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What If Money Was No Object ?

What If Money Was No Object ?  Would you travel the World?, would you buy a big house, maybe live by the sea. or would you live each moment following your passion?.

This is a great question. Here's why. If you already know what you would do, if money was no object. The chances are – you're already working on attracting it.

It's only when we don't know what we want, it becomes almost impossible to attain.  Focus on what you do want, and your subconscious will help you find a way to get it.

Watch the video below first.

“31 year old snowboard bum and frustrated employee fires his boss and goes on to build his first $100,000+ Year With a Home Business”

What If Money Was No Object ?

Despite the naysayers of the World telling you about the evils of money, capitalism and getting wealthy. You can't escape the fact that money buys you freedom.

I don't know many people who go to work for 40/60 hours a week just for love. Some may, but I can assure you the majority go to work for money. People have to live, it costs money to live.

Working a job for the rest of your life is a choice, it's not set in stone, there are other ways, legal ways of making money, buying back your life and giving you time freedom to pursue your passion. It's called a business.

Is it for you?.

Well, let's take a long hard look at what most people do. Most people work a job, take a few holidays here and there, create a family, maybe buy a home. Then they retire.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this at all. It's very normal, however the 40 years (or more) we spend doing this, takes up a huge portion of a person's life. If we all lived healthily until age 120, then it would all be OK as we would have tons of time to fit everything in. .

However, most people seem to start dropping off the planet at around 70, some less, some more. This is a very limited timescale to achieve everything.

It is my belief, you are never too old to start over, but at some stage, there has to be a strong enough decision (by you) to let go of the normal way of thinking and follow your dream. Whatever your passion is in life, don't keep it hidden till death..

It's this life we have to think about..

If money were no object, we could just pack up work and go do the things we really want to do. If you love golf, you could play every day, instead of waiting to retire, or play at weekends.

There is a way of following your passion, doing those things that you would do if money were no object, while still working, YES, you can have it all…..

For instance.

Let's say that your passion is to travel and see the World. Why wait until you are retired and possibly broke. Most people who retire, rarely have enough money to do much traveling. However, you could join a travel club, sell the concept to others and enjoy discounted travel and commissions..

That's just one example..

Maybe you love cats. Maybe if money were no object you'd spend all day with cats. Find a way to do this. People love to go on holiday, they have cats that need looking after. Charge people to look after their cats. Why not?..

My passions are Classic cars, Horseracing, Photography and Travel. My home business has enabled me to enjoy these passions whenever I want. You can do the same with whatever it is you love doing. If you have a job, loaded up with debt and have 64 kids… there is always a way…

The answer is out there…

We are prisoners, only of our own doing. In order to get the freedom to do the things we want we have to create opportunities designed to fit around our current lifestyle. People have come from the most dire circumstances and created wealth beyond their wildest dreams..

What If money Was No Object – What Would You do?

Leave a comment below, what if money was no object, what would you do? If you got value from this post please do share it too. That would be Awesome.

Peace and property, always..

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  1. I notice once my perception of money changed, it enabled my ability to make more. We’re given so much BAD information about it our entire lives.
    Thank you for giving GOOD info brother!

    • Keith Everett

      February 24, 2017 at 3:57 pm

      It is really about perception, isn’t it. I think people hold themselves back out of fear, most of the time. Different is more difficult whereas the sam is a lot easier.

  2. This is a very good question !!~~ Love Alan Watts ♥♥☺☺ what would I do really hmm !!~~ something to think about ~~~ get myself a Van and Drive stopping where ever I choose ☺☺ I would like that !!~

  3. Great post Keith. We are all in business so that we can do what we love.

  4. A pain point for most – I know I have MY answers! Thanks for the intresting post, Keith!

  5. When you love what you do you never work another day in your life.

    Dr. Lisa

  6. Awesome video you shared Keith. Thanks

  7. So many people are like mindless zombies at their jobs. They don’t enjoy what they do, but they work for years and years because they need the money. What a waste! This post is very thought provoking. Great share Keith!

  8. [ Smiles ] Keith, that was deep and yes we are prisoners of our own doing!

  9. Great post! Thanks 🙂

  10. I am living the life I love. My only hiccup right now is, I am geographically pinned because my youngest is in school. When he was younger, I would be wherever I wanted to be doing exactly what I do now. On Monday, my hubby travels to Orlando for work. In the past, we would all tag along. Now I have to stay behind because of my son going to school. I homeschool one (had to based on his needs) but really not wanting to take on homeschooling the other. I do what I do because I took money out of the equation. For me, money is a RESULT not a REASON.

  11. Cant agree MORE Keith with your philosophy here in this blog


  12. If money was no object we would all put the world to rights, travel the world, live our life purposes right! NO, we gotta do these things first ad money becomes a part of the equation…!Lots of people focus on the result aka the money and forget to LIVE their lives.

    I live my life the way I know best, and Money in increasing quantities, makes it even more intense as I get to do MORE of what I already do and cast a wider impactful net!

  13. Keith,
    A good article and if money was no object I would have a nonprofit organization to help others with mental illness.


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