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Why You Should Never Compare Yourself To Others

Here is why you should never compare yourself to others

There is an infinite number of categories upon which we can compare ourselves, and an almost infinite number of people to compare ourselves to.

Once you go down that road, it never ends. You are you. No one will ever look exactly like you (unless you have a twin), no one will ever be like you, and most of all, sometimes, the very people you admire and want to be like, are often comparing themselves to others too.

Watch this video first. I  think you'll like it. 

Why Comparing Yourself To Others Is An Illusion

Instead of comparing yourself to others. Think more of yourself. Comparisons are nearly always unfair. We tend to compare the worst of ourselves with the best of others.

When you compare, you are never really comparing “like for like”. You are only comparing the things you see in the moment., you don't know that person's struggles to get where they are. Let's face it, wherever you go on Planet Earth, there is always going to be people who seem better off, have more money and appear to be having a better life.

This is just a fact of life.. be inspired, don't compare..

Comparisons waste so much of our precious time.

We each have the same 24 hours in the day. How much time do you spend comparing yourself to others?. Do you worry about it?, is it driving you nuts, thinking about all those people having success and you're not?.  You need to start wearing “blinkers”..

Trust me, it works on Racehorses.

They wear blinkers to keep their minds on the Job, and you should too. How can you move forward when you are spending precious time wondering how others are doing?.

You need to keep focused on what you're doing, rather than what others are doing. Also, by comparing yourself to others, this can  bring about another negative emotion. Resentment. Towards others, and toward you.

Don't spend valuable time beating yourself up.

Here's how to break free from comparing yourself to others

Step 1. Realize the foolish (and harmful) nature of comparison.

Step 2. Be aware of your own successes. Be kind to yourself, give yourself a reward when you complete some training or when you do your first video or blog post. Shout it out from the rooftops when you get your first qualified lead, or sale (if you are in an online business.

Whatever you are doing, instead of concentrating on comparison, concentrate on YOU. Give yourself the praise you deserve. Tell yourself each morning, how Awesome you are. (I know, it sounds cheezy, but who cares?.. )

Step 3. Step out and pursue the greater things in life. Aim for higher pursuits. Fill your time seeking the World's greatest treasures. Humility, Empathy, Love, Being selfless, being generous. These are positive elements. Who is to say, you aren't already a raving Success story?.

Society's definition of Success is not always the right one…

And last, but not least..

Be grateful. Being grateful for what you have, is one very powerful way of getting more. Whatever you believe about God and the Universe, one thing will always be true. Ungrateful people rarely prosper. Grateful people will always prosper in the end.

Now is the time to break free from comparing yourself. Comparing our lives with others is foolish. But finding inspiration and learning from others is entirely wise. Work hard to learn the difference.

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Peace and prosperity.

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  1. Yes, Keith, this is so true and it took me a long time to learn this. We think we are not good enough and then we find that by actually doing something that inspires us, we are way ahead of the crowd.

    • Keith Everett

      February 12, 2017 at 8:28 pm

      Absolutely, I think we all have something to offer, comping ourselves with others is a surefire way to be unhappy.

  2. Time to put on our blinders – comparitis can be the death of our own motivation! Great post, Keith!

  3. Hello Keith,

    for me, being thank you for who I am stopped my comparing myself with most “stuff” and people in and round m y life.

    The Daily Routine of being Thankful is so powerful

    Thankyou Keith

  4. Keith,
    As always enjoy your posts and no never compromise appreciate your true posts and know what we are and what we stand for we shall never compromise our true selves.

    Lori English

  5. Great tips Keith!

    When we’re comparing our current skill level to someone else’s we are seeing their highlight reel, not their struggle.

    Mark Hoverson taught me to be grateful for other’s success because it shows what’s possible when you take action.

    Dr. Lisa

  6. Tara Woodruff (The Victory Tribe)

    February 13, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    I LOVE this Kieth!! Comparisons are a Joy Killer!

  7. You are so right on Keith!

    Never a good idea to compare yourself with anyone, you will only end up regretting it 🙂 Thanks for sharing your valuable tips!!

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