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Rework, The Book Review – A Controversial, Weird, Mind Blowing Book

Rework. Changing the way we work forever. Some books follow convention and impart wisdom which has been pretty much done to death anyway. This book is very different.

If you only believe in conventional thinking. My best advice would be for you to leave now. This book is about the “New Reality”. a new way of thinking that goes against the grain.

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Rework – Why Is This Book So Controversial?

The book isn't based on theory, it's based on actual author's experience of starting, building and growing a business. Apparently ignoring most of the business “Wisdom” out there.

Most Worldly advice in the fields of personal development and business is administered by people who probably don't know much about personal development or business, but have read books on it and feel qualified to teach it.

I ask you. Would you accept an operation from a surgeon that has no qualifications except “he read a lot of books on the subject”. No, of course not.

Well, the advice we hear, even from well known “practitioners is not always 100% accurate. For example, “We learn by our mistakes”.


Here's a quote from the book:

What do you really learn from mistakes?. You might learn what not to do again, but how valuable is that?. You still don't know what you should do next. Contrast that with learning from your successes, Success gives you real ammunition.


Rework – Conventional Advice Goes Out The Window

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson are Co authors of the book “Rework” and the owners of a  company called “Basecamp” specialising in project management software and all other kinds of cool apps designed to improve your business.

That's about where normal ends and controversy starts, as their methods of running a successful business are far, far different from the norm. They don't even have a long term business plan.

This is a Multi Million Dollar company that has just 16 people working at it (including the two owners), they reject growth meetings, budgets, boards or directors, advertising and salespeople. They have been called irresponsible, reckless and unprofessional, yet their company continues to thrive.

The answer lies in this sentence. “Most conventional wisdom is either wrong, or seriously flawed”. The book is definitely an “eye opener” and if you are looking for some “fresh ideas” and “fresh thinking”.

They even tell you the four letter words you should never use in business (and NO, not those ones)..

Overall I think it's an “eye opening”  good read, lot's to think about here and I think you'll enjoy seeing how two business anarchists managed to create something special from doing quite the opposite of what most people do.

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Peace and prosperity.

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  1. This book sound really interesting. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the review Keith!

  2. I enjoyed your video. I like thinking out the box. Sounds pretty like a good book. Thanks for sharing

  3. I watched the video and I think the book is very interesting and mind blowing. Thank you so much for sharing this post! Really great!

  4. Wow…definitely adding this to my booklist.

    Thank you!

    Dr. Lisa

  5. I need to get hold of this book now that I checked out your review Keith. Thanks a lot!

  6. Lol @ Failure is not a prerequisite for success. Very true. Your efforts need to feel valuable and We all wanna be happy and feel useful! I like that book Keith, I am gonna find it and hopefully gain as much from it too!

  7. Another book to add to my long list of books I still have to read. Thanks Keith.

  8. This definitely sounds like a must read considering they are going “against the grain” and are still successful. I like being different so I may have to pick this up to see their POV. Thanks for sharing Keith!

  9. great review. o my favorite… people posting quotes on fb DAILY. i guess the table of content is taken out to reflect the nature of the book. and its true some mistakes are irreversible. This book sounds like a great book. I will certainly add this book to my arsenal

  10. Keith,
    Thanks for the suggestion and great way to learn and really think. Thank You.

    Lori English

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