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How To Get More Twitter Followers, More Optins and Sales

Get more twitter followers

So, why is this such an important blog post? Here's why. Most people who quit their home business, quit due to a lack of traffic. No traffic equals no sales.

Most people never get the “whole traffic thing” figured out..

What I've found with Twitter traffic is if you have targeted followers following you, a lot of those people are very “interactive” and will not only opt in to your offers but also buy your products too.

Here is a simple strategy that I use to get up to a 1000 new followers a week. I spend approximately 20-25 minutes a day doing this, yet it yields some AMAZING high returns, if done right.

I believe anyone can do this, even if you are brand new to online marketing.

OK, before we go through how to get more twitter followers, I'm talking about REAL people here, not robots or people who work in a “Click farm” clicking for money all day long, or any fake followers. This is the REAL deal.

get more twitter followersGet More Twitter Followers – The Strategy

Once you have your Twitter account up and running, we may need to make some adjustments to your profile. Firstly, if you are doing this in the capacity of an online coach or an online marketing professional, what does your twitter profile look like to other people?.  Does your cover photo, your profile picture and your bio, look and sound professional?

Do you have a link in your profile to your blog, website, capture page, etc. ?

Check one of my current Twitter accounts. This gets plenty of followers

Next, we need to have a system in place which makes it easy for us to get followers. We need to target people, leaders in our niche out there in Twitterland who have plenty of followers of their own.

We are not targeting the leader, we are targeting the leaders following. If you are a Network Marketer, you simply type into the search a Network Marketing leaders name (Diane Hochman, Eric Worre, etc) and you now have the username of someone with a lot of followers in Network Marketing.

This is ideal if you are looking for more reps for your Network Marketing business as most of the Network Marketing leaders following will be people who want to make money online and are either in or looking for an online business.

Get More Twitter Followers – How To Get 100's of People a Day Following You

Now, to get more twitter followers, we need to follow others. For this I use a little App called “Crowdfire“.

Crowdfire is free if you only want to follow up to a 100 people a day and only have the one Twitter account.  However, we are using it in a big and bold way to follow a 1000 people a day (per account), so you will need the “Earth” version, which is $5.99 a month for the web version or a one off $5.99 for the mobile version.

So what can we use Crowdfire for?

We use crowdfire to find and follow targeted people on Twitter, by either using Twitter username (if known),  or keyword. We can also unfollow people who don't follow us.

If you have the “Earth” version, you can add up to 5 Twitter accounts (possibly more), use the app to follow up to a 1000 people a day per Twitter account, (twitter limits apply).

For more information on how to effectively get more twitter followers and have hundreds of people following you a day, click here.

OK, so we now have your account looking like a professional account. We also have the following and unfollowing in place. How do we get people interacting with us and opting in to our capture pages and buying our products. All on Autopilot?.


I use a web based app called SocialOomph.

Social Oomph allows me to add content to the social oomph system in the form of Blog posts, Videos, Picture Quotes, written Quotes.. affiliate links, links to my capture pages (keep it value based and not for spam), and all of this can be done on auto pilot, 24/7 365 days a year without me touching it once I've added the content..

Since I've been doing this, my leads and sales have quadrupled. And all from Twitter traffic.

Again, Social Oomph does have a free version, however, if you want the version where you can pump content out automatically to several Twitter accounts. I pay $13.94 a month to do this, it's called “Twitter Unlimited”,  I can assure you, the $13.94 a month is nothing compared to the benefits you can get from it.

So, there you have it.

Automation at it's finest.

If you want the complete guide on how to do this in every detail, click here to get your copy.

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Peace and Prosperity

How To Start a Home Business That’s RIGHT For YOU

“How to start a home business” is something you hear people asking all the time in forums such as the Warrior Forum, etc.  However, one vital ingredient is missing.

What people should be taking in to account is THEIR own personality. No one knows you as well as you do. I have seen countless people sign up to a Network Marketing opportunity, only to never speak to a single person. They quit very quickly as they are not getting the results they thought they would and they then proceed to blame the opportunity or Network Marketing itself.

If you are not going to speak to people, why would you go into Network Marketing ?.

This same thinking applies to all aspects of a home business. Not all home businesses are suitable for every person. If you get this part right from the very beginning, you will have less stress, less confusion and less overwhelm in the early days of your home based business.

So who is Network Marketing suitable for?.

The answer to that is simple. People who are not only sociable but sociable to the extent where THEY will engage others to chat, to engage and talk about their lives, so YOU can see if the products that you sell could help that person. People who do not like engaging with people,  do not normally make good Network Marketers.

In fact, I don't know any, however I don't know everyone, so there could be a few (one or two) who may have overcome this roadblock..

How To Start a Home Business – SO, what is suitable for you?.

Let's think about this for a moment..

Do you like creating content?. I mean, do you really like it?..

Well, if you like creating content and you can learn how to do things that many people desire how to do, why not create your own digital products?. Hey, listen.. I know what you're thinking?. You're thinking, that's going to be hard. I haven't written anything since I was at School..

I feel you..

I was exactly the same. I left School umpteen years ago and had never written a thing. That was UNTIL I decided to do this “Internet Marketing Thing”.  Trust me.. even if your head is a complete “content free zone” and all you can hear inside your brain is a big old ECHO… you can do it.

If you put your mind to it, you can do anything..

Believe me when I say, you can never run out of things to write about and sell. Think of all the new books coming out every day. Think of all the new products coming out on Warrior +, JV Zoo, Clickbank etc.

Fortunately for us, you can create products for pennies online and sell them for 1000's% profit. I still look at this business in awe every time I sell an eBook for $7 on the Warrior forum or as much as £20 ($25.00) on eBay.. Once you've created the product you can sell it over and over again.

So, if you love creating content and you love the idea of making your own products, product creation could be for you. Here is a product that has helped me a lot with product creation, and NO, you don't need to spend $100's of dollars to find out this information.

How To Start a Home Business – But What If I Don't Want To Create Products?

Ok, so far in our quest to answer the question “How to start a home business”, we've looked at the ever social Network Marketing and the ever creative Product Creation businesses.

So, what if you are not a Social Butterfly and you just don't want to create your own products. What then?.

Affiliate Marketing..

Yes, Affiliate Marketing. This is a CRAZY business that allows you to sell other people's products, often for 50%, right up to a 100% profit without holding any stock, doing any customer service or delivery.. All you do is get people to the sales pages and let the sales page sell them.

Well.. it's not quite as simple as that..

You can't go plastering sales pages everywhere. people will think you are a Spammer. You need to warm people up first, you need to attract people to YOU. Yes, YOU. When people let go of their hard earned cash, they want to make sure that you are genuine. They want to make sure you are not trying to scam them.

How do you do that.?

Eh, create content…

Uh Oh.. it's that “C” word again.. YUP.. Content baby..

You can't really get away from it..

To tell you the truth, YES there are some schemes, some are pipe dreams, out there that you can get some short term money coming in for a while by posting links and all things Yukky like that, but in the end.. it's the content marketers who stay the distance..

If you look at any Network Marketer or Affiliate Marketer who has been around a long time, they are nearly always people who create content. Blogs, Videos, etc, etc… it's your (our) way of putting a brand out there in the marketplace. This is what separates you from everyone else..

To be successful online in the LONG term, you need to brand YOU as the solution. Not the products or the company that makes the products. Once you learn how to successfully brand you, you can build longevity and outlast many people who just come online and spam people.

How To Start a Home Business – The Summary

I've been a Network Marketer, a Product Creator and an Affiliate Marketer. These are all great business models and can create freedom for you and your family, but look at yourself first. Don't wait until you are 6 months down the line before you realise a model is not right for you.

Decide what kind of marketing you feel “right” doing. What aligns with your personality. All business whether online or off requires hard work and dedication.. I know that is not very sexy, but it's true.

Yes, there is always something new out there to divert your attention (and your funds) away from the business you are in. And YES, you can mix and match Network Marketing, Product Creation & Affiliate Marketing, but don't try and master them all at once, you'll just get overwhelmed.

Master the one thing that you align with the most. Make money from that before adding more income streams.

I hope you got value from this post. If you did please do give it a share and leave a comment below. That would be Awesome..

Till next time,

Peace and prosperity.

P.S If you want to find out how you can launch your own products, and make money from it, learn from someone who has made a lot of money creating and launching products.. 




The SECRET Napoleon Hill Hid For Nearly 50 Years

I know what you're probably thinking… There are no secrets about Napoleon Hill, as he has revealed all he knows since those early days in the 1920's. What more could there possibly be to know, right?

Check out the video below first..

What the book “How To Raise Your Own Salary” reveals is that Napoleon Hill already knew the principles of success, long before he started interviewing the World's richest people.

Andrew Carnegie had already revealed all the 16 principles (barring one) to Napoleon Hill, so when he approached the worlds top industrialists, he already knew the secrets of success, he just had to confirm with each industrialist if in fact they thought so too.

Now, Napoleon Hill really did spend 20 yrs interviewing top industrialists, the first book. After the interview in 1908, Napoleon Hill ddi not actually release the first book until 1928.

“The Laws of Success” is actually a 1925 book, published in 1928. This reveals the 16 principles of Success, but until 1953, no one had actually seen the entire interview between Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill.

Until  “How To Raise Your Own Salary” was published, and as you can see, not many entrepreneurs would have bought this book because of it's title. It looks like a book for employees, which it actually isn't..

It's the entire conversation between Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill..

All he actually had to do when he interviewed all these top industrialists was ask them if a certain principle was true or not as Andrew Carnegie had already given him the 16 Success Principles of Success, back in 1908.

Andre Carnegie wanted his philosophy spread far and wide, and saw Napoleon Hill as the man for the job, which he was.

In fact, Napoleon hill was 70 years of age when he actually wrote this book “How To Raise Your Own Salary” in 1953, and revealed the “Secret” to the World.

So there you have it… the SECRET revealed.

Napoleon Hill's Success Principles are Andrew Carnegies Success principles, revealed to the World to make the World a better place.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some value from it. If you did, please do share it and leave a comment below. What is your favourite Napoleon Hill book?.

P.S – More SECRETS Revealed. “How To Program Yourself So You Cannot Fail”


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