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Affiliate Marketing SECRETS To Help You FUND Your Network Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?. Affiliate marketing is selling products you don't own on commission. You carry no stock and are not responsible for delivery. How can this actually help you finance your Network Marketing business and make a  profit on the side?

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Affiliate Marketing SECRETS

best affiliate marketing programsOK, let me tell you this first. When I started this whole online thing back in 2004, I made a pretty good living from 2004 – 2008 on eBAY..




YES!.. you have to love eBay!.. I did this for a whole 4 yrs.., now I know this has nothing to do with Affiliate marketing but you'll see why I switched over to Affiliate marketing in the end.

I made several mistakes on eBay. One was not building a list so I could market over and over again to people, At the time, I was an Internet Marketing Dumb A*s and didn't know about list building etc. That all changed in 2010.

I went full on into Internet Marketing and chose to use the Affiliate Marketing model. Unfortunately I made a grand total of $16 throughout 2010, but rather than quitting and admitting defeat, I got better and learned the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing.

My point in telling you all this is, you can make anything work if you are determined enough. It's not that things don't work for people, it's that they don't work for it… often, a person will  have a low tolerance level for anything outside of their comfort zone.. And let's be honest.. if you want things you've never had, you are probably going to have to do things you've never done. Make sense, right.

So, here's what I do. I use three affiliate platforms to find digital products to promote. There are other platforms out there where you can sell physical products, but I use these three for digital sales . Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior+  . I look for products that I think my email subscribers (and team members) will like. I choose products that have already made over 100+ sales, have low refund rates and ones that pay high commissions, 50% – 100%.

I then buy the product, (some of these products can be bought for under $10.00,  I then create review videos of the product on YouTube

Next, I  create these neat little video pages and share them on Facebook, in groups and on my fan page.  This is what they look like when finished, and only take about 30 seconds to make.

Can you make money selling low priced items like this on the Internet?. Absolutely. I would recommend you look for products with a front end price between $7 & $19.95, these are the easiest to sell. Many people also buy the “upsells” too adding even more commission to you. Most products released on the three platforms I mention will pay you 50% on the upsells.

I incentivise the whole deal by offering bonuses for people who buy through my link PLUS an EXTRA Bonus, a 30 minute coaching call for people who buy the upsells.

You can easily use PLR (Public Label Rights) products to give away as bonuses, or even create your own eBooks etc to give away (TIP), don't forget to add links to your Network Marketing offer in the eBook.

By doing all this, you can create commissions Daily. YES, I said daily. If you do enough review videos and keep pumping out good quality reviews, you WILL make sales. Your Network Marketing commissions arrive once a month (usually). So these EXTRA commissions will be very welcome. This will increase cash flow, help toward (or completely pay for) your network marketing Autoship.. PLUS it can give new network marketing team members more confidence.

When people are new to Network Marketing, it can take time before it all “clicks into place”. Some people take several months to learn how to prospect properly. In the meantime, the same skills you learn to create videos, blogs etc for your Network Marketing company, can also be used to create commissions from Affiliate Marketing.

TIP. When you do recruit new team members into your Network Marketing company. Don't forget they will also need the tools of the trade”, Autoresponders, Capture page makers etc. Make sure it is you selling those items to them. They have to buy them anyway so they may as well buy them from you.

I hope you have found this post useful. If you have, please do share this post and leave a comment below.

If you want to learn a bit more about Affiliate marketing and the more advanced workings behind the scenes, come and join my Facebook Group, Maverick Marketing

Peace and Prosperity always

PS. Click here to learn how an affiliate program can not only pay you some high monthly commissions, but can also help you and others to get leads and sales in your Network Marketing company. BONUS, click now to get your copy of “3 CRAZY Simple Ways to Get 5-10 Leads Every Day”

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  1. Keith excellent tips for affiliate marketing. There is so many opportunities that people cannot even imagine! Thank you for sharing this!

    • Keith Everett

      August 2, 2016 at 8:58 pm

      You’re definitely right there Hrvoje, the opportunities in Affiliate marketing are limitless.

  2. Great post. Tons of useful information and strategies. Affiliate marketing can easily be overlooked as a strategy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Skills are invaluable! And you’re right…they continue to grow. Thanks, Keith!

  4. Thanks for sharing these affiliate marketing tips.

  5. Hi Keith, great tips on Affiliate Marketing!

  6. I love the value in this post. Thanks for sharing it, Keith! 🙂

  7. Love these affiliate marketing secrets! This will definitely help marketers become a professional!

  8. Love these tips. I’m trying to dive into affiliate marketing and trying to avoid silly mistakes. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Keith,

    Thanks For a great article and the video was helpful, too. It’s a great way to get leads and learning to do this.

    Lori English

  10. Great tips on Affiliate Marketing Success!

  11. Awesome. Most times the best way to start out is on ebay, so, you can raise capital. Then move on to marketing with clickbank. I like doing the 30- 50% deals with Ray, Mark and Ceasar and some of the others

  12. Excellent post. Affiliate marketing has always been a preferred method for my wife and I.

  13. Awesome tips on Affiliate Marketing….

    You just showed us Keith that a prospect’s order is never done in marketing.

    Having that list allows us to keep marketing more products to them

    Dr. Lisa

    • Keith Everett

      August 6, 2016 at 11:28 am

      Thanks Lisa, I find my prospects love receiving new ideas and tools that are of continual use to them.

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