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How To Get UNLIMITED Blog Post Ideas

Have you ever had a big “blank space” in between your ears?. I have, many times, especially when it comes to blogging and creating blog posts. However, how would you like to have an unlimited supply of blog post ideas that you can tap into ever day.

You would?.

Forums, YUP, good old forums. You probably thought that online forums went out with the Dinosaurs (well, the 1990's), but they are still a very valuable source of information. After all, people who visit forums tend to ask a lot of questions, and this is exactly what we need to get our blog post ideas from.

In fact, used correctly, you will not only get unlimited ideas to blog about 365 days a year but you can also get the content for your blog post too. It's a bit like an all in one stop shop, for blogging.

Blog Post Ideas – Getting Started

If you are in the “make money” niche I suggest you use the Warrior Forum. However, what ever niche you are in, type that niche followed by the word forum or forums and you will get a great big list of forums about your niche.

Next we want to go to the threads. Each thread is usually asking a different question. “How can I get more traffic to my website” or How can I find recurring income online?. These subject lines are your ideas for blog posts.

Blog Post Ideas – Next, Let's Grab The Content

In each forum thread will be many answers. These answers can be used to to form the structure of your blog post. For instance, you may know nothing about where to find recurring income (if you're reading this, you probably do).

So, we use the answers in the thread to create our blog post.

From the answers in the thread we use those (don't copy them word for word) to form the structure of our blog post. Just copy and paste the answers into a text document then rewrite them in your own words to create an original blog post.


There you have it, a very simple idea to create a never ending supply of blog posts, you'll never run out of blog post ideas again.

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Peace and prosperity



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  1. So many great Ideas… if you run out of Ideas then you should watch Keith’s Video again! Thank you for sharing Keith! Have a great start into the new Week!

  2. Thanks Keith. Great info here. Never thought about using forums to get new ideas.

  3. What a great post on blog ideas…. thanks for sharing this Keith… Never heard of doing this before…

  4. You’re welcome Ron, it works very well..

  5. A helpful post with a lot of great ideas. Forums I feel are under used and so valuable.

  6. Love your Blog and the info !!~ thank you for sharing the value ♥♥☺☺

  7. Awesome ideas and tips Keith! Thank you and I will be implementing!

  8. Great tips on getting blog post ideas. Many people get tripped up when it comes to what to blog about, your article will really help!

  9. Keith, I had no idea and never considered forums. This was an awesome read and thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Keith,

    Excellent post.. We all have moments where the mind just stops letting your imagination flow…

    Loving this post, with some many fantastic tips.. Thank you for sharing 😉

  11. Forums is a great idea for content. Great post Keith

  12. Some great information here. Thanks.

  13. Awesome post Keith!

    Forums are a GOLDMINE when it comes to finding ideas for content!

    Dr. Lisa

  14. Good stuff Keith, I pop in and out of Warrior Forum, never thought of it as a good place to generate ideas for blog posts before!

    • Keith Everett (The Victory Tribe)

      January 12, 2016 at 8:36 am

      Hi Kay, the Warrior Forum can come in handy for generating blog post ideas…

  15. I absolutely LOVE forums! They are huge for blog post ideas! And those are the questions that your market is already interested in! Thanks for sharing that Keith!

  16. This was an area I’ve always struggled with!

    Great post Keith. 🙂

  17. Kevin, thank you so much for this post. I didn’t think of FORUMs I will absolutely implement.

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