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7 Awesome Online Lead Generation ideas You May Not Know

Online Lead generation. This is the oxygen of any network marketing business. Without leads (and sales), people joining you will only stick around for a certain amount of time before they decide to move on. When people quit, they often blame the company  (or even you as the sponsor), for their problems.

In Ninety nine out of a hundred cases, the person who quit, just did not make lead generation their 100% priority. There are no real shortcuts to success in network marketing, however people still spend a lot of time looking for them, and very little time in actually mastering lead generation. This is where you should spend MOST of your time..

There is no shortage of good online lead generation ideas. In just one of the companies I am involved with there are many very knowledgeable people willing to train you in lead generation.

Online Lead Generation Ideas

  1. Hub pages.  This is a blogging platform that gets a lot of traffic. Post an article, use the right keywords to get it seen by your target market and link it back to your capture page or blog. Simple but you'll be surprised at how many people do not even know about hub pages..
  2. Publishing an ebook to get leads and sales. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd. People have a lot of respect for people who write books (yes, even eBooks). Here is an 18 minute video training I did on “How to make an eBook Fast and (almost) Free”. 
  3. Use Gated Videos Wistia has a turnstile system where you can interrupt the video with an optin, right there in the video. You could be speaking about a particular topic (free giveaway etc) and BOOM, the gate comes up. This can be very effective. You can set it so it is not a “forced optin” and they can remove it by clicking an “x” in the corner of the gate. Wista is not a free service.
  4. Followerwonk. This Twitter analytics tool allows you to analyse your followers. You can search bios, compare users and track your followers so you can see exactly who you should be connecting with. Used correctly, this can be a great lead generation tool.
  5. Use YouTube Cards. I only recently started using this. This is a fairly new concept on Youtube so not many people are using it yet. It's real simple to set up  Basically you set it up so a card will appear (in the top right of your video) when a person clicks on a little “i” , again in the top right of the video. You can add your blog or any designated site you actually own. You add a picture and a call to action and people will click. Check out the image below, this is a video of mine sending people to my blog.

lead generation

lead generation 6.   Forums. I know, you probably thought forum marketing was dead and buried, but it's very much alive.. here is a way I always end up getting leads (without fail).

Simply type into Google, “your niche” forums. This way you will get a whole list of forums in your niche. For example “Internet Marketing Forums”. My favourite forum is the Warrior Forum, this is very popular in the home business space.

Next, make sure you join a forum that – A) has plenty of active people and B), allows you to create a clickable signature for showing under your posts..

This is a good place to give away your eBook. (from the signature….).. NEXT… just go in there and answer questions… people will see your posts and some will click on the signature to get the link…

If you do this enough, you will get leads. You will also be known as the “go to person” and people will start to seek you out if you have connected your social media to your forum bio.


7. Paid lead generation. I know, you wanted to generate free leads, but truthfully, the quicker you and your team get sales in your business, the better it will be for everyone. Sometimes people take ages just to generate a couple of leads a a week. Well here is a way to always have leads.. always have people to call. These are people actively seeking a home business, people in the USA who have given their telephone number.. Are you going to call them?.. comes complete with a capture page system, auto responders, link shorteners and rotators. Try it, it's only a $1 trial.

I hope you got some online lead generation ideas you hadn't though of. If  you got value from this post, please do leave a comment below and share the post. Much appreciated

Peace and prosperity always..

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  1. Great Tools, I am not even using half of them, will have a look at them

  2. Great post. Thanks for sharing all the tools available to help grow your business. Quite a few I wasn’t aware of. I will be joining the Warrior Forum.

  3. Wow Keith you shared some awesome tips here and some of them I didnt know myself. I am a member of Wistia so I will definitely check that one out. I loved the one about the You Tube cards as well.
    Great post

  4. Yes I JUST started using the cards on my YouTube video!

  5. Awesome tips Keith. I had totally forgotten about Hub pages. I need to revisit that site and start posting. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great tips Keith… going to implement some of these!

  7. Hey Keith,

    I am familiar with forums and have had success using them as well.
    Your post gave me some lead generation options I have not been using.

    Thanks a bunch. 🙂

  8. Another great post, Keith. Absolutely, ebook is a very useful tool in getting leads and sales. Much information can be read to help meet the needs of the readers…thank you for sharing.

    • Keith Everett

      July 1, 2016 at 6:24 pm

      Love eBooks Sherri, very useful way to get new prospects, sharing value up front just flat out works..

  9. If you don’t have leads it’s going to be very difficult to stay in business. These seven online lead generation ideas you laid out was some good training. I didn’t know about the hub pages one. I’ll be checking that out for sure.

    Calling your leads back is something that is so simple yet so many people don’t do it. They all want the done for you automatic signup business. They are missing the boat and money thinking like that. Pick up the phone and call your leads back!

    Great training Keith!

  10. Thanks for the awesome tools Keith! I will try Followerwonk and creating an eBook

    Dr. Lisa

  11. Wow! These are some awesome lead generation ideas! YouTube lead gen cards are super cool!

  12. Great info here Keith will Bookmark for further use thank you for sharing this info !!~ the more I learn the more i realize I don’t know ♥♥☺☺

  13. Great way of finding leads. They are more out of the box than traditional. I haven’t thought of these before.

  14. Looks like a good list Keith, I have never checked into Hub Pages will have to look at it.

  15. HI Keith, have you used tools like LinkedIn + Rapportive + AeroLeads etc to build your prospecting and lead list ? what are your thoughts on such tools or can you recommend such tools ?

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