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Grant Cardone – Why Obsession is Better than Depression

I have to admit, it’s been interesting spending the week with Grant Cardone. No, not in person. I’ve been reading his latest book “Be Obsessed or Be Average“. This book focuses on one man’s obsession with both the destructive and the positive.

Check out this video first.. 

Grant Cardone admits to being obsessed as a teenager, getting into trouble and taking drugs for many years before finally getting himself straight in his late twenties.

He spent time in Rehab and was told upon his departure, “You”ll never make it. You are a defective person. You have an addictive personality. A disease you’ll never recover from.

Imagine being told that..

I wonder how many of us, perhaps even reading this post right now have been told we are no good. How we are just “wasting our lives”. No wonder this World is so @@@@@@ up, people use words to poison and destroy people.

Anyway, I digress.. back to the story.

Grant Cardone is a prime example of how you can turn your life around, even when no one believes in you. Quite frankly, all you actually need is to believe in yourself. Far too often we are obsessed with what other people think.

Do other people pay our bills?. I think not.

Obsession is touted as being a “bad” thing. People get obsessed with all wrong things and we tend to label obsessive people as “weirdos”.

When in fact, any addiction can be good or bad. You can be obsessed with drugs or you can be obsessed with helping others.. obsession is neither good nor bad, it’s only the thing that you are obsessed with, that is good or bad.

Grant Cardone – The Man, The Myth

Grant Cardone turned his obsession around. Instead of being obsessed with drugs, he became obsessed Success. This simple mind shift enabled him to become the top earner in the car dealership he worked at.

He literally went from drug addict to top salesman in the space of a few months. He was even helping recovering drug addicts in what little spare time he had.

Even after a full recovery from drugs and a booming sales career, people still tried to “out the brakes” on him, this time complaining that he was “working too hard”. He was told to slow down many times by friends, co workers and family.

The thing was. This new positive obsession had given Grant Cardone a new lease of life. He felt better, he looked better, he even dreamt better and BIGGER.

Grant Cardone was on his way. The rest, as they say, is just history. Today he has built five companies, he owns over $400,000,000 in Real Estate, he’s written several best selling books, owns his own plane.. All from being broke and drug addicted in his twenties.

I think it’s a good book. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as “The 10x Rule”  but it’s a good read and it’s a very honest and transparent look at Grant Cardone’s life. It is also a good lesson to others, to not only settle for “Average” but to get Obsessed” with becoming the success you want to be.

My takeaways from the book:

I think Grant Cardone’s story shows that no matter how low, depressed and disconnected you become, you can turn it around. The hardest thing, I believe people struggle with, is actually pulling themselves out of an “ordinary” life, into something much bigger.

People seem “obsessed” with staying average and keeping up with everyone else, instead of redefining themselves and creating more success in their lives. It seems the “norm” to just do enough, nothing more, nothing less.

Despite what you may think of Grant Cardone, and he has been called many names, some derogatory.. he is a man on a mission, he looks “unstoppable” and that, in my view is not a bad thing to model.

Buy the book. It’s a good read.

Peace and prosperity.

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Why People Don’t Like You – (And How You Can Fix It Right Now)

Do you know why people don’t like you?. Do you care?. I know. You can’t please everyone, and trying to do so, usually means you end up pleasing no-one. However, aren’t you just a teensy weeny bit curious to know why some people.. despite all of your awesomeness, just can’t flipping stand you.

I know I was.

You see, I’ve always convinced myself that it didn’t matter what others thought. In fact, some people use this as some kind of Mantra.. however, as human beings, I believe we do want to be liked.

Even if we give the impression to others that “we couldn’t care less”.  Our unique personality  is going to endear some people to us like bees around a honeypot, whilst downright pi**ing off others..

So, why is that?.

It simply comes down to behavioural style. (involving, relating to, or emphasising behaviour).

Behavioural style. is the reason we tend to like or dislike someone. When the styles differ, and one person is not understanding the other person’s behavioural style, this usually causes a negative reaction.

So, why then is it, opposites attract?. Opposites attract if one person understands the other person’s behavioural style. When two people live together who are complete opposites, they thrive only if and when, they appreciate the other person’s uniqueness.

Hence, this is why you see many couples fail. Mainly because one partner attempts to ignore this rule and constantly attempts to change the other person to be “more like them”.

Like attracts like. We tend to like people like us. When people are like us, they tend to “like us”.  So, in order to get more people to like you, and less people to “not like you”, here is what you can do.

  1. Learn to stop judging people who behave differently from you. Different does not make them wrong, it only makes them different from you. Learn to appreciate the other point of view, even if you disagree with it
  2. Even if you are rapidly climbing the ladder of success (in your eyes), stay humble. Success does not make us any better than the next person, it only makes us more able to help the next person.
  3. We are not in competition with others, we are only in competition with ourselves. Blaming others is not an attractive trait. People who blame others, and whine and moan at every opportunity, tend only to attract other negative people who “get off” on doing the same.
  4. Give people something to admire. When life is good to you, pay it forward, you never know  the effect you are having on other people. A few kind words at the right time can change another person’s World. Use words wisely.
  5. Stop talking about YOU all the time. People get so sick and tired of people who can’t stop talking about themselves all the time. The magic word is “You”. This word matters to others, more than any other word.

We’re obviously not going to get everyone to like us. Some people just don’t like anyone. However, you can apply the five points above and be “more likeable”..

I hope you have found this useful. I think we all tend to get involved in our own little world at times and we forget about others, but it’s other people who actually make up our World, and the more people we can attract in a good way, the more interesting our World becomes. Thoughts?

Please do leave a comment below, and share the post. That would be Awesome..

Peace and prosperity

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How To Generate Leads Using The POWER of Attraction Marketing

How to generate leads. Every business needs leads and sales. Without them, you are just nursing an expensive Hobby.  Watch the video below first. This explains the system I uses to generate leads every day.

Learn How To Generate As Many Leads As you Want Without Chasing People

How To Generate Leads – Why Most People Find This Hard

Let’s be honest. Most people can’t get leads.

People can’t get leads, mainly because the thought of chasing people, perhaps even strangers and asking them for money goes against the grain to what they themselves are comfortable with.

People look for easy ways to get leads either because they are just lazy, or because asking people directly for money is more than what they can comprehend.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Let’s look at it this way. I’m guessing you are a consumer. You buy stuff, probably every day. Maybe it’s only a bus ticket, a train ticket, gas or food. But you still buy stuff.

You buy it because you want it. Yes some things we need, but we buy mainly because we “want” it. You want a brand new Mercedes, you don’t need a brand new Mercedes, you just want it.

how to get leadsWe are “sold” many times over in our lifetime.

We are also the ones who do the selling. We sell our girlfriend/boyfriend on the idea of going out with us, on marrying us. We sell our friends on the idea of seeing a certain film. We sell our kids on the idea of cleaning their room etc.. Everyday, Sell, Sell , Sell.

Yet, when it comes to building our business, and getting leads, it might be a little surprising that we are so unwilling to speak to people in order to get them to do what we want. Not so.

Although we might recommend a film to a friend. The chances are, we wouldn’t just walk up to a perfect stranger and without any introduction at all, start recommending the same film. Of course not. They would probably think you were mad… they might even call the Police.

So, why would someone start talking about their business to someone who wasn’t at least, receptive to the idea?. Indeed, you might ask. Unfortunately this is what a lot of people do. This is why they get rejected so much and often end up deflated and ready to give up.

Would you like to learn how to not only NOT keep feeling the pain of rejection over and over, but to never have to chase after  another person again. How would you like to get people chasing you?. 

how to get leadsHow To Generate Leads – The Art of Attraction Marketing

Ok, so let’s say that you have have Zero, or very little success online in your business so far. How does that feel?. It probably doesn’t feel good. So why not use a totally different approach?. Why not use an approach that actually DOES work. It’s called Attraction Marketing.

Where you are now in your business (and possibly in your life), is based on your attractiveness to the market place. Let me explain..

John is a Grill chef and works in McDonalds for £7 ($10) an hour?. I’m only guessing that’s what they pay. It could be more, or less. however, it’s certainly not top dollar.

Michelle is a Motor Mechanic and works at the local garage for £18 an hour ($22.00).

Why does Michelle earn more?.

The reason being is that Motor Mechanics are perceived as being more valuable (attractive) to the market place than a Grill chef.

And this is how it works in any business, whether it is online or not. It’s in the perceived value that people see in YOU.. Not necessarily in the TRUE value.

There are probably thousands of people in your Network Marketing company. Why should people buy from you?. Have you an honest answer to that question?

They should buy from you because you are giving them the value up front. It is you who is giving them a free eBook or video course. It is you who is giving them the free training to help them in their business. You are creating useful blog posts and videos to help them with their problems.

YOU are becoming the Go to person.. No more chasing down people. They chase you.

What is Value?

Maybe you think a Nurse has more value than a Football player. Who get’s paid the most?. YES!.. the Football player. His/Her value is perceived as being greater than the Nurse, to the market place.  Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter.

This is how the marketplace sees it. . You have to create more value around yourself, in order to be perceived as “more”.

Being attractive to the marketplace does not mean you have to be physically attractive. This may help, however it’s what you can “do” for a person that actually makes you more attractive.

So, let’s get back to “How To Generate Leads” and using Attraction Marketing.

How To Generate Leads – Without The Pain

People love to buy. They hate to be sold. The more you “push” the more people will pull, back off and make a decision unfavourable to you.  The more you “pull” them though a funnel of “value” though,  the more receptive they become to you.

When a person is warming to you, it is more easy for them to make a decision in your favour. I don’t sell anyone anything. I simply discuss and suggest. I am simply that person recommending that film… except now, we are not perfect strangers any more.

I use an Attraction Marketing system to give away lots of free training to people who want that training. In turn, each person goes on my list and either leaves their phone number, or doesn’t.

Those who leave me their phone number obviously want to receive a call from me (or why would they give me the correct number?).  It is now only simply a case of booking a time to speak to them on the phone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a person say to me “thanks for getting back to me, no one else has bothered”.

Now is the time to talk about them. Their needs, wants, hopes and dreams. This is what they want to hear. Not how big your company is. Tune people “in” by talking about them. If you keep talking about you and your company, you will tune people “out”.

And so..

Finally you have in your hands, a system that will attract people to you. You will finally know how to generate leads over and over again. You get all the training, all the education to make you a better marketer PLUS you get the community, the people and the coaches to help you succeed.

You get the Attraction Marketing system that I use to attract people to me. You get all the free training to give away to help attract people to you. You get the Capture pages, the complete sales funnels, EVERYTHING.. everything you need to build a successful online business..

We even give you a beautiful blog. It’s all included..

All it needs now is YOU..

And, I’ll be here to help you all the way… 

Peace and Prosperity always

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