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Home Business Nightmare?. Why Some People WIN, and others LOSE

Strange title, I know. But what is even stranger is the whole concept of winning, losing and quitting. Is your home business a non starter?

For winners to win, they must first experience losing. This will not be pretty, losing never is. The best skill you can have in business in my opinion is not even a skill, it's tenacity, stickability.. whatever you want to call it.. this will trump skill, initially, anyway.

I felt the need to write this post, but..

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So, Why do Winners Keep Winning?

In any type of endeavour where the result you want is more than what you already have, you have to expect to adjust your thinking and your current situation. In a home business, we are attempting to build a lasting legacy that will provide a better than average income over decades.

This in itself is worth the effort.

Even a person who wins the lottery has to adjust the way they think, or they will just behave the same way toward their new found wealth as they did before they Won. This is why many Lottery winners are broke again within a couple of years of winning.

This is one of the major problems why so many people do not succeed in a business, online or otherwise. They simply won't adjust their thinking to take on the task of growing a new business.

Building a business requires your TV time, yes, it requires some of your other leisure time as well.. It requires money, it is usually similar to a big vacuum, sucking money out of your bank account for the first few months,but tends to come back to you like a lot puppet after a few months if you stick it out.

Always keep in mind. Winning rarely happens right from the start. No one got married on the first day, it takes time to build something sweet and long lasting.. a business is pretty much the same.

It's not a hobby. Hobbies are expensive. Yes a business can be expensive, however, it's only expensive whilst you fail to make it work. It get's cheaper when you start to makes sales. . This in itself should be incentive enough to work at it right from the get go.

Why Do People Keep SUCKING At Business?

Simple. They want to be entrepreneurs with the mindset of an employee. This is the most common one. They want their life to change but also want their current life to remain the same. Something has to give.

Also, people tend to blame everyone but themselves. They blame their sponsor, the product, the Internet.. anything but themselves. You can get away with this in a job, but not in a business.

If you are in a network marketing company and your sponsor goes AWOL. Why would you quit?. It's meant to be hard, if it were easy, yes, everyone would be doing it.

Changing your life for the better is worth far more than 1 month of effort surely. It might take months, 6 months or more, to even get your first sale. If things are not working, change the way you work, but never give up on the idea.

So, there you have it.

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Peace and prosperity


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  1. Awesome content Keith. We often compare how do some people get what looks like instant results while others hope it will happen. Huge value.

  2. Awesome points, Keith! Yes, you have to apply the right elements for success!

  3. Very good post Keith and you tell it like it is. So many people want instant results and forget to treat it like a real business for the long term.
    You offer some very good advice.
    Great share

  4. This is super Keith .. I truly do agree, Self reflection, analyzing one’s actions of “effective or not” does not come naturally; “employees” usually are not expected to do this .. so must be taught to us that decide to travel the road of entrepreneurship 🙂

  5. Love this Keith !!~ thank you for always providing value !!~ never give up ☺ It does not come over night !~ move forward Daily and have the vision to be consistent !!~ thank you Appreciate ♥

  6. Thank you for sharing, Keith! You’re right, we need to adjust our mind and thoughts to cope with the present situation. If we do this, we still win and not lose.

  7. wow thanks for sharing this keith

  8. When you point the finger at someone else there are 3 coming right back at you!

    That’s what separates the entrepreneurs from the wannabes.

    Dr. Lisa

  9. Ultimately it’s about your mind set Keith. You are right about lottery winners. They don’t lose they money because they are stupid, they lose it because of their stewardship towards money. Change your thoughts and they will turn into habits which will change your life. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This post is definitely on point! Some people always tend to remain in the employee mindset even if they are already trying to make it on their own.

  11. “Professional Quitters” LOL…I definitely know a few of them. GREAT POST Keith, Thanks for sharing.

  12. I really get it! People tend to blame anyone but themselves when something goes wrong. It’s crazy. Awesome post Keith!

  13. Great post! Telling it like it is! Inspired 😀

  14. HI Keith,

    yep stickability and having the thought of progressing is so worthy of pursuing when running a business , any tip elf business.

    Some times we don’t have the inspiration and have dig deep to be different and stick at our vision


  15. This is a great article! I did a similar one a while back about “Mindset” and it does get frustrating sometimes, that ‘procrastinators’ want everything “Sugar Coated”. Henry ford summed it up perfectly when he said ” Whether you think you can, or you can’t… You’re RIGHT!”

    Good job Keith

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