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Why Do People QUIT Their Home Business after 30 Days?

Thousands of people get involved with a home business every single day. However, one thing that it now becoming extremely common,  is that MANY people quit in the first 30 days.

Why do people quit a home business in just 30 days, when they are prepared to spend 40 years (or more) working for other people?.

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I wanted to dig down, to find out why people quit so early on in their home business journey, whereas many people will stay at a job for years, even life. Although the Job market has been proven to be more unreliable these days, people seem more comfortable with the idea of a job..

Now don't get me wrong.. this article is in no way, knocking those who are in a job. I've had many and to be perfectly honest, I understand why working for yourself in a home business will not appeal to many.

I have many friends who wouldn't dream of starting a home business..


I'm curious to know why people get “put off” so quickly, sometimes even less than 30 days..

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Why Do People QUIT Their Home Business after 30 Days?

Think about why you started. Many people are fed up with their lives. For many, it's a continuous struggle to pay bills and keep your had above water.

Starting a home business is often portrayed as being easy. It might be easy to start, but it is NOT easy to make money and turn a part time home business into a full time job replacing venture.

If anyone tells you it is easy, they are lying to you.

Anyone can start a home business. Very few can maintain one, and make it profitable. The NO1 skill you need to be successful in a home business isn't really a skill at all. It's perseverance., stickability, whatever you choose to call it.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, get used to a complete life change. You cannot pick up a home business like a packet of soap powder and use it when you feel like it. A Business, home or otherwise is for life, it will change your life, but your life must change first.

If you make any money at all in the first 6 to 9 months, you've done well. It will more than likely take you 12-18 months to make any real money. You may make a few sales here and there but in most cases, it takes many months.

However, is this really a long time in the overall big picture of your life?. You spend the first 18 or so years locked in education. You spend the next 40 -50 years locked in a job.

Surely a mere 12-18 months of extended effort in a home business is well worth it to escape the drudgery and dullness of working every day to build someone else's business.?

After all, we only get the one life (as far as we know), why was 30 days just enough effort to change all that?.

The Truth

You can make all the excuses under the sun. Blame anyone you want. Your life comes down to one person, and one person only. YOU. You are the sum total of all your decisions, good or bad. If you want things to change, make better decisions.

A better decision is to not quit at the first hurdle. Life is full of hurdles, it's how you make progress – jumping them.

There is always a way. The more you quit, the more acceptable quitting becomes. YES, it's hard out there, things (of worth) do not come easy, and you will get people trying to derail you on the journey. BUT..

If you want it badly enough, you'll get it.

Maybe your partner said NO, a few times before they agreed to date you. Did you give up?

NO??.  good. So, the next time you start a home business, instead of letting everything & everybody  put you off, and you quit and go back to the life you're trying to get away from… Do the @@%%&&**opposite instead.

I just had to add another video to this post. I hope you like it..

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Peace and prosperity always..

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  1. I believe ppl quit because they 1. Dont hold there vision of what’s possible in front of them on a daily basis and 2. don’t have someone (sponsor, coach, mentor) to guide them into the unknown. Very few ppl have the courage to be uncomfortable…and starting your own business is uncomfortable.

  2. Most people who quit join the “You don’t have to work” & “We’ll build your downline for you” business’. Then when they’re not rich in 30 days they quit ! I’ve seen & heard this many many times.

  3. Great Post !!~ thank you !!~ do not give up and Believe you can do it !!~~ Invest Learn and Teach !!~ Take the time !!~
    It’s perseverance., stickability, This the key !!~ ♥♥☺

  4. Oh this is so good.. the last lines “You are the sum total of all your decisions, good or bad. If you want things to change, make better decisions.” is bang on .. really gets us thinking 🙂 Thanks Keith!

  5. Great post and video, Keith! Several contributors add to this – I do believe one huge misnomer is that you get rich overnight. That’s just not realistic, as we both know!

  6. Great content here and so many true statements!! Thanks Keith!

  7. Hi Keith,

    Most people quite most things that have a few challenges in them or they don’t get support from the people they want to hang out with.

    You gotta change to get change

    Great topic


  8. They haven’t worked enough on their mindset. They are still under the employee mindset of getting paid every 2 weeks, when as an entrepreneur that doesn’t happen that way at first.

    Great post Keith

    Dr. Lisa

  9. I think the reason people quite after 30 days if because they want instant gratification. Truth be told– most people don’t have what it take to be an entrepreneur. Great post Keith.

  10. Tara Woodruff (The Victory Tribe)

    January 24, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    Business, Like creating a New Habit, takes Far more time than 30 days, That’s the Stage of Quitting, only those that move through doubt will ever realize Transformation! Fantastic post my friend!

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