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Does Tony Robbins Try to Sing like Pavarotti? – The No1 MLM Business Mistake

Are you in the MLM Business?. or are trying to Save the World?. Are you concentrating on the NO1 Income producing activity within your MLM business,  or are you trying to be an expert at everything?. Imaging if Tony Robbins was trying to sing like Pavarotti?..

Watch the video below and get the facts on what you need to do to start earning in your MLM.

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MLM Business – The NO1 Mistake 

Have you ever noticed that one of the things many people do when entering the MLM Business is to go on a Crusade. Now don't get me wrong, I love helping others. This is probably the most satisfying thing ever for most people, however it takes people away from the REAL task in hand for a business, which is actually making MONEY!..

I know, perish the thought of making MONEY, and actually selling things. 

Selling had become a forbidden word. In fact a lot of people won't mention it. “introducing people into their business” sounds a lot better, but it still doesn't alter the fact that it has to be sold. You have to be sold and people… well, they have to buy.

Trying to do everything all at once is financial suicide. People are not attracted to people who are “Jack of all Trades”, they are attracted to “experts”. Pick a particular speciality within your niche and “master it”. This is far more attractive to people and will be far more beneficial to you than to be trying to juggle blogging, video, and half a dozen other things.

The most successful people in my primary company  are the ones who master prospecting and closing. These are the things that produce revenue fairly quickly if you take the time to master them.

If Facebook is your “thing” and this is where you get the majority of your leads, then go with Facebook. Don't try to do Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest etc. YES, it's good for people to see your smiling face (and voice) all over the place, but the chances are, by being “all over the place”, you really are “all over the place” and your business is a very overcomplicated and scattered affair.

Does Tony Robbins try to sing like Pavarotti? NO, he concentrates on the job at hand. That's how he created a half a billion dollar fortune, by concentrating on one thing and mastering that. Imagine if instead of putting 100% of his heart and soul into empowering others, he also hankered after being an opera singer, do you think he would have been as successful?.

Probably not. Our MLM Business industry IS about helping others, but the way you help others the most in my opinion is for YOU to be as successful as possible. This way people will follow you to the ends of the Earth. People get inspired when you reach the leaderboards and when you reach higher ranks within your company.

The NO1 priority of ANY business is to make MONEY!.. that's it. What you do after or during that is entirely up to you, but making money is the NO1 function of a business.

Sorry, it's not at sexy as saving the world, it's not as amazing as curing cancer but in order to do good things, we need to be able to have the money to do them. The money comes first, and amazingly enough, the more you make, the more you inspire, so the more you help people..

Inspire people by making them a part of your business.

I hope you have found this useful. If you did, please leave a comment below and share the post. That would be appreciated.

Peace and Prosperity, always

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  1. very great blog Tony

  2. Hi Keith,

    “…concentrates on the job at hand. That’s how he created a half a billion dollar fortune, by concentrating on one thing and mastering that.”

    Great reminder.

    Stay focused & consistent.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. I loooove that headline Keith!! Always focus on one thing that you’re really good at, and don’t try to catch 2 rabbits at the same time. Thank you!

  4. Great insight, Keith! Unless we concentrate on the job at hand, everything else becomes mess. Mastering on something one at a time is more worth it! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Great post Keith! Yes, we all have to make money to survive but when we help others and make that our focus, the money part will be a secondary effect of that. Thanks for the share

  6. I agree with this whole heartedly! Prospecting and closing deals are the 2 biggest producing activities. Especially closing. Thanks for sharing.

    • Keith Everett

      August 12, 2016 at 9:55 am

      Very true, it’s no point knowing a dozen social media strategies if you’re not closing the leads you are getting.

  7. You had me at Tony Robbins Keith – LOL

    Seriously great stuff here with focusing only one one social media traffic strategy at a time….so important!

    Dr. Lisa

  8. Get good at something worth getting good at! Awesome post Keith! Thanks for the value.

  9. So true…when you try to accmplish everything, you actually accomplish nothing. Be a master not a jack! 🙂

  10. [ Smiles ] Great advice, Keith.

    Tony Robbins excels because he knows his stuff from the inside out (Those who are into the MLM business should do the same).

  11. that is the trap of trying to help everyone and be good at everything. I suppose because many are in a hurry to make money they try everything and get confused. Great video Keith.

  12. Keith you hit the nail HARD on the head and yes I agree Thats why I focus on Pinterest. Lots fo people, dont realise its about getting specialised in one niche until …well put!

  13. Great post! Be laser focused and leverage your strengths.

  14. Great post! Very motivational information

  15. Oh, yes! I’ve been told to tap into every social media platform. I tried it and was totally burned out. But, I also took the full approach of saving the world and lost focus on the purpose of the business….making money. You can give, give, but you need to make to continue to give.

  16. I’ve tried being part of every social media out there-and you know what? All I managed to accomplish was social media. Not work. Focus is the key in any business, and I need to hear this often. Great article!

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