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Affiliate Marketing Tips And Ideas To Make A Powerful 2nd Income

There are a lot of affiliate marketing tips out there on the Internet, most, though are lacking in actual “substance”. People tend to know the old.. “pick a product in your niche”, then go find a product to sell to that niche.. kind of affiliate marketing tips. blah, blah, blah..

However, very few people provide an actual strategy to do that. I want to share with you a strategy that has worked well for me, and I am confident it will work for you, if you are consistent with it.

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How I Make Between $200 & $300 a Week Part Time, With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Tips – A Simple & Sweet Part Time Method

So, there I was, back in 2010… looking to become an Internet Marketer. I kept looking, and looking.. nothing worked, … (how many times have we heard that?).. you can look till the cows come home, it's not about looking, it's about finding and doing.

Find a niche, a strategy within that niche, learn it and do it.. and teach it, to make even more money.

In truth, I just hadn't figured that out. I was doing everything, and anything, but very little seemed to work out. I had my mortgage to pay, and very little in the bank. I had finally quit my job (don't do this), and decided that the online life, was the life for me.

However, a few months later (and with some even bigger holes in my bank account), I was forced to retract, go backwards and get a weekend job, just so I could pay the bills and keep the house from going under the hammer.

My grand total of online sales commissions that year… $16. YEP.. Sweet 16.

So, did I quit and go scurrying back to my former life as a full time employee?. eh NO!..

In fact, sometimes there is nothing more sweeter than a good old kick up the backside brought on by the realisation I was about to go completely broke. Impending doom is a good wake up call, that gives your life new meaning. I had to make money, there were no two ways about it.

affiliate marketing programsAffiliate Marketing Tips – The Struggle & The Story

I decided to go the Affiliate Marketing route. After all, it made sense. You sell someone else's product and you get paid (usually there and then), no waiting for monthly cheques etc. So, I learnt as much as I could about Affiliate marketing.

Back then, I built a blog, started talking each and every day about my story of survival. People loved it. There is something about the struggling marketer that releases a lot of empathy in people. Most people are in some stage of struggle in their life.

So, my first tip is always to share your story, (like I'm doing here), but share it in a positive way. Think of the movies. The movie plot is nearly always, 1) Life is OK, then 2), life get's unsettled, and then it's all downhill.. then 3) The person survives, and it all ends well.

This is how you want to present your story. You may be struggling now, but (by jove) you are going to WIN.. People want Hero's, not negativity. Negativity in a story is only OK, if it leads to victory.

affiliate marketingAffiliate Marketing Tips – Strategy 1

So, here's what I did.

I joined the Warrior Forum and I noticed that this massive Internet Marketing forum (the biggest, online), also had a forum for selling products. These are called WSO's (Warrior Special Offers). They were products put together by Warriors (Forum members) and sold at really low prices.

I then joined their Affiliate program, at the time, it was a few dollars a month, today it's free. And I started selling these WSO's on my Blog. Now, I kid you not, at the time, a few dollars here and there coming in was like “Manna from Heaven” or even “Money from Heaven”.

This slowly built up over the coming months. I started to build a list (don't wait to do this, always start building your list from the very beginning). I was now growing my list, and had a very healthy $250 – $500 a month coming in.

All I was doing was giving tips out on my blog, telling my story at the same time, then linking the post to a particular product that could solve the problem we were talking about in the blog post. Simple eh?..

However, this is NOT the tip, I am talking about in the video. The tip I'm talking about in the video, is FAR, Far… far, better. It doesn't involve Blogging, unless of course.. you want it to.

So, here's what I do now to make Approx $250 a week part time.

Affiliate Marketing Tips – $250 PW Part Time

This is really aimed at the “Make Money Online”, “SEO”,  “Video Marketing”, ” eMail Marketing” niches, however, for affiliate products in other niches, go to Clickbank. com

I go to Muncheye. com and look for upcoming launches. I tend to choose products that I know my list would like (if you haven't got a list, start building one).  I choose a product with a good commission rate on the front end. (usually 100%), but in some cases, if I really like the product, I'll accept 50%)

I then create some bonuses to give away. You can do this using PLR products (Private Label Rights). I then use Winzip (choose a Mac or PC version, I have a Mac. P.S, there are free tools out there too to Zip up a file. You may have one already if you have a PC.

I chose Winzip, as it will zip up files for Mac and PC without any problems opening the file, regardless of a Mac or PC being used.

affiliate marketing tipsI then upload the bonus file to dropbox You can open a free account there. Then, I select the files on dropbox, and it gives me a “shareable” link. You then now add this “bonus” link to your affiliate link, so that when someone buys through your link, they automatically get your bonuses.

How simple was that?. If you want a more in depth explanation of this method, here is the product I bought that gave me all the knowledge to do this.

So, you do all this BEFORE the product is launched. Preferably a few days before.

You are now going to do one of two things.

Either locate the vendor (through Muncheye) and tell them you want to promote their product. Ask them if they will give you a review copy. Some will, some won't. The ones who do, want to know if you have sold products before on Warrior + (or JVZoo). They will also ask you how you intend to promote it. This is easy… tell them you are promoting to your list (if you have one), or/and tell them you are going to promote it via “Review Video”. This is our next tactic.

If they won't give you a review copy. You can either move on to another product, or review the sales material instead, I've had to do this before when a review copy wasn't forthcoming.

SIDENOTE: Once you have been selling a few products, vendors will be more willing to give you a review copy.  Be patient. It takes time to build relationships with vendors.

affiliate video reviewAffiliate Marketing Tips – Review Video's

This is a real simple method, but can be highly profitable. People love to see reviews before they buy, check out Amazon etc. So when they are about to buy a product, they are far more likely to buy, if they see a review first. This is called Social Proof, check out this post if you want to know more about Social Proof.

So, what I do is create review videos about the product. I then share these videos on Social Media, my blog etc. etc. YouTube is a great way to get traffic if you know a little bit about video SEO. Obviously I can't go through video SEO here as it would take me forever, however if you need more information on this subject, click this link 

I use screencast videos to do the review. I capture the screen and I go through the product step by step. Here are some examples of some review videos that I have done. P.S why not subscribe to the channel while you are there (and leave a comment on a video, thanks)..

I use Camtasia to create those picture in picture videos, however, you can use any screen casting software. Screencastomatic is free, or you can get the Pro Version for just $15 a year. Whichever you choose, it's easy to recover your costs on just a few sales.

Affiliate Marketing Tips – A Simple Process That Works

I tend to be looking at a product I can promote over the weekend, so I can start promoting it Tuesday onwards (Mondays tend to be very quiet on the Internet).

I create the video, upload it to YouTube. On the day of the launch, the video has had time to rank on YouTube for the keywords you are targeting.

I tend to target the product name, followed by the word “Review”. And other likely keywords and phrases that people will type into Google or YouTube. YES, you can also rank on Page 1 of Google. This is a recent review video that has ranked on Page 1 of Google (it may or may not be ranking there now, depending on when you are viewing this).

So, to recap.

  1. Go to to find an upcoming product launch for a product you will be reviewing and selling
  2. Ask for a review copy. Or review the product from information on their sales page.
  3. Create a review video, use screencast to record the screen and speak your review over the top
  4. Upload your video to YouTube in advance of the launch.
  5. On launch day, share your video on Social Media, on your blog etc.. Mail to your list, if you have one..

That's it.

For further information on this plan, including a complete step by step on how to do it, click this link It's a $17 Purchase, compare this low cost with the potential $200/$300 a week and I think you will see it is a very low investment.

Contact me if you have any questions here. 

Peace and prosperity to you all

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