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7 Powerful Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Reading Books

Most people tell you to read books, but very few people tell you why. We hear the term “Leaders are readers”, I'm sure this is true, but why is this true?..

Here are 7 powerful reasons why I think reading books can transform your life.

1. Reading Stimulates the Brain.

There are studies out there that show staying mentally stimulated, can actually slow down or even in some cases prevent  Alzheimers and Dementia. Keeping your brain actively engaged helps prevent it from losing it's power. Treat your brain like a muscle. It needs “exercise” regularly for it to keep working properly.

2. It Reduces Stress

Reading can seriously reduce the stress in your life. No matter what's going on on around you on the outside, you can soon lose it all when you get engrossed in a good book. Whether it's non fiction or just a good old story.

3. Knowledge

Every time you read a new book, you are filling your head with new information. Not all that knowledge will stay in your head but some of it will. This can be used in the future to produce content of your own. You don't have to become an expert at everything but having knowledge on many subjects can certainly help.

Remember, you can lose your possessions, your money and even your health, but no one can ever take your knowledge.

4. Expand your vocabulary

I'm not saying reading will turn you into top speaker, however it can help you to expand your vocabulary a lot. You will learn different words and phrases that you can quickly adapt into your own speech patterns. Isn't life all about learning more, why shouldn't we expand and increase our knowledge of the words we use too.

5. Vast Improvement in Memory

Think of your mind as this great big sponge. Your life reflects how you think. By constant reading, you are increasing your knowledge daily and helping your memory, both short and long term. As you read words, your subconscious constantly moves back and forth to find associations from your past to connect to the words you read. By constantly doing this, your memory will improve. Bet you didn't know that.

6. Improved focus and concentration

So many people, especially people in our online marketing industry suffer from ADD. ADD type behaviour can increase our stress levels and lowers our productivity. When you read a book, all of your focus is on what's in the book. Even if you read on the bus or train in the morning for 15-20 minutes, you will see a vast improvement in your concentration.

And last but not least.

7. Better Writing Skills. 

Yes, believe it or not. Being a better reader can also make you a better writer. I doubt if there are many (or any) top pro writers who don't also read books. Observing the writing skills of other writers, how fluid the work flows and writing style can only have positive influence on the writer's mind.

So there you have it. Books are freely available today with many bookstores dotted around the country. We also have libraries (in most countries) where you can read as much as you want for free, or a very small fee. When you are reading valuable knowledge, you are implanting powerful seeds into the mind, seeds that can change your life one tiny step at a time…

Now you know why “Readers are Leaders”…

I hope you got great value from this article, if you did, do leave a comment below. Also tell our readers what your favourite book is.

Peace and prosperity

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  1. Your points 5 & 6 on improved memory, focus and concentration are things I almost immediately noticed when I got back to reading at least 3 books a month a few years ago. It’s crazy how much mental acuity we lose without even noticing it over time. Life gets much easier if you just read a little.

    • Keith Everett (The Victory Tribe)

      January 19, 2016 at 5:01 pm

      Absolutely, I think the more you read the more your brain muscle expands and the more your brain power improves..

  2. Well you’re right Keith, I honestly have to say I never looked at reading books that way, you’ve given me a new goal for each month!! Thanks for sharing

  3. Great post Keith… things I just didn’t know about reading… thanks for sharing this

  4. Hi Keith, this post was very interesting! Reading can be so beneficial to us in so many ways and this post proved this to me. Thank you!

  5. When I want to know if someone will last long in my business, I check their attitude towards reading books. The readers are more likely to stay! Thanks for this Keith!

  6. Reading has so many benefits like you outlined here in this post. If you are a blogger reading books gives you an unlimited source of content ideas that you can use in addition to all the great points you just laid out. Thanks for sharing Keith!

  7. My favorite, have experiences, without having experiences. I feel like I have toured several places simply by living vicariously through stories.

  8. I love reading. Any good book. Sometimes fiction, sometimes personal development

  9. I really must get back to reading on a regular basis ! i find with internet I have gotten away from it ♥☺ thank you for sharing

  10. Love all of these tips Keith!

    While I do love reading on my mobile device, there is nothing more satisfying than taking my fingers and turning a page in a book.

    My parents got both my brother and I hooked on reading books at a very young age

    Dr. Lisa

  11. Great post Keith. Reading is one of the single most important activities anyone can do. So many benefits as you mentioned in your post. Thanks for sharing

  12. One of the best hobbies on the planet that could actually make you a different person, very powerful. Thanks for sharing 😀

  13. Great post Keith! Love this list. I love reading, always have!

  14. Keith…never really thought about the advantages of reading but I agree… Thanks for pulling this together…

  15. Love this post Keith! Reading books definitely expands our horizons and helps to improve our skills! It sure helped me with my vocabulary!

  16. Awesome post Keith,

    I’ve always loved reading but never thought of the benefits. 🙂
    I really love the pieces of nuggets I come away with .

  17. [ Smiles ] Seven very good reasons to read on a regular basis!

  18. Great tips thanks again, memory & training the brain always, and of course wind down time late evening, can never read too much! 🙂

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