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Success Leaves Clues, Are You Doing This ?

Success leaves clues. Successful people do things that others don't. What exactly do they do, you may ask?. Watch the video below to find out more.

There are several things that most successful leaders in an online business do. However in this particular post, I am going to concentrate on what I would personally say was THE most important.


YES, it's not very Sexy, but it is powerful beyond words. I've already said that success leaves clues, and this is very true. Successful people tend to be Ultra Consistent at the things that really matter.

For instance. If you want to be successful at Blogging, you wouldn't just blog once in a while would you?  It's the same with creating videos, or using Facebook chat to get new prospects. It's what you do consistently that counts, not what you do once in a while.

Think about your online business like your relationships with people. If you only show up every now and again, people may start to forget about you from their everyday thoughts. However if you show up every day, it's virtually impossible for people to forget you.

This is what running a business is all about. It's an everyday thing. YES, it could be a Weekend, maybe it's Valentines day or even your Birthday. You still have to be there in the moment.

Entrepreneurs don't keep the same hours as people who work in a 9-5 job. They tend to work late into the evening, often at weekends and also on holidays.

I used to sell diet pills, years ago on eBay. One of my busiest days was the morning of Christmas Day. Can you Imagine, people scoffing the Turkey, then out comes the diet pills…

People are watching you all the time, be it from Social Media or people watching your blog, they will follow you if you give them something worthwhile to follow  If you only show up every now and again, a lot of people will not bother to follow you. They will follow people who provide value on a consistent basis.

I hope this post gave you some value. If it did, please comment below and share the post. I would really appreciate that.

Peace and prosperity

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  1. Great post. Consistency is so important. Its the one main common factor among all of the successful people.

  2. Consistency is so key. Gotta have a plan and then follow your plan.

  3. consistency is a big clue… .great post Keith… thanks for sharing this

  4. Consistency is the big thing that successful people do. Most people do things maybe for a week. A person going for success will keep going until .. . until they get success and then then keep going.

  5. Great post Keith

    The statement that got my attention was how your followers watch what you do. If you’re consistent and out there every day providing value, they will know that you’re the real deal

    Dr. Lisa

    • Absolutely. People are always watching, if you keep on giving great value they will continue to watch what you do until they decide they are perhaps ready to join you in your business..

  6. Great post!! Consistency is key! And I so agree out hours are so messed up LOL it’s a little everyday kinda lifestyle but always have freedom!

  7. Being persistent with your blog is key. Like you said, doing it once in a while is not the thing to do if we want regular readers and to grow our audience.
    Thanks for a great post Keith

  8. Great post, Keith! Consistency is truly so important!

  9. You just dropped a serious clue by telling them to be consistent! That’s one of the key components of being successful online. Great post Keith! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great points Keith. No matter what marketing strategies you’re using, if you’re not consistent in taking action you’re not going to see any results, period.

    Just like with everything really.

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