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The SECRET Napoleon Hill Hid For Nearly 50 Years

I know what you're probably thinking… There are no secrets about Napoleon Hill, as he has revealed all he knows since those early days in the 1920's. What more could there possibly be to know, right?

Check out the video below first..

What the book “How To Raise Your Own Salary” reveals is that Napoleon Hill already knew the principles of success, long before he started interviewing the World's richest people.

Andrew Carnegie had already revealed all the 16 principles (barring one) to Napoleon Hill, so when he approached the worlds top industrialists, he already knew the secrets of success, he just had to confirm with each industrialist if in fact they thought so too.

Now, Napoleon Hill really did spend 20 yrs interviewing top industrialists, the first book. After the interview in 1908, Napoleon Hill ddi not actually release the first book until 1928.

“The Laws of Success” is actually a 1925 book, published in 1928. This reveals the 16 principles of Success, but until 1953, no one had actually seen the entire interview between Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill.

Until  “How To Raise Your Own Salary” was published, and as you can see, not many entrepreneurs would have bought this book because of it's title. It looks like a book for employees, which it actually isn't..

It's the entire conversation between Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill..

All he actually had to do when he interviewed all these top industrialists was ask them if a certain principle was true or not as Andrew Carnegie had already given him the 16 Success Principles of Success, back in 1908.

Andre Carnegie wanted his philosophy spread far and wide, and saw Napoleon Hill as the man for the job, which he was.

In fact, Napoleon hill was 70 years of age when he actually wrote this book “How To Raise Your Own Salary” in 1953, and revealed the “Secret” to the World.

So there you have it… the SECRET revealed.

Napoleon Hill's Success Principles are Andrew Carnegies Success principles, revealed to the World to make the World a better place.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some value from it. If you did, please do share it and leave a comment below. What is your favourite Napoleon Hill book?.

P.S – More SECRETS Revealed. “How To Program Yourself So You Cannot Fail”


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  1. Great article Keith! You do winkle out some great golden nuggets 😀

  2. I’m sure there are many secrets in the world like this. Men like Andrew Carnegie who get someone else to publish their material for them.
    Having said that we would be far worse off if Napoleon Hill had not written the book because I’m sure Andrew Carnegie never would.
    Great post Keith.

  3. I love this story, it inspired me to read Think and Grow Rich several times. I have also read the Laws of Success too. Powerful books. Thanks for sharing this history lesson. All Business Owners should read these books.

  4. Thanks Keith, 2 books that need to be added to my list of reading. I learn a lot any time i read something related to Napoleon Hill or Andrew Carnegie so i looks forward to this!

  5. WOW…now I GOTTA read this book!

    Thanks Keith!

    Dr. Lisa

  6. Outstanding blog post and such a gem of a video. I remember learning about this about 10 years ago but never got my hands on “the salary book”. Basically, Andrew Carnegie gave Napolean Hill his career. lol.

  7. This man has helped carve so many millionaires through out history! Always nuggets to get from any content revolving around him. Thanks for sharing Keith!

  8. I tried to put my link here Keith but it will not let me put my blog link here saying it’s spam.

  9. [ Smiles ] The late Napoleon Hill understood the Law of Attraction!

    Fantastic article!

  10. Now this is A Secret that I have not yet even come across or read so I am off to find the nugget Keith.

    I love the narrative too…quite engaging. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. This is another book I need to read.

  12. interesting… I’d be honest I am not a reader but this intrigues me… make me want to find more about this guy.

  13. A Must Read ♥♥☺☺ thank you soo much for sharing Appreciate !!~`

  14. I will sometime read these books by Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill. he wrte an inspirational book indeed.
    this is infact very informative blog post Keith. Thanks for sharing.

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