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Feeling Stuck ? How To Get Out of a Rut and Get On With Your Life

Feeling stuck?. Welcome to the club, it happens to all of us at some time or other. The thing is, how do we get unstuck, out of a rut and on with our lives?

First of all, how do we even know we are feeling stuck?.

Well, it usually starts with being “generally disinterested” in things. A feeling of “being trapped”.. not going anywhere, etc, etc. Hey, this happened to me a while back, I really did not know how to get out of it. I even started asking friends, how they got out of a “heavy funk”..

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This is actually a sign. It's a sign that things need to change. You are more than likely bored with your life and you've lost direction. Hey, this is very common. Even the most dynamic of individuals find themselves doubting themselves and generally being disinterested in things..

feeling stuckSo, How Do You Stop Feeling Stuck?

Admitting to yourself, let alone friends and family can be difficult. No one wants to feel like a failure and the last thing you want to do is feel ashamed to be stuck. We all hate to confront our imperfections.

When you feel stuck we tend to experience frustration and disappointment on a daily basis. We feel stuck for all kinds of reasons. You may be lugging around a body that you're not happy with. Maybe your business is not going well. Maybe you not only feel stuck but you feel stupid too. After all, intelligent people never feel stuck, do they?..

Of course they do. No one is immune. I bet even if you asked top marketing coaches and mindset guru's, they would tell you they too get stuck sometime. So, if you are feeling upset or shameful about it. Stop…. it happens.

The first thing to get yourself out of a funk..

is, stop keeping it to yourself.. Whoaaaa… I know, this sounds counter intuitive. After all no one likes to hear people's problems, right?. Well, if you have some understanding close friends, or members of your family who truly love you… they will listen.

Feeling Stuck Is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

Do you know what. I used to be in denial. I would never admit there was anything wrong with me.. Don't be like this, no one is an island. Human beings need other human beings..

Sometimes all it takes is a good laugh with a friend to start lifting the funk. Or have a chat with someone who's been in a funk and got out of it. No one stays stuck forever, especially if you talk to someone about it.

Sometimes, it pays to share. Yes, even that things are not working out. I know this whole “Law of Attraction” thing says that concentrating on your problems only brings more of them, and it's right, however there is nothing wrong with sharing a problem with a friend to get some ideas on how to get out of a rut..

Write it down.. 

This is what I do. I write down on a piece of paper (yes, paper, not typing on a computer), the brain pays more attention if you are physically writing it down. Write down how you feel, what are you stuck on and why do you think you're stuck (don't worry if you don't know, it will come)..

Now write down some possible solutions underneath. This gives your subconscious something to work on. The next thing is:

Go do something you don't normally do. Break the monotony. Go see a movie in the middle of the afternoon, go out to your favourite coffee place. Do anything that takes your mind off being stuck.

Tip: Remember, shame is often disguised as pride. Keeping a stiff upper lip about your problems is as bad as denying you have one. Problems are not disasters, they are just challenges, that's all they are. You can find a way around or through anything if you look hard enough.

The main thing here is not to stay “stuck”.

After writing down, how you feel, why you are stuck, you now need to make a written plan to get unstuck. But before you do. Write down the things you are good at. Write down the ways you have positively impacted others, write down your achievements.

It can be anything. Maybe you are a good parent, maybe in the past you were good at volleyball, hockey, martial arts, anything that you've done well. Now switch your thoughts from being “stuck” to thoughts of past achievements.

I got over my “funk” by simply treating it as a thoughtful period in which something had to change. In my case it was my online business. I had been doing the same thing for a long time and I needed to re look at what I was doing and do something different.

Human beings get bored if they keep doing the same old things. Some people see that as normal and never have a problem with it while others do see it as a problem.

Time to change..

Put on your favourite music track, get the brainwaves waving again,  listen to audios of your favourite influencers. Anything to keep your mind off being stuck and start to make a plan.. keep writing until you have the plan down on paper, and then take action on it…

I hope this post has given you some value. If it has, please do share and leave a comment below. Let me know if you've been feeling “stuck” lately and how you got over it.

Peace and prosperity.

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7 CRAZY Habits That Could Be Costing You a FORTUNE

If you have ever reached success in any area in life, (which most people have – college, work, parenthood, etc), you'll know that there was a certain formula you put in to action to get you to that point…rarely do things just “fall into place”

In a home business, time is money, however, some people lose a lot of valuable time just by looking busy and not actually being productive.

I have identified 7 Crazy habits that people (including me) often hang on to, and these habits can hinder you in a big way if you let them.

There is a formula for success in any area of life, however there are also habits that can hold you back as if your shoes were superglued to the floor with you in them.

Sometimes, less is more. Let go of these time sucking habits and let your home business move forward and breathe again.

Letting Go Of These 7 Crazy Habits

Crazy Habit No 1.  

Saying YES to things that you should be saying NO to.
If something doesn't feel right about the business, the opportunity etc, and it does not align with your true core values.

Don't do it. We live in an age where we have so much of everything, sometimes we habitually keep saying yes. Even if saying “yes” is going to overwhelm us and send us down yet another rabbit hole..

The more successful you get, the more people will compete for your time and attention.

Learn to say NO, with kindness. Less is more, learn to be a “sorter'. a “sifter”. Do things that matter most. Don't do things just to please others and remember. People respect other people who can say “No”..

Crazy Habit No 2. 

Hanging on to people who are not growing with you. If you are seriously aiming to hit it big in this lifetime and you want to do a lot more than just dangle your feet in the water and drift along, you have to be realistic. Having the right people around you is going to have an enormous effect on you.

The same goes for people who do not support you, surround yourself with people who are on the same path you are on.

I'm not saying you should drop people you know (friends and family) etc, because they have a few negative tendencies, (remember, most people do), but spend more time with positive, influential people. It will rub off on you.

This One Is A Definite No No

Crazy Habit No 3. 

Working through your lunch. I know in the 1987 film “Wall St”, Michael Douglas's character Gordon Gekko say's “lunch is for wimps”, however one of the biggest problems business people experience is “burnout”. There has to be a time in the day to just relax, chill out and take a break. Even if it's a 15 minute coffee break.

Always working though lunch, not taking breaks and being physically attached to the computer, leads to stress and can lead to “burnout”. Take scheduled breaks and recharge every now and then.

Crazy Habit No 4. 

Not Exercising.  This problem is really common amongst business people (and people in general). We live in an age where obesity and heart disease is on the increase. People don't take proper exercise, they sit down a lot and if they do eat throughout the day it's usually “junk food”.

Exercising not only keeps the body healthy, it also keeps the mind healthy. When you exercise you are more alert, more sharp and you can operate at a much higher level.

Crazy Habit No 5. 

Multitasking.  Now, to a lot of people, multitasking may be known as a “good thing”. You often hear people praising people who can do more than one thing at a time. I don't believe multitasking is a good thing, especially in a learning or business situation. If you are doing more than one thing at a time you cannot be focused properly on anything.

You often see people walking down the street looking at their phone screens nearly bumping into people. You see mothers crossing the road pushing a buggy with a baby in it, while having a conversation on their phone at the same time.

Crazy Habit No 6. 

Not prioritising your day. The day can either “just happen” or it can happen by design. If you don't prioritise things, you will spend a lot of time doing things that are not making much of a difference. A lot of what people do is just “noise” and holds no real productive value at all. The reason some people always seems to get a lot done and others fail miserable at it, is nearly always down to how they prioritise things..

Crazy Habit No 7.

Immediately responding to emails and messages. Answering emails and messages can take up a lot of time. Not everyone is respectful of your time and a simple Facebook message can quickly become 20 minutes of going back and forth. Just answering a few emails can take a lot of time if you are clicking links etc to check out sites, etc.

The best thing here is to allocate certain times of the day to check and answer emails. If something is being sent via email, it is rarely that important that you need to answer it immediately.

The same goes for Facebook messages. Unless you are offering support for your product launch, the chances are even this will not be that urgent. You don't have to check each message individually as they come in. Allocate 15 to 20 minutes every 4 to 6 hours to check emails and messages.

This way, you have a clear few hours to get work done without interruptions.

I hope this has helped,  and you found some value in this post. If you did, please do share the post and leave a comment below. That would be awesome.

Peace and prosperity

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How To Program Yourself So You Cannot Fail

Wouldn't it be cool if you could program yourself so you just could not fail?. In truth, people program themselves so they fail at things, every day, so by reversing the process, we can program ourself for success.

success storiesHow?

The truth is, there is a series of steps that we should be made aware of, that can improve our chances, and accelerate our advances. if we are not made aware of these steps, then we are at the mercy of “chance”.

Most things that happen to us in life, are not “accidental”. In fact, some people would argue that “everything happens for a reason”. You may wonder how this is so, and this is where we need to comprehend that life does not happen to you, it happens “because of you.”

Every thought, every decision, every action has an effect on our lives at some stage. The things we do, or did not do are laying the foundations of how our lives are going to work out, either today or at some stage in the future.

The 5 Steps To Create Your Unstoppable Program

Step 1. Behaviour

Behaviour means action or inaction. This is the step that most directly controls our success or failure. The right series of the right actions will always end up making  things work better than the wrong series of the wrong actions. In almost every case, if you take the right actions, you'll end up with a better result.

success systemSo why do people not take the right actions?

Good question. And you may be thinking it's because people don't know what to do, or don't have the right direction, education etc. These things may play a small part in a person's success or failure but I'm here to tell you, this is not the main reason why people do not take the right action.

It all has to do with:

Step 2. Feelings

Every action we are about to embark on is first filtered through our feelings.. How well we feel about something will always determine what we do or how well we do it.

Have you ever watched a child being made to eat something he or she didn't like?. Look at how a child reacts to a plate of fresh vegetables, then put a plate of vanilla ice cream in it's place. You will see a totally different reaction. This is because we all associate with different things, differently.

It is your feeling toward the action you should take, that determines whether the action even gets done. This is the problem with most people. They associate negative feelings with things they know they should be doing. Hence the inner struggle with themselves.

It's not that people don't know what to do. The world is full of information on how to do things. It's just that people associate the wrong feelings with the actions they know they need to take.

So, what controls our feelings?

success programStep 3. Attitude

Your attitude is the perspective from which you view life. There is a big thing going around that “Attitude is Everything”. This is not true. It is something, but it's not everything.

You could have the best attitude in the world, but without the right feelings or the right action, you will still be short on success. However, most human beings have a mixture or attitudes. Some good, some bad.

Whatever attitude we have about something, will determine how we feel about it, which of course determines what actions we take. I hope you are starting to get the picture now. Winning and being successful in life is not a one stop shop, the root cause of success or failure runs deeper than what most people think.

So, where do our attitudes come  from?. Are they magically picked up at birth?. Are they formed by accident?. No. they are created, controlled and influenced by:

Step 4. Beliefs.

What we believe about anything will determine our attitude about it, create our feelings about it and determine our course of action over it. This snowball effect determines how well or poorly we do, which leads to success or failure.

Belief is so powerful, it can actually make something appear totally different from what it really is. Belief does not require us to see something as it really is, it only requires us to believe that it is really so.

This is why some beliefs are so strong, they can cause people to believe things  that just aren't true.

programHere is where the seeds of failure are often born.

Your belief sets off a chain of events. Maybe you were shy and didn't make friends very easily. Maybe you were rejected by someone at some stage (who hasn't been?), your beliefs were and still are that maybe people don't like you very much.

Your attitude is one of avoiding people, your behaviour now reflects your beliefs and you go out of your way to avoid people.This causes you to feel bad around groups of people so the actions you take are to avoid socialising.

Can you see how your beliefs are holding you back?

Many, many beliefs about ourselves and others simply are not true. We restrict ourselves ever day through our limited thinking. We are each and all powerful individuals who often believe we are not good enough, when in reality, we are.

So, how can we change our beliefs?

Step 5. Programming

Everything we believe, has at some stage been programmed into us. We have had many influences, including our parents, our teachers, employers, TV, Films, Books etc.

Most of what we believe about ourselves has been slowly fermenting over the years right from day one. And remember, our beliefs influence our attitude, our attitude affects our feelings which in turn directs our behaviour, which leads to our actions.. which determine our success or failure.

It is the deprogramming of negative beliefs that are not serving us, and the reprogramming into our subconscious mind, the positive beliefs that will serve us, that will ultimately turn you into an “unstoppable force” that cannot fail. When I say, “cannot fail”, this of course does not mean you will not meet with failure, it simply means that failure for you  is only temporary, whereas quitting is permanent.

So how can you program yourself for success?

Step 1. Eliminate all the negative talk you pour into your brain every day. No, this isn't easy, but from now on, filter the things you allow in your head. You wouldn't deliberately drink poison would you?. then why allow poison to enter your brain through your thoughts?

Do you ever hear yourself saying any of the following? –

  1. I can't do that
  2. knowing my luck
  3. I always get this wrong..
  4. If only I could
  5. Oh, what an idiot
  6. I'm terrible for remembering names
  7. I'm not good at that
  8. I can't seem to get organised
  9. It's just no use
  10. It's going to be another one of those days.

The negativity that many of us pour into our brain each day goes on and on. You must remember, your subconscious mind is listening to your self chat all the time and it is helping bring about what you are sending to it's command centre.

If you tell yourself “I'll never lose weight”, guess what. Your subconscious goes to work to ensure you don't. This is the NO1 reason why most people don't get what they really want out of life. They simply spend their time sabotaging their chances of success.

success program

So, how can we turn it all around?..

Remember this.

What we think about most, we bring about. This does not mean if you think about an elephant, an elephant will appear. This simply means that if you think you can't you probably can't and if you back that up and take no action, you never will.

However if you reverse that. “If you think you can, you probably can and if you back that up by taking action, you probably will”.

Your thoughts are constantly steering you towards something. This can be good or bad. It's up to you. You have to believe it's possible for it to become possible. Taking action towards your goal and actually seeing and feeling yourself in the moment attaining that goal, will draw you ever closer to that goal.

I hope you found value in this post. To be honest, I could talk about this subject all day.

Many people look for something outside of themselves to get the success they want. The highest power hid the secret inside our very own minds. Some people never thought of looking there, but once you unlock the secret of your own mind, anything is possible.

Do share this post if you liked it, and please do leave a comment below

Peace and prosperity

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