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Blogging Tips – 3 Amazing Blogging Tips To Get Traffic Right NOW

Can you hear crickets chirping on your blog?. No visitors, no action. In fact, nothing… Nada, Zip. Well, that is all about to change. By following these 3 simple blogging tips, your blog will be awash with visitors..

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I have 3 Amazing blogging tips that will get you a ton of visitors if you take cation and apply.  Keep an eye on your stats, you are about to see some ACTION on your blog.

Blogging Tips – Strategy 1.

Amazing Blogging Tip 1. CoPromote. Get other people to co promote your content. How would you like to have a network of people, hungry to promote your content, for FREE. You would?. Then CoPromote is for you.

This is a simple idea, but it works like Gangbusters. You join CoPromote and start promoting other people's content. This earn's you “reach”, n audience of people who your posts will reach. The more “reach” you earn, the more people will see your posts and so the more “shares” you will pick up.

It literally takes minutes a day to use the CoPromote platform and share people's content. It could be a Facebook post (FanPage), or a Twitter Tweet. It can be a YouTube video, a Tumbler post  or even an Instagram post, use all of them, and send people back to your blog.

Blogging Tips – Strategy 2.

Amazing Blogging Tip 2. Use blogging commenting groups to get masses of comments on your blog. I use three blog commenting groups on a regular basis to get tons of comments on my blog posts. How does this get you more traffic?. Simple.

Some of the people who comment, will also share. Especially if you do. You could share their posts on Twitter, or Facebook, it's up to you.

Google loves to see blogs that have comments. Especially regular comments from the same people. Why?. Because it tells Google that your blog is being regularly followed and if it's being regularly followed, it sees your blog as having good content. If people are staying on your blog and spending time there, Google loves it even better.

3 Facebook Comment Groups

Here are links to the three groups I use on Facebook to get comments:

  1. Blogging – Inner Circle Support Group   This is a “secret” group, in order to see the group and join, contact the Admin here
  2. Blog Blitz Sharing Group  This group is for members of our business community, find out how to get risk free membership
  3. The Blog Exchange Syndication Group – If you have a blog, come and comment and share here, please read the rules.

Check your Alexa Ranking before you join these groups, and again a few weeks after joining. Watch your Alexa rank figure reduce big time over the coming weeks (the smaller figure you have, the better).

Blogging Tips – Strategy 3.

This one is very simple, but missed by many. Recycle your old posts and keep re sharing them. Here's why. When you first share your blog post, the chances are most of your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter etc, won't see the post. Only by re sharing it, will it get the attention it deserves.

I currently have 135 posts on this blog and if I just re shared them over the coming weeks at one post a day, that would give me content for four and a half months.

I could even re share them all again by then as still only a small percentage of my friends and followers would have seen them. So, don't worry about sharing older blog posts, as long as the information is still relevant, why not re share them and get even more eyeballs on them?.

Recycle your posts, over and over.

PLUS. If people can see that you already have comments on them (using Blogging Tip 2, this shouldn't be a problem), they are far more likely to leave comments on them now. This is called Social Proof and we all use Social Proof in our decisions.

BOOM!. I hope you got value from this post, and found the blogging tips useful. If you did please leave a comment below and share the post, that would be awesome. I always reciprocate.

Peace and prosperity


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  1. LOVING THESE Strategies !!~ thank you Keith for sharing this info !!~ Appreciate !!`

  2. Yes, we can always rewrite or recycle our former posts. This makes us get fresh content to post and share…Thanks for sharing Keith.

  3. What a fantastic post Keith! I love the idea of re sharing posts… Dunno why I never thought of that! Thank you!

    I also wanted to add… Your blog is looking really beautiful! Keep it up friend!

  4. Those are some solid strategies for syndicating your blog posts! Thanks for it, Keith!

  5. Hello Keith,

    Love all your suggestions and yes blogging is about community and connection.

    I love getting to know you and other bloggers.

    Our blogs not only tells others who we are, I trust it shares some wisdom and tips for others to learn and grow from

    Thankyou Keith


  6. Awesome Keith! Thanks for these really great tips and recommendations!

  7. Loved this post Keith!

    And thanks for sharing the Co-Promote Tool…Definitely going to use this!

    We need to make sure we’re getting comments on our blog in order to get that Google love!

    Dr. Lisa

  8. Definitely Awesome Blogging Tips specially for those finding it hard to get traction in their business and traffic to their content. I simply love blogging…another tip Keith dont you think? 🙂
    The more you love what you do, the more you put in & get out of it! Thanks for sharing these tips and resources! I truly can say The Blog Exchange Group is awesome!
    ~Julie Syl

    • Keith Everett

      November 14, 2016 at 2:45 pm

      Yes, you do have to love blogging in order to be good at getting free traffic to your blog posts. Spend time each day doing this, it will pay off in the end.

  9. Awesome post Keith. Definitely checking out Co Promote! Thanks for sharing these great strategies.

  10. Hey Keith 🙂
    These are awesome tips for getting more comments and traffic to your blog posts! Repurposing your older content is a great tip as it helps you to get it out to those that may have not seen it last time around 🙂 Great share!!

  11. This is a Wow post Keith. Gotta get those comments going for to make your blog come alive. Loetta

  12. Great post, Keith. Tip #3 is very helpful — recycling post and keep sharing it. It’s a time-saving tip. It also gives new content to get more engagement and comments…thanks for sharing.

  13. [ Smiles ] Those blogging tips of yours a workable.

    Thank you for sharing them, Keith.

  14. This was great Keith. Didn’t know abt a few of them. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Keith
    Great blog really interested in Alexa and Seo Rank for google. Since they changed the algaryrhym.

  16. I already do tips 2 and 3. Never tried number 1, I’ll have to take a look. Great post.

  17. Really great tips, thank you for your continued great content!

  18. Leonie Nicolson

    January 12, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Awesome , very useful post, would love to do blogging at some stage.

  19. thank you for sharing this one, all the best……

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