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How To Get Money Online And Avoid Years of Frustration

How to get money online. OK, so you joined a new business, you just got off a coaching call with your sponsor, they gave you  a blueprint and told you to do the training. You consume the first video, hmm, interesting, then the next video and the next, you even booked your place on the company webinar….

Three months later, you are still in “training mode”, still consuming those videos, still watching the webinars. and “hey”.. nothing’s happening?. What the “****” is going on.. this is supposed to be easy, right?..

Watch the video below to find out the MISSING Ingredient..

Caught On Tape: “Ex-Waiter FIRES HIS BOSS and is now Living The Dream 

How To Get Money Online – The Missing Key

So what’s missing?. Let me be straight with you. It’s not all about the training, the sponsor, the company etc, etc. In fact, think back to your job (if you have one), could anyone do that job?, is it low paid?.

The chances are, if you are in a job right now and the pay is not enough, it’s probably because your skills are either non existent or they are not enough to make a difference to your  salary. If anyone can do that job, then the pay will be fairly low.

It’s the same thing online. The majority learn just enough to know what to do, but rarely excel because it’s not enough to separate them form the crowd. Hence, they are eeking out the same existence that they do as an employee.

Now I know that sounds harsh, but where I come from, we call a spade a spade and leave the BS to people who try to “wing it” through life. The cold hard truth is.. if you want to be a leader online, you have to up your skill level so it is YOU who is in demand from people who do not know as much as you.

How To Get Money Online – Why Follow The Crowd?

If you only ever do what the majority of people do online, how are you ever going to separate yourself from the crowd. 97%  fail at this business. Why should people buy from you if you are just like everyone else?. Does that make sense?

Instead of being in permanent training mode, be in permanent “doing” mode. Learn a skill, do it then teach it. This is how you separate yourself from others online. This is how you can command more money in anything. There’s not much demand for people who are only skilled at “learning”.

I hope this makes sense. I hear this a lot, but next time one of your team says “yes, I really should do a video”, you should say, “The time is Right now!.. stop sitting on the fence..?”.. Most people seem to be waiting for a miracle to turn up to turn them into marketers who make money. The truth is, learning the skills is the miracle we give to ourselves. This is the actual magic.

If you got value from this post, please leave a comment below, and it you could share it, that would be awesome. How to get money online, is not a “magic” formula. You have to stop looking for “easy” and start working on your skills. Do something every day that will put you in even more demand. The secret is not to clone everyone else and do as they do, follow the people who are “skilled” at making money and do what they do.

Peace and prosperity, always.

P.S Caught On Tape: “Ex-Waiter FIRES HIS BOSS and is now Living The Dream 

The SECRET Way To 10x Your Business Without Killing Yourself

SO, you are the business, right?.. Everyone tells you that YOU are the business, and you are. So if you 10x’d your business and got 10 times more done, would you have to work 10 x harder?..

increase productivity

NO. because most tasks that we do.. take a lot longer than our actually capability of doing them. Time and time again we stretch out the completion time to fit the framework of what we have assessed to be the right time to take.

I’m going to show you a way to achieve your goals up to 10x faster in a “rapid fire” way without stressing out or collapsing from exhaustion. After all, we chose this wonderful profession of ours to gain time freedom. No one wants to be the richest person in the cemetery.

So how is it possible to achieve your goals faster without “overdoing it”?. Well, for those of you who know, there is such a thing as “Parkinsons Law”.  it is in fact.

The notion that work expands, so as to fill the time available for its completion.

This particular law is how most people approach any task, and I admit, for a long time, I did the same.

I would write down all the tasks that had to be completed the following day and although I blocked out pieces of time to actually do the tasks in, and most cases I would complete the task within the time, with the odd few exceptions, where I actually took longer.

In most cases, I simply finished the task in the time I had allowed.

For instance, if I felt it would take 2hrs to do a blog posts or 90 minutes to shoot, edit, upload and syndicate a video… then that is the time I would take. Doing this shows no sense of urgency and you just take your time. This is how most people behave in their jobs as there is no motivation to complete a job earlier, as they still get paid exactly the same.

However, in online marketing, the difference between creating one video per day and two or three videos a day, over time can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line of your business. The art is to complete the three videos in the time it took you to do the one.. in other words, work smarter not harder.

Tip 1. Instead of shooting a video each day, shoot the week’s videos in one session. Spend one day of the week creating back to back videos on subject matter that you have prepared earlier. This saves on set up, edit and upload times as you are doing all of the videos together in one batch.  Change clothing quickly. between takes if necessary to make them look like they were shot on different occasions. Time saved doing this could be 2 to 3 hrs per week.

Transfer that thinking to your business and before long, your business becomes a job with you expanding the hours worked to fit the days tasks.

Now, lets look at turbo charging our thinking to carry out more tasks more quickly.

When I first came online to learn marketing, one of the six figure earners I listened to was a guy called  Jason Fladlien. Jason, who is probably a 7 or 8 figure earner now used to publish products as fast as we publish blog posts.

10xI bought one of his products once about time management and one of the nuggets he shared was that when he produced an eBook, he simply sat down and wrote it, and never got up (even to go to the bathroom), until he finished it.  His products expanded in size and expanded in price as he often updated them using the same formula.

e.g. He would update existing products by extending the written content and shooting a video course alongside it. Again without taking breaks. In the end, he had trained himself to write ebooks (of decent length) in under an hour from start to finish. This is something a lot of people would take the best part of a day to complete.

Imagine what you could do if you chucked your Parkinson’s Law thinking out of the window and attacked each task as if someone was holding a pistol to your head… seriously, if something absolutely had to be done would you still Shmooze through the task as if you had all the time in the World.

This is one of the major reasons why some people never complete anything. They start the task then it’s “check the email”, check out Facebook”, answer the phone.. etc. Something that could be done in a half hour ends up taking a couple of hours.

How much time does the average person waste, doing this.

Tip 2.  Turn off all distractions and decide to cut the time of your next blog post in half. Now you may only shave off 10 minutes the very next time you do this, but 10 minutes is a good start. Build up to doing things more quickly, more positively and without distraction.

Find a blog post online on a similar subject to the one you want to write about, or if you have no idea what to write about, type into Google. “Blog post ideas” and add your niche to the search. e.g Health & Fitness Blog post ideas”. . Use their content as the model. Take each of their paragraphs and rewrite them in your own words so you have completely new content based on their ideas. This is very useful if you are stuck for ideas for your own content. WARNING – Do not copy people’s content. Model it, rewrite it.

Want more productivity SECRETS?. “31 Yr Old Snowboard Bum and Frustrated Employee FIRES His Boss and Goes on to Build a $100,000 a Year Home Business

This will get more done, in the same or less time. Eventually you will double or even triple productivity. This will bring you closer to your goals more quickly and eventually you will do things in 1/10th of the time… your 10x formula.

The reason why we shy away from reducing the amount of time to achieve something is simply because the shorter the time period, the higher the pressure.

I don’t particularly like pressure.. I don’t think anyone does, but I’ve learned that if I’m willing to go through a short period of intense pressure and focus, I can uplevel my life so much more quickly and more often. When that intense spurt is over, I can then take a rest and enjoy being at a new level psychologically, emotionally and financially.

Is there some goal that you’ve been thinking about doing forever? BOOM, It’s time to kick things into high gear, sit down, and plan how you’re going to take that 1 year goal and achieve it in 3 months instead, or take that 3 month goal and achieve it in 3 weeks.

The more you keep expanding time to fit the project, the more of your life-force you are wasting. People spend money on speed reading courses, but waste the rest f they time trying to fit tasks into larger than necessary time pockets

We can all learn how to compress time and 10x our activities, but start by doing your first project without any interruptions at all, sit down and don’t get up out of the chair until the task is completed. I bet you with practice, you will become more efficient and you will produce more projects in less time.

We spend more time on completing projects than is often needed. We overestimate the time, in our mind that the task will take and then fit the task into that time. This is why a lot of marketers get stuck, they breeze along in their business with no real sense of urgency each day. They expect the video, the blog post, the capture page etc to take “x” amount of time….. and it doesn’t disappoint.

I should know, I’ve taken 3 hours to complete a blog post that should have taken less than an hour.

I hope you have found some value here. If you did please leave a comment below and if you could share the post, that would be Awesome.

Until next time..

Peace and prosperity, always

P.S Want more productivity SECRETS?. “31 Yr Old Snowboard Bum and Frustrated Employee FIRES His Boss and Goes on to Build a $100,000 a Year Home Business

Video Marketing Tips, Making Your First Video – What to Say

Video Marketing Tips. You hear every leader telling you to make a video (and you should), lots of them, however not many people know what to talk about when they are starting out making videos online. Here are some important guidelines, click on the video below first. 

“6-Figure Video Marketing PRO Unveils his Best-Kept SECRETS to Get More Views, Subscribers, and Leads with YOUR YouTube Videos in 24 Hours or Less”. 

Video Marketing Tips For Beginners

video marketingIt can be a bit daunting, making your first video. It’s often a big leap of faith outside of a person’s comfort zone, and many thoughts are probably swirling around in a persons mind, such as “Why would people want to listen to me”?, or “What on earth am I going to talk about?”

This is quite normal. When you are attempting to do something new, you will have doubts. However, you don’t need to have all the answers in order to get started. All you need to do is get off the fence and realise that if you are running an online business in the Network Marketing space, by NOT doing videos, you are  doing yourself a BIG disservice. Here’s why..

Nearly all the top leaders in our industry do videos. They do them for a reason. It’s because they get results!. People will get to know you if they hear the sound of your voice, can see you speaking and can hear you offering useful information to them that helps solve a problem they may have.

In any online business, value should come first before the sale. If you offer value first, people will be magnetised to you and your content. Attraction marketing works extremely well if done properly. Wouldn’t you rather have people seek you out, than you keep chasing them to get a sale. I know I would.

Video Marketing Tips – Why Would People Want To Listen to Me?

video marketingYou are unique. People join people they like, know and trust. If you are one of many reps in a Network Marketing company, instead of fitting in with the crowd and making yourself more invisible, learn to stand out and make yourself more attractive to others.

NO, I’m not talking looks here. Some of the most successful online marketers are not wildly physically attractive people. It’s not about looks, it’s about what you can do for others.

People join people. YOU should be branding YOU. You are the company. What does a company do?. It get’s itself out there into the marketplace and get’s itself noticed. It creates stories, visual content that people love.

You can stand out from the crowd by being different. Most people online do NOT make videos, blog or ever do anything apart from approach friends and family in order to recruit. Some even spam everyone and think that is how to do business.

Approaching friends and family is one way of recruiting, but it’s not the only way. It works for some people, but doesn’t work for many. I used to try recruiting friends and family but eventually burned out all chances of recruiting them. Some never ever spoke to me again.

Offline marketing is OK, some people are extremely good at it, but the majority are not. Creating your own brand online and using attraction marketing is a far better way to go, in my opinion.

YES, There is a better way

When you create videos, talk about things people want to hear. I know that sounds obvious but a lot of videos you see online are full of waffle and useless information. Whenever you learn something of value to either your own personal development or business development, teach it to others.

If you liked learning it, the chances are, other people will also. Choose subjects to talk about that will help people relieve problems they experience in their business. For example. “Teach people how to get more engagement on their Facebook posts”. People love to hear about Social Media and ideas on getting more engagement or getting prospects. You could even give video marketing tips once you feel confident.

When you have completed your first video,  teach people how to do their first video. See how simple this is?. Learn something, do it, then teach it. We call this LDT, Learn, do, then teach.

People want to hear from you. You are unique. You say things like no other person can. Be yourself and set about helping others for free. If you keep doing this, you will have people checking you out wanting to know what business you are in.

Make videos about your lifestyle. People love to hear about your journey. They love to hear about your vision. Others with the same (or similar) vision will follow you. But, you have to get started.

The first video will always be the hardest. You have to expand your comfort zone to accommodate creating videos. Once you get used to doing them, it will just seem a normal part of your daily routine. Remember learning to ride a bike?, it wasn’t easy at first, was it?. Now I bet you could do it blindfolded (not advisable, lol)… that’s how making videos will seem if you keep doing them..

And that is the secret. Consistency. Don’t make a video then forget about it. Make another, and another, market your videos on Facebook, and other social media platforms. It’s what you do consistently over time that makes all the difference. Start today, and in a few weeks or months, you will be so glad that you did.

If you got value from this post, please leave a comment below and give it a “share”. That would be Awesome.. For more video marketing tips click here 

Peace and prosperity, always

PS. “6-Figure Video Marketing PRO Unveils his Best-Kept SECRETS to Get More Views, Subscribers, and Leads with YOUR YouTube Videos in 24 Hours or Less”. 

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