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Internet Marketing Lessons I Learned From Norman Wisdom

Sir Norman Joseph Wisdom, OBE was an English actor, comedian and singer-songwriter best known for a series of comedy films produced between 1953 and 1966. So by now, you might be thinking, “What has this got to do with Internet Marketing”?.

Before I give you that answer, Norman Wisdom died at age 95 at a nursing home in the Isle of Man in the year 2010. His career spanned 7 decades, he made a total of 19 movies, starred in 32 television sitcoms, appeared on broadway, had several “hits” with his songs in the 1950's and received a knighthood from the queen for his services to British comedy in the year 2000.

He was also Albania's most loved comedian. 

So, what's all this got to do with Marketing and how can it help you to reach the top in your online marketing or network marketing career?.

Ok, the first thing that stands out for me was his “story”. In marketing, you need to be transparent and believable in order to get people to “connect” and do business with you on an ongoing basis.

Sir Norman Wisdom, told the same story, over and over again throughout his film career, even through each film was on a different “theme” his story was pretty much the same. That of an undersized downtrodden guy, down on his luck. …This story made Norman Wisdom millions.


Because it's the story we all want to hear.

Think about it. Even Albania loved Norman's story enough to vote him their most popular comedian. Norman's key strategy was his relationship with the audience. His audience worldwide loved his portrayal of the “little guy” (norman was between 5'2 and 5'4 depending on which information you read on him).

He was small in stature, but he had a big heart and this is what made the audience keep coming back for more and more, time and time again.

Every single film of his has someone calling him “little man” or some offensive word regarding his height. This oppressive theme is what made him so popular with the (dare I say it) working classes. They (and the Albanians of the day) saw Norman's films as the “relief” if you like, from oppressive bosses, governments and corporations.

Norman was the “little guy” who fought back and WON. People loved it and kept coming back for more and more.

And this is what good marketing is made of. 

Creating a heartfelt desire to do business with you as opposed to someone else by wholeheartedly connecting with your inner core. I know that sounds a bit complex but I could have just written, “connect and get people to like you”..

So, tell your story, everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has people that they can connect to. Pour out your passion and connect with people on an emotional level. Let people hear your struggle, but most importantly do a “norman wisdom” and always show how you've come out on top.

Norman played a major part in the screenplay and production of most of his films. This is very important to you as a marketer. Even though you are selling a company's products, YOU are the business. You must control your image and story so that it connects with your products.

You should be building you, so people resonate with you, no matter what you are selling.

And one last tip. 

Norman never diversified from his story. Even when he was making “hit” songs in the 50's, he didn't go off and become a “singer” he added the songs to his already successful “franchise” and added more value to his films and his overall persona. He was the loveable, downtrodden Norman who could also sing.

So, even though you may end up selling different products and working through different business partners, don't ever change who you are. If it worked for Norman Wisdom, it'll work for you..

Until then, follow a star.. YOU!.

Peace and Prosperity

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  1. Such an inspiring story, thanks for sharing 😀

  2. Interesting. It’s made me think about something that I’m not doing. I don’t seem to tell MY story. I’m in between two minds about this. On one hand I think that my story really doesn’t matter because my focus should be providing value and solving problems.

    But, on the other hand, my story has a lot to do with why I got into this particular business in the first damn place!

    Geez! OK the penny just dropped! Lol.

    I now know what I must do. Thank you Keith!

    • Keith Everett (The Victory Tribe)

      January 18, 2016 at 12:54 pm

      Thanks for sharing that Peter. I believe we all have a story that will connect with someone. My love of classic cars induced someone to join me in one buisness I was in purely because I spoke of it in a video I did.

      • So you weave your a little bit of your own life into your videos? See, I’ve been all about ‘data’. All these years in technology field and writing tech documents…

        Time to put new theory into action then.

        • At the end of the day they need to connect with you early on in the video so I tend to tell a piece of the story early.. then just be you..

  3. A big heart is worth more than your physical size thanks for sharing.

  4. “connect and get people to like you”… Love this statement. Gotta connect with people.

  5. This is a great story! And your right, we ALL have great stories!

  6. What a great post Keith… love all the tie in’s to our business… always great value… thanks for sharing this

  7. Great inspiring story. I have to work on adding my own personality and story into my trainings. Thanks for the value!

  8. Great story to choose for your post today. I loved Norman Wisdom and you are right, his story was always the same.
    Quite a powerful way of getting your point across so thank you.

  9. Fantastic post Keith

    2 key point for me…… 1- Tell your story … 2- Build relationship with the audience.
    …. Implement those 2 steps and you are well on your way to success.

  10. I Freakin love how you are able to Pull marketing lessons from peoples success in other industries! A Sign of Genius Indeed. Thank you for sharing this Keith!

  11. Interesting and inspiring post! I definitely agree with you saying that everyone has a story. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great story, Keith. The people loved his heart, not to mention he made them laugh. A sincere heart mixed with the gift of making people laugh is a powerful tool in any business. This is a good thing to remember. I am not familiar with Norman Wisdom so thanks for sharing. I do love British humor!!!

  13. Hi Keith,
    Very inspiring and such an awesome post!
    Yes you are right, we ALL have a story to tell 🙂 People
    love stories 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Hi Keith, this post was very inspirational! I really enjoyed how you were able to use his story and turn it into such an encouraging lesson.

  15. How fascinating! I loved this. Thanks Keith!

  16. I loved the main point, “You should be building you, so people resonate with you, no matter what you are selling.” YEPPERS!

  17. Thanks for sharing that amazing story about Norman!

    It goes to show how we need to be more up front in telling our story as it makes us more personable

    Dr. Lisa

  18. Great post. Thank you for sharing this story about Norman Wisdom. Very motivational

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