Are you passionate about motivational books?. If you are, you probably remember certain books that you read, maybe as a child or even now, that you would not hesitate to recommend to people.

Ideas from motivational books can be the seeds to things so much greater than the idea, or indeed the book.

Books, at times have been my salvation, in more ways than one. There has often been times when I have found answers to nagging questions in books, I even sold a whole ton of my motivational book collection to raise funds to start a business once. So, I think I've had my fair share of value from books one way or another.

So, here are my 5 top motivation book choices. They are all personal development books that have helped me over the years.

1. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

think and grow rich
I think this book was the fledgling seed for all personal development books to come. I also think this is a “must read” book if you are an Entrepreneur. There are 17 Rules in this book. These rules have been tried and tested over time, and if applied can bring true wealth into your life, both personal and monetary.

First published in 1937, this book was way ahead of it's time and has been attributed to many people's success over the years, some very famous people too, including Ken Norton's boxing upset of Muhammad Ali in 1973.

This book was one of my earliest influences in the personal development field. I first read this book when I was 13.  If I only had to recommend one book. This would be it. Click here for information


2. The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson

The-Slight-EdgeThis book from Jeff Olsen was published in 2005. it will teach you how to achieve success in all aspects of your life. It talks about the “invisible force” that we invoke with every single action we take, whether that is good or bad, big or small. It squashes the thinking that success is and instant thing and shows you that it is in fact a series of slight steps applied regularly that brings about the desired result.

Check out the book here.




3. The Magic of Thinking Big – David J Schwartz

The-magic-of-thinking-bigFirst published in 1959. It contains simple, actionable advice to build confidence in yourself, think and dream creatively, giving you an understanding of “you are what you think “.

This book is one of the all time great self development books. It will show you how to make your attitudes, your allies, and will help you to force yourself to get the “action habit”.

This book is all about turning defeat into victory, be constructively self critical and how to use goals to help you grow.

Check out the book here

4. Three Feet From Gold – Sharon L. Lechter & Greg S. Reid

three-feet-from-goldFirst published in 2009, This is a very inspiring book from the Napoleon Hill Foundation. It's all about turning obstacles into opportunities. If you have ever felt like your business isn't working and you are thinking of quitting or closing it down, read this first. You may well see things differently after reading it.

This book tells the fictional tale of a modern day Napoleon Hill by the name of Greg, a young writer who interviews some of today's business leaders.

This book really will does break down the original journey that Napoleon Hill went through but in a new modern era. We are all on a journey of some sort, however some of us give up along the way, often just three feet from “Gold”. I think anyone who reads this book will get some inspiring “gold” nuggets from it. A most enjoyable “can't put it down” book. Get the book here


5. The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy

the-compound-effectPublished in 2010 by SUCCESS Books, an offshoot of the famous organisation of Darren Hardy's that publishes “Success Magazine”. To quote Albert Einstein, “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”. This ties in very nicely with the overriding theme of the book which is the compound effect of all our thoughts and actions.

Darren Hardy's most important point in this book is this.  All of the decisions that people make (however “small” they may be) can have positive results if those decisions are guided and informed by what he calls The Compound Effect principle. On the downside, a minor cut that becomes infected, and is neglected could eventually result in some major surgery, perhaps even an amputation.

This book can help bring hope and focus to anyone who is struggling, whether it's in business or any other aspect of their life. I would suggest reading this book along with the “slight edge” another highly recommended book highlighting the positivity of small actions compounded over time.

Click here to get the book


So, there you have it. I have many more motivational books that I can recommend to you, but these are my current favourites. What is your favourite motivation book, or books?. How have these motivational books affected your life?. Let me know in the comments section below, I would love to know which books are helping you in your journey..

Peace and Prosperity.


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