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Grant Cardone – Why Obsession is Better than Depression

I have to admit, it's been interesting spending the week with Grant Cardone. No, not in person. I've been reading his latest book “Be Obsessed or Be Average“. This book focuses on one man's obsession with both the destructive and the positive.

Check out this video first.. 

Grant Cardone admits to being obsessed as a teenager, getting into trouble and taking drugs for many years before finally getting himself straight in his late twenties.

He spent time in Rehab and was told upon his departure, “You”ll never make it. You are a defective person. You have an addictive personality. A disease you'll never recover from.

Imagine being told that..

I wonder how many of us, perhaps even reading this post right now have been told we are no good. How we are just “wasting our lives”. No wonder this World is so @@@@@@ up, people use words to poison and destroy people.

Anyway, I digress.. back to the story.

Grant Cardone is a prime example of how you can turn your life around, even when no one believes in you. Quite frankly, all you actually need is to believe in yourself. Far too often we are obsessed with what other people think.

Do other people pay our bills?. I think not.

Obsession is touted as being a “bad” thing. People get obsessed with all wrong things and we tend to label obsessive people as “weirdos”.

When in fact, any addiction can be good or bad. You can be obsessed with drugs or you can be obsessed with helping others.. obsession is neither good nor bad, it's only the thing that you are obsessed with, that is good or bad.

Grant Cardone – The Man, The Myth

Grant Cardone turned his obsession around. Instead of being obsessed with drugs, he became obsessed Success. This simple mind shift enabled him to become the top earner in the car dealership he worked at.

He literally went from drug addict to top salesman in the space of a few months. He was even helping recovering drug addicts in what little spare time he had.

Even after a full recovery from drugs and a booming sales career, people still tried to “out the brakes” on him, this time complaining that he was “working too hard”. He was told to slow down many times by friends, co workers and family.

The thing was. This new positive obsession had given Grant Cardone a new lease of life. He felt better, he looked better, he even dreamt better and BIGGER.

Grant Cardone was on his way. The rest, as they say, is just history. Today he has built five companies, he owns over $400,000,000 in Real Estate, he's written several best selling books, owns his own plane.. All from being broke and drug addicted in his twenties.

I think it's a good book. I wouldn't say it's as good as “The 10x Rule”  but it's a good read and it's a very honest and transparent look at Grant Cardone's life. It is also a good lesson to others, to not only settle for “Average” but to get Obsessed” with becoming the success you want to be.

My takeaways from the book:

I think Grant Cardone's story shows that no matter how low, depressed and disconnected you become, you can turn it around. The hardest thing, I believe people struggle with, is actually pulling themselves out of an “ordinary” life, into something much bigger.

People seem “obsessed” with staying average and keeping up with everyone else, instead of redefining themselves and creating more success in their lives. It seems the “norm” to just do enough, nothing more, nothing less.

Despite what you may think of Grant Cardone, and he has been called many names, some derogatory.. he is a man on a mission, he looks “unstoppable” and that, in my view is not a bad thing to model.

Buy the book. It's a good read.

Peace and prosperity.

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  1. Awesome review! Love me some Uncle G! Can’t wait to get my hands on this book and dive in! Thanks for a great share!

  2. Great video and topic. We are all addicted to our routines and the things that matter to us. Being extremely obsessed can also be just what we need during short periods of time to reach a desired goal or outcome. Thanks for the post and your review!

  3. Great review of Grant Cardone Keith!

    I suggest people read BOBA and then reread the 10X Rule…everything will make sure sense

    Dr. Lisa

  4. Its amazing to me how many people are told they will never amount to anything and then go on to prove people wrong. How satisfying that would be to anyone.
    Thanks for the review and your whole article. It will resonate with many people.
    We should all strive to do what we want and ignore people who really don’t know what they are about. I was once told to be content with what I had. If I had listened I would not have the lifestyle I currently enjoy.

  5. Top notch review Keith! I love your takeaway… Grant Cardone’s story shows that no matter how low, depressed and disconnected you become, you can turn it around. Awesome share I appreciate you Keith!

  6. great Post
    thank you for sharing this much Appreciated !!~

  7. i will have to check that book out. thanks keith!

  8. Grant is fantastic! Absolutely love his “10X Rule” book, definitely had a big mindset shift after reading it. Will check out this new one for sure!

  9. Grant cardone is a boss. Thanks for this book review. I will check it out.

  10. Awesome Review Keith,

    And it comes across that this book ans Grant Cardone’s story touched you deeply. I ordered mine last week. Cant wait to get it and read it! Now I am even more excited. With that said, I cant wait for your review of the Art of Pinterest Profits 🙂 I love your style!

  11. Keith,
    Great article on Cardone and he became successful. It was inspiring and having a goal is most important to wake up to and achieve. Thanks …

    Lori English

  12. Thanks for a great review Keith! It amazing how some people can pull themselves out of a really bad situation and completely turn their lives around; while others sit around and complain always playing the victim role.

  13. I so relate to your blog today Keith.

    Yes so many of us have been told we are not good and will never eventuate to anything.

    I also like your attitude to seeing people for who they are and we have an opinion of someone and if they are unstoppable, that is a great model to follow



  14. So true and sad that people are told they’re not good enough or could never achieve anything more. Your post proves quite the opposite effect. Awesome share Keith!

  15. Grant Cardone is awesome. I’ll have to get the book. Thanks for the review. 🙂

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