Top Marketing Tools.

These are the tools I'm using on a regular basis, most of which, I just can't be without.

They are not in any particular order.

1. Get Response. This is the autoresponder that I use to mail to my list.  I've found that Get Response offer a good product at a good price. I also find deliverability very good. I like the import feature that will allow you (on approval) to import emails from another list. It's fairly straight forward and it gives you a choice of editors to use. The previous editor or the new one. I prefer the previous editor…

2. Top Earner Training Webinars. Free to attend. Tuesday's @3pm Eastern OR Wednesday's @ 9pm Eastern – Book Here for Tuesday  or  Book Here for Wednesday

3. Picmonkey. I love this image editor, it's free, however there is a paid version too. It allows me to resize, crop, add text, overlays etc to images. There are some very good effects you can add (most are free) to make your images pop. It's real easy to use and it's an online tool. There is no downloading files or anything like that. It's really straight forward and very effective.

4. Evernote. I use this free online tool to organise all my notes in one place. Evernote allows you to create online notebooks and you can add notes to them. You can also use the Evernote Web Clipper to click pictures, web pages etc and store them with your Evernotes. There is an app for your smartphone and you can Sync your Evernote across all platforms.

5. Clickmagick. I certainly could not be without this. I've used various tools to cloak affiliate links before, but this seems to do just about everything. It cloaks links, it tracks links, it is a rotator, it has popups, bars and countdown timers. To top it all, it can be used to filter incoming traffic to another opportunity via the same link. You can also filter the mobile traffic. The tracker tells you which countries the traffic is coming from. Advanced tool but simple to operate with practice.

6. MLSP Everyone needs leads, right?. I use this system to get quality leads to my primary business. Plus I make a good income per month from introducing others to this tool. You can do the same. 

7. Instabuilder. If you want a quality page builder you just add to an existing WordPress blog (not MLSP), then this is a very flexible product that produces beautiful capture, sales, download, webinar pages etc.. just about any page can be produced with Instabuilder