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HYPNOTIC Selling – How To Get People To Hypnotically Buy Everything You Sell

Hypnotic Selling. Trust me when I say this. This is not some idle Guru Voodoo.

You can get people to fall in love with you and your products in a heartbeat if you just ask people the right questions, and more importantly appeal to the things that really matter to your prospect.

OK, enough already, Here is a typical scene in a car showroom.

A guy walks in to look at a car. It's a Mercedes showroom .

Do you think this guy really wants to be sold a car?

Do you think he really needs a Mercedes?

No. He already has a car.

What he is looking for is a new  experience, he wants to move forward into a new “thing”..

hypnotic sellingHypnotic Selling – What Prospects Want You To Tell Them

The problem is, most salesmen/women would be trying to sell him a car. Until you know why he or she is there, how can you even attempt to sell them anything?. You think he needs a newer/better car. Trust me, he might want a car on the surface, but inside – he wants a new experience, he wants a “feeling”.

He wants you to appeal to a higher want, not the car, but how owning the car is going to change his life.  He wants to know that by simply owning this  car, his life experiences are about to be upgraded.

In his mind, owning this car could make him more attractive.. maybe people will respect him more. Perhaps people will upgrade their thoughts about him… there can be many reasons, at the moment, only he knows them.

And this is what we need to speak too..

With questions, come answers..

Once we know why he wants what he wants, we can tailor the questions to what he “needs' to hear and this way we are hypnotically talking to him on a subconscious level, instead at a level he may not be comprehending.

Note: I'm not talking about telling the prospect any #BS here, tell the truth – only tell it in a way that your prospect relates to it. 

hypnotic sellingSo what do most people want

  1. Some form of security in their life
  2. People want recognition.
  3. People want to feel wanted.
  4. They want to be healthy.
  5. They want to be happy.
  6. They want to be loved

I know there are many more factors that human beings want, but these are most of the main ones


Ask questions..

“What does owning a Mercedes mean to you?”.

“How would owning a home business make a difference to you life”?.. etc, etc..

Everyone is different. It would be foolish to treat everyone the same.

Most salesmen start with listing all the features, and then they tell the prospect why their product is the best ever. Blah, blah, can almost hear the prospect falling asleep inside.  The thing is, features rarely sell anything, yet these are the things that appear predominately in most ads.

BUT, people rarely buy on Features.

Features tell – Benefits sell.

Look on the back or side of buses.  They have ads listing features….in fact, even on Facebook, people keep splurting out features instead of benefits..

Remember, “features tell, benefits sell” imprint that on your brain..

Benefits. Now, we're talking. These are the suckers that turn on the prospects “hot buttons”.. However, even benefits are not enough if the prospect can't see himself doing it/buying it.

Instead of trying to wear your prospect down, like most people do. Don't try to sell them anything. Once you have found out what they are looking for in a Mercedes, Home Business, Health Food Plan etc, now you need to take them through the process of imagination, or imagineering as it was called back in the 80's..

Instead of selling. Help the prospect with seeing..

If your prospect can see themselves doing the very thing you are selling, you've got a winner if all their hot buttons are currently “HOT!”” and I mean SIZZLING!… they will keep saying “Yes” to your questions, when you get enough “Yes's” you are now closer to closing than ever..

You've answered all their questions. The prospect is now “Hot”. They see themselves using your product, they see themselves making money and changing their life in your business.

Now, the final close….”assume”..yes, the assumption close –  sign them up. Don't ask, just assume.

TIP. Don't just send a link to someone over the Internet. Lots of things can happen and the link may never get clicked. I like to get people on Skype, messenger etc (somewhere where I can see them) share the screen, and help them through the sign up process..

I hope you have found this useful. If you have, do share the post and leave a comment below.

Peace and prosperity

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  1. features tell…benefits sell

    that is so true. Many people just want to tell all the great features of the company not what the benefits are.

    Learning how to ask the right questions is the key to build your business

  2. Great article, this helps me a lot. Thanks Keith.

  3. People definitely want the experience and the emotion that goes with it! Thanks, Keith!

  4. You make more sales when you sell the benefits and what your product and service will do for the customer.

  5. Wow, Great post Keith with a lot of value on how to approach sales and business conversations. I think the last thing you mentioned about helping the prospect sign-up is such an important piece that’s missed so often. That’s where the loyalty starts.

    • Keith Everett

      March 13, 2017 at 10:42 pm

      Absolutely Jamie, I always prefer to be there during the signing up process, where possible.

  6. Great post Keith! The 6 points are spot on as well! We all want those and the emotions that come with each one. Thanks for another great share!

  7. Everyone of us buys with our emotions. Demonstrating the things you discuss in todays post covers just about every emotion we experience when buying something. Thanks for sharing your gems with us Keith

  8. Lynette Bledsoe

    March 13, 2017 at 11:35 pm

    Benefits are a SELL way better than anything else. IF you could show someone how your service or product can help them you could sell ice to an eskimo 😉 Awesome share Keith

  9. Helping people develop their vision, by selling them your vision is a great to get your business to grow. Once people believe that they can be successful at selling their company’s products and services, growing becomes so much easier.

  10. Even we don’t offer what we sell, as long as prospects can benefit from our products, they will hunt us anywhere.

  11. It’s really all about cracking the code and giving people what they REALLY want – to know it’s ok to believe in their dreams. Thank you for the good read.

  12. Awesome tips you shared Keith on hypothetic selling

  13. Great tips Keith!

    It’s often the benefit of the benefit that people want!

    Dr. Lisa

  14. Help your prospect see! I love that. Great way to help our customers by using emotion. Thanks for sharing.

  15. True…most buying is emotional. But the skills to help people see what they want are very much acquired and take a lot of empathy and emotional maturity.

  16. Awesome post Keith. You’ve got a paint a mental picture. Let them see how your product or service can change their life. Loved this article. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Absolutely spot on…we have to remember that sometimes with everything in place, including Yeses coming at you, you still find that the person just isn tcut out for the deal…What we want is a decision right Keith? Love the title..hypnotic selling. Havent read that book in ages!

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