 28 People in 21 Days at a Minimum $500 Buy-In, and Today Regularly EnjoysMultiple $5-Figure Months in Residual Income Thanks to this #1 Skill-Set You Can Master Starting Today…”

And YES, I am full time at this. I use Attraction Marketing rather than just chasing people down. I do use some active marketing, such as Facebook chat, which often leads to a call by phone or Skype. I also use several passive methods such as list building, video and blogging.

You see, as unkind as this might sound, most people market like the snake oil salesmen of the old Wild West. You know those guys that used to ride the stage into town,  and sell you on the very latest magic elixir. They would mix with the Townsfolk and whatever Ailment you had, the Salesman had a cure for it.

Snake oil, originally a fraudulent liniment without snake extract, has come to refer to any product with questionable or unverifiable quality or benefit. By extension, a snake oil salesman is someone who knowingly sells fraudulent goods or who is themselves a fraud, quack, or charlatan.

But, as we know. Most people don't make Diddly Squat from the Internet, so there has to be some sort of disconnect somewhere along the line. And here is what I believe it is.

  1. Most people are not realistic enough to realise that it takes hard work to succeed in any form of online marketing.
  2. People are looking for “easy”. This actually results in it being harder than necessary, as they tend to always be looking for the next “dead cert” business. Which as we know, in Gambling terms, dead certs are usually a “dead loss”.

Instead of looking for businesses to make you successful, bet on yourself and make you a better marketer.

attraction marketing secretsAttraction Marketing Vs The Pushy Salesperson

Selling is pushing. It's a bit like that salesmen (or woman) who comes over to you in the store as soon as you show some interest in the product. BAM.. before you know it, there is the “Can I help you”” followed by all the “guff” on how you would look wonderful in that “dress” “car” etc.. (fill in the blanks).

Before you know it, you're having your arm twisted to buy the upsells (product insurance, warranty extension etc). The salesman is rubbing his hands together with glee, as you sheepishly get out your “already knackered” credit card and once again reach it's limit.

This simply does NOT work on the Internet in this day and age.. YES, you can make some sales doing this. However it is not the route to a sustainable business.

What you see is a lot of pushy, spammy people joining systems, getting as many people into that system for 90 days or so and then finding a “new system”.. over and over again. The person is not building a proper sustainable business, they are simply pushing people into deals that they themselves will be abandoning when all the hype (and sales) have gone.

So, what's the answer?

Attraction Marketing – Why The Internet Is Like The Wild, Wild West

The answer simply is. STOP being a “Snake Oil Salesman” and build your business on Value. Value marketing instead of “pushy outdated marketing techniques that were probably out of date ten years ago, let alone today.

Gary Vaynerchuk Said.

“99% of people don't actually market in the year that we actually live in”

I totally agree, I think the Internet is very much like the Wild West. The Snake Oil salesmen of long ago have returned to life  using spam as their weapons.

Imagine how much better your life would become if people actually chased you to do business with YOU. Wouldn't that be better?. What if you never had to sell anything. People just bought from you instead.

Attraction Marketing – What Top Leaders Do

You see, we all know that people hate to be sold. But people love to buy. If we all know this, why do people STILL try to shove their product links in your face day after day?. Why do people friend us up on Facebook, just so that they can shove a link down our throat… whatever happened to “hello, how are you?..

People want the results without doing the work. The “art” of selling is to not sell at all. You do that by leading with value and “pulling” not “pushing” people to want to do business with you.

Some of the “Wealthiest” people on the Internet today are people, many of whom who have given so much away in advance that people cannot help but do business with them. Check out people like Tony Robbins   Brendon Burchard etc. These guys absolutely dominate their space because of

A) Their amazing skill level in what they do

B) The incredible amount of “service” that they give before making an offer to you. These guys do all kinds of stuff to get you as a customer. Videos, blogs, free training, free books, etc. etc.

So, what's good for them should be good for us, right?. Watch some of the best leaders on the Internet, see how much value they give. You can do that, all it is is learning a few key things that people want to know. And sharing it with them.

I hope you got some value from this post. If you did then please do share and comment, Much appreciated.

Peace and Prosperity always

P.S “How a Real Estate guy in Foreclosure Sponsored 28 People in 21 Days at a Minimum $500 Buy-In, and Today Regularly EnjoysMultiple $5-Figure Months in Residual Income Thanks to this #1 Skill-Set You Can Master Starting Today…”



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