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How To Make Money On Facebook Without Breaking The Bank

How to make money on Facebook.  There are dozens of products and various courses out there telling you how to make money on Facebook, some are good, some not so good.

However, there are many people making a good income from Facebook. Often without involving Facebook ads. Let's look at a few.

  1. Selling Affiliate products. This is one of my favourite ways to make money on Facebook. Although I have my roots firmly in Network Marketing, I don't get commissions every day from it. Hence, I like to sell products from the big 3 Affiliate platforms in the Home Business space..  Clickbank, Warriorplus and JVzoo.
  2. Coaching.  Facebook can be a rich source for obtaining coaching clients. There are 1.8 Billion people on Facebook and although they don't come on to Facebook to buy products or book coaching, many people do actually end up joining a home business, booking coaching sessions and/or buying a product or course of some sort.
  3. Network Marketing Facebook is a huge pond to go searching for new home business prospects. Many people online join home business groups or visit home business pages during their daily visit to Facebook.
  4. Offline Business There are many offline business owners who use Facebook to steer people toward their offline business. They use Groups, Pages and Ads to attract targeted people towards their business. One Limousine company owner I know does very well from local people on Facebook.
  5. Launching Your Own Products. Back in 2011 I launched an online course all about how to effectively use Camtasia. I spoke about it on my timeline for a few days and this boosted sales tremendously.

How To Make Money on Facebook

  1. One of the simplest ways I use Facebook to make money is to use it for prospecting. I use the search to find related groups of people, I'm not talking about spam groups, but groups where intelligent conversations are carried out. Groups belonging to high profile marketers such as Eric Worre or Ray Higdon.  I then go in there and make a note of people who are actively engaged. I then go over to their personal wall. If I think they are offering value, I like and comment on their posts and send them a message, just to connect or compliment them on their comments in the group.  At the very least I follow them, comment on their posts, just to leave my digital fingerprint on their timeline, so they end up seeing my posts.. I've started many relationships this way.
  2. how to make money on FacebookAffiliate Sales. One of my favourite ways to get affiliate sales is to pick products from either Clickbank, WarrioPlus or JVzoo. I look for good products with low refund rates. I then form groups on Facebook around the niche and offer membership to the group as a bonus to buy the product. I also offer other bonuses by way of eBooks or video courses in a Zip file to potential customers. I then create review videos and post on YouTube & Facebook. This is a great way of making sales. Check out one of the ways to make money on Facebook
  3. Coaching. I have offered coaching services to people on Facebook. It's really a case of providing value in the way of answering people's problems via video or blog posts and then linking back to your coaching site. This worked very well for me back in 2012. I still do a small amount of coaching these days but my time is taken up mainly with network marketing and selling affiliate products.

I hope you have found this post useful. If you have then please do leave a comment below and if you can share it, that would be fantastic. I think you can see that there are many ways to make money on Facebook, I have listed a few above that I personally have used or I'm using right now.

Peace and prosperity

PS Want to know How to make money on  Facebook without breaking the bank?… Click here for details.


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  1. Hi Keith. This was just great info! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Good points you have here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You gave out some really good tips that someone could take and apply to start to make money on Facebook.

  4. Facebook is still King of social media(at the moment). It must be leveraged to monetize Network/Affiliate marketing or any business dealing with Direct Sales. Thanks for shedding light as always.

  5. Those were some cool ways to make money not just on Facebook, but online period. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Very good post Keith. You point out the obvious ways to make money using Facebook. Its possible for anyone if they learn how. Thanks for sharing

  7. Great post Keith! Facebook has become the leader in building successful businesses online and off! Thank you for sharing these awesome tips!

  8. Hey Keith, this was an excellent post and was extremely helpful. Thanks for posting this!

  9. Brilliant tips Keith! Having and offering affiliate products is an important factor in helping more people. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great post Keith, definetly shared some nuggets here! Facebook is a great marketing tool to use to gain an audience and build your list! Thanks for the share!

  11. Betty Anderson

    July 18, 2016 at 9:08 pm

    Great post! Let’s drink to many more! (i’m drinking ice water, btw :))

  12. I agree with you, Keith. I also do coaching and it’s a great feeling answering people’s problems through videos and then visiting me to my coaching site. FB is doing a great job for me.

  13. Awesome post Keith! Prospecting on facebook is a great way to meet people who you are able to help with your products or services.

  14. Great info Keith…

    There are so many ways to make money on Facebook – you just need to find the one that works

    Dr. Lisa

  15. Many people are on Facebook all day, might as well earn some money with it. 😉 Brilliant ideas for low cost ways for people to make money, even a full time income, without the traditional hefty investment of most businesses.

  16. Awesome tips for Facebook, Keith! I totally agree that you can very successfully sell coaching and any other services on Facebook just by having some quality conversations with people. Thank you!

  17. This is very practical advice on how to make money on Facebook. It should halp a Lot of people out Keith!

  18. Wonderful recommendations to pursue for making money online — outside the box. You knkow how to stretch the imagination Keith. Thanks.

  19. Hi Keith,

    Love your recommendations.

    Facebook is still King and Queen of Social Media and growing Especially with Facebook Live and groups.

    Great ideas and great tips Keith


  20. [ Smiles ] Yes, Keith. I think that coaching is one great method to make money on Facebook; the other pointers are good too!

  21. Keith great info here jammed pack !!~ Loving this ♥♥☺☺ How to make money on Facebook.

  22. The plan that you just outlined above will work for people if they apply it with ‘consistent’ action and persevere! You just proved that anyone can make money from Facebook (because those steps do work) if people remain consistent with them. Thank you for this value Keith!

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