Entrepreneur?. First off, if you feel uncomfortable by hearing the truth, please leave now. I am not out to offend anyone here but speaking out is in my nature and unfortunately when you think differently from the norm,  you will end up offending some people.

Failure REALLY is the key to success. It teaches us what not to do (of course),  but most of all it builds an unstoppable spirit within us. By continually failing, we learn how to achieve, failing forward builds people to exceptional standards… quitting, builds quitters.

Both are habits. We choose what we become by our willingness or unwillingness to quit when things get stagnant or difficult.
entrepreneurPeople want EASY these days, and Empires are not built on Easy… they are build on sweat, determination and the ability to “never give up”… Ever!.

Most people who call themselves entrepreneurs are NO such thing. Real entrepreneurs are people like Richard Branson, Alan Sugar & Donald Trump. These people are creators of empires.

A lot of today's entrepreneurs, especially on the Internet, are chancers, nothing more,  looking for easy money. They build nothing, they help no one, they want to spend nothing, and they all want to make money.

However there are still some REAL entrepreneurs out there..

Definition of a real entrepreneur:

1) Someone who knows exactly what they want and will do anything (legal) to obtain it.

2) Someone who does not need supervision. Someone who works from a plan of their making

3) Someone who is relentless. Never gives up, knows that their success is in their own hands. They don't blame external sources for their failure.

4) Someone who is willing to keep trying, no matter what. They recognise that “if it were easy, everyone would be doing it” and they continue every day, even when nothing seems to work

5) Someone who is not influenced by family and friends. People are often deprived of their dreams every day by “well meaning” friends and family. It's obvious that those people around you fear your change. Maybe they are trying to protect you from failure, however the only way to achieve what you want to achieve, is to stand firm and do it anyway.

6) Someone that is continually adding value to the marketplace. We can all add value by first learning, implementing what we learn, then teaching what we learn via content creation.

So, which camp are you in? 

Most people are playing at being an entrepreneur, especially when it comes to the Internet. I wish everyone would get this but sadly only about 3% do. It's not what you say, it's what you do that defines you. It's no good having a lot to offer people if you lose your voice. And it's no good continually talking if you don't have much to offer people.

Leaders are those who learn, do and teach. 

The formula is pretty simple but most people choose to ignore it. Notice I say “choose”. You see, almost anyone can learn to shoot videos and blog. However people are looking for “easy” and “easy” doesn't cut it for long in business. This is why 97% leave the Internet Marketing space, they simply don't make it work.

I told you this would be a brutal post, it's not what people want to hear, however it is what people NEED to hear. In order to stick around long enough on the Internet you need to work on “you” before you can work on others.

People are looking for leadership. They are looking to align with “like minded” people who are helpful to them and their mission. If you don't have a mission yourself, how can you expect people to align with you? If you offer little in return apart from the products you sell, why should people buy from you?

The thing is, it's so easy to switch. Start reading more powerful books each day. Start to put what you learn down on paper, create blog posts and start to do videos. Soon you will be getting a lot more attention, many more followers, leads and sales too.. People are watching you all the time out on Facebook etc.. give them something worth watching.

Peace and Prosperity.

P.S [Caught On Tape] Watch this waiter fire his boss to go full time in his home business, (pretty sweet). Watch the short video here

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