Winning through Intimidation.  I can't remember exactly how many personal development books I've read since I was a teenager but I can tell you, it is definitely hundreds.

I remember reading a book called “Winning through Intimidation” by Robert Ringer and thinking it had a strange title. It could mean Winning through Intimidating people, or luckily though, winning through the intimidation of others.

personal developmentThat book had a profound effect on me.

I was a teenager when this book came out. . As you know, being intimidated can often be a daily ritual at school. I still had a lot of painful memories of early school life locked in my subconscious. I started to realise, it was all about the way we think. I didn't know anything about the law of attraction back then, all I knew was, the secret lay within the pages of that book.

Even from a young age, I recognised the power of books. I was a very “disconnected” kid at early school, quite short and lacking in confidence, hence I think this was one of the  main reasons that I set out to educate myself in becoming “better”.

What I got from certain books, I knew I could not get from School. Back then, it wasn't called “Personal Development”, it was all lumped in with “Success & Motivation”.

We didn't have the Internet back then, we had “Mail Order”, and I would be buying books and tapes every month to feed my mind with. Once you like something, it can become addictive. I was addicted to personal development, and I loved it.

winning through intimidationWinning Through Intimidation

Robert J. Ringer's book “winning Through Intimidation” shatters the myth that if you work hard all your life and just keep your nose to the grindstone, you'll be successful.

He also shatters the myth about being “positive”. People still think that having just a positive attitude will create success “out of thin air”. This is of course, very far from the truth.

Robert J Ringer was a successful Real Estate Agent. Although he was successful, he was always losing out to other “far more successful Real Estate Agents.

However, the turning point came when he spoke with a good friend, who ran a very successful Insurance Agency. His friend (Vern) outwardly looked like the World's least likely person to be successful.

He was quite shy, he was very awkward in his mannerisms. He worked very few hours and showed no signs of positivity. When asked, how was it he was such a successful person when he spoke and acted almost the opposite of the stereotypical successful person that appears in most success magazines and personal development books.

He simply said.

“Successful people rarely know the real reasons for their success, though they themselves always believe they know.

Personal development alone can't make you successful. Having a good work ethic alone won't make you successful either, however the right mindset coupled with the right work ethic and the right posture, now that's a different matter.

Posture, is not faking it till you make it. I hate it seen people talk about faking it. It just sounds so shady. So what exactly is posture?

A particular way of dealing with or considering something; an approach or attitude.

How do we create posture?.

Confidence creates good posture. To hold your position, to believe in the outcome. To believe without seeing. The opposite of “seeing is believing”..

With good posture. People feel more comfortable doing business with you. When you speak with good posture, even on the phone, you will come across as more believable, more trustworthy.

Your success is inversely proportionate to the level you are intimidated. So don’t be intimidated by know-it-alls. Mind your own business, make sure things are relevant and keep going to the next thing.

“Winning through Intimidation” is all about overcoming poor posture. It is a true story of Robert J. Ringer, and how he went from being a mediocre real estate salesman to one of America's top real estate salesmen, overcoming and winning through intimidation.

SIDENOTE: Winning Through Intimidation is still available in all good bookstores, or through online stores such as Amazon..

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Peace and prosperity

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