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The SCIENCE of Creating An Exceptional Lifestyle in 2017

The formula is not Magic, but the results can be MAGICAL.

How do I know?.

I've experienced going from “lost” to Success many times. Yes, I've failed a lot, but I've always failed forward, and if you can smile and fail at the same time, you are made of solid stuff. . I know these principles work, but you have to use them in conjunction with each other and push forward with a loud BANG, not just a tiny tap,tap on the door.

So why is it a Science? I call it a science because it is indeed a formula, a formula for success, however, it is not an EXACT science.

Like any Scientific experiment, you need to practice until you get it just right.

I will not waste your time. Here is the Formula.

I think No1 is pretty obvious to most people.

Ingredient No1. You must really believe that you can do it. Not only that, you must believe in yourself. I'm not talking about hyped up positive thinking here, telling yourself how wonderful and amazing you are, I'm talking about you having the belief that you indeed were made to go out in the world and be AWESOME.

believe in yourselfBelieve in yourself to attract other believers in you.

Ingredient No 2. Let go of FEAR. Yes I know this is a tough one. However, be realistic. How many millionaires do you see who are “scared” to play the odds. How many online marketing “leaders” do you see who are afraid to do “live” video, Webinars, or stand up on a stage?..

Not many.. not any?..

I'm not saying to make it big online you have to end up jumping up and down on a stage, talking to the masses, however you do need to get your face out there and stop “hiding”.

Video, especially “live” video is a good way to get your message out to the masses. If you don't like showing your face or your personality, you are pulling the blinds down on your shop window. People want to see you, and get to know you before they part with their “hard earned” cash, and start investing in you, your ideas and your vision..

People love people with vision. Life is so boring and mundane for many people. If you can offer them hope, and people identify with your vision, you instantly make yourself “attractive” to others.

Ingredient No 3. Have Faith. (not just hope). Yes, we need to give people hope and we need to have the “faith” to be able to deliver on the promises we make., We need to “believe it before we see it” rather than “seeing it and believing it”. There is a huge difference here.

By believing it first, we will “act as if” the result is a “sure thing”. If “seeing is believing” is your motto, you'll never get started until it's a certainty, and believe me, nothing is a “certainty”. We don't wait for certainties, we just go out and make things happen in this uncertain world. 

Ingredient No 4. Don't go “with” the crowd. Go against it. I'm not talking about breaking laws or anything illegal. I'm talking about unplugging from the Matrix and stop being a clone of the masses. If you spend your entire life doing what ‘most people do” in anything, you CANNOT win. Here's why.

The odds are heavily stacked against you if you keep listening to conventional wisdom. At school, we learned that to “get ahead”, you need to go to college, get a good job, work for years, and if you “just keep your head down”, you'll be OK.

This advice has never worked out for most people

The facts are, from a recent survey done by respected agency “gallup”, 70% of working people (people in jobs), interviewed, said that they felt dissatisfied with their current job.

As a person who sold insurance for a short while, I had access to UK and USA data sheets on how the population of both nations fared coming up to retirement age. The figures were SHOCKING to say the least.

Fact 1. 30% of the population DIE before reaching retirement age (65). Do you want to DIE building someone else's dream?

Fact 2. Of those who do manage to reach retirement age:

95% are dead broke (many require assistance from the state)

4% are “comfortable” but often have to “downsize” in order to get by.

1% are financially Free. Just a measly 1 in a 100 people actually get to live the dream and be “free”

These figures are even more shocking when you add up all the years or working within the system and following the “guidelines” we receive in our early education.

What we have (for most people), is a recipe for disaster. This is what going with the crowd does for “most people”. Yes 30% of the population are happy with their jobs and YES, we do need people who have jobs. This is not a Job knocking exercise. If you have a job and you like it, fair play to you.

However, sticking with the crowd is not in your best interest if you are looking to find financial and time freedom. If you want more freedom for you and your family, you have to separate yourself from conventional wisdom and make your own rules.

Ingredient No 5. This fits in with Ingredient No 4, but it is a major problem with online marketers, so I'll mention it here in detail.

The majority of online marketers don't make Zip online. I know this may come as a shock, but it's true. Here's why.

  1. They don't take responsibility for themselves, and are constantly looking for people to tell them what to do next. They spend a lot of time blaming others for their problems.
  2. They buy into a lot of business opportunities, instead of learning how to excel in any 1 of them. These are often the people calling anything and everything a “scam”.
  3. They create NO worthwhile content to “attract” people to their offers. Instead, they spam links all over the place. People who offer very little or “no value” to others rarely make any lasting progress.
  4. They are in constant “learning” mode and never put anything they learn into action. The answer to this is to learn, implement and teach what you learn.
  5. They get “overwhelmed” by attempting to learn everything at once instead of learning “essential” things. Trying to master 5 traffic sources at once whilst balancing half a dozen other strategies is a recipe for disaster.

Sorry, if that sounds tough. I hate to see people struggle. I still see people I've known online for over 5 years still spinning their wheels and always ‘experimenting” instead of picking one thing at a time and mastering it.

The answer is not in the “next” big thing or product, the answer comes when you decide to stop thinking about money and start thinking about what you can do for other people. Once you do this, the money will follow.

Ingredient No 6. Become someone who YOU would do business with. If you want to make 2017 your best year yet. Be someone worth following. Ask yourself this question. “Why should people follow me”?

Can you answer that in a positive way, honestly?.

dare to be different

You see, this is the final clue.

In order to create an amazing life for yourself, you have to give people more than what they pay for. You may think they are just buying your product. This is simply not true. They are buying an “experience”. Here's how this works.

If you are in a Network Marketing company. It probably has thousands of other people selling exactly the same things, Right?. Well in order to be better than the crowd, you need to stand out. YES, stick out like a sore thumb..

This is not hard. It really isn't.

All you need to do is give every person you want to buy/join you, an experience they will never forget. Give them help, give them a plan, give them a blueprint or personal coaching on how to get started. Whatever it is, give them something that will give your potential customers can say, “hey, this person is making me feel “special”.

(Remember people need to feel “included”, they need to feel “special”, and above all, they need “hope”)

We all want to feel special, right. When we feel special, what do we do?. We buy things to extend that experience.. . YES, this is the clue. People do not want to be sold, they want to feel all “gooey” inside and buy because they WANT to.

When I feel amazing (which is quite often, these days) I buy more books on Amazon. YES!.. I buy more “feel good” books to extend my current feelings and thoughts.. When you make someone feel “special” they will buy into you (think of an intimate relationship)..

And Finally.

Ingredient No 6. Don't listen to people around you who don't understand what you are doing. This is a big one. It's very easy to get “put off” by people (family etc) who seem to have your interests at heart. The truth is, most people will not understand you. They will think you are “Crazy” “Obsessed” or even “Stupid” if you are attempting to do something they don't understand.

Stand your ground and don't let the Negatrons try to control you.

You are changing your life. No one said this was going to  be easy. I've had people try to talk me out of things. Some of those things ended up being successful. Imagine if I had listened to other people who told me it was a “dumb idea”?.

Most people are well meaning, however they often feel that by you succeeding, they are somehow “losing”. They usually feel that you won't want to know them anymore or “you'll change. You won't be the same old you.

Let me tell you, once you start to achieve your dream, you won't be the same old you. All things change, some people just don't change with the changes going on around them.

YOU are now becoming the YOU, you should have always been. You're not just changing, you're improving. Go out and grab 2017 by the B*lls, there's no stopping someone who decides to be Unstoppable.

There you have it.

It's not Rocket Science, but it is a Science and if you apply this formula to your activities in 2017. You will see results.

Happy New Year..

Peace an prosperity

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  1. Yes 2017 needs to takeover and we need to have an exceptional lifestyle.

  2. I love that word “negatrons”. Awesome post Keith. They’re all great tips, but the two that really stood out for me are “Believe in yourself, and Go Against the Crowd”. Thanks for the great share!

  3. Thanks so much for the encouragement Keith. I enjoyed this article.

  4. Believe and separating yourself from the masses is crucial to success.

  5. WOW the 1 in 100 is crazy!! We truly do have to believe in ourselves and go for our dreams! The only one stopping us truly is us! Thanks for the share!

    • Keith Everett

      December 27, 2016 at 8:34 am

      I know, it is crazy. Especially when you think of what the average person earns in a lifetime. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I really like #6. Become someone who you would do business with. How can you go wrong with that one? You can’t. You have some great tips in here thank you for the value.

  7. Great post, Keith. Don’t be afraid to be different. It’s a noble thing to make an impact into people’s lives by helping and serving them.

  8. Having belief in yourself that you can do it is so important and it helps you let go of fear.

    Awesome stuff Keith!

    Dr. Lisa

  9. I tell this to people time and time again. The FIRST STEP has to be making the decision that you can do it. Without the proper belief, there is no way you will take the right action.

  10. Great post here Keith. There are some major keys in this one.

  11. Ingredient #6 – key! Great breakdown, Keith!!

  12. Very Wise Words of Inspiration, Thank you !

  13. My favorite word from this article “Negatrons”. Love it! Very accurate. 🙂 My major motivator like the ones you mentioned here ties into the question on Fact 1: “Do you want to DIE building someone else’s dream?” No emphatically! What’s more I want to have an answer to the question “Can she do it?” instead of the regret of not even trying. Thank you for this post.

  14. Not going with the crows is a HUGE one!!! I think most people delay their success by following the crowd instead of their hearts

  15. [ Smiles ] Thank you for sharing your formula with me!

  16. Great list. I’ve always believed in the Faith part and believing that you can do it. That is super important, otherwise you’ll just self sabotage your efforts (and you won’t even realize that you are doing it). Thank you for sharing.

  17. Thats right Keith!! I’ll be using this advice This new year!!

  18. wow! Powerful post Keith! Thanks so much.

  19. Thank you Keith !!~ you are the creator !!~ begin and create what you want !!~

  20. Keith,
    What a good article Keith It’s very empowering and no matter what age you are anyone can do it. I love the positive attitude. Thanks !

    Lori English

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