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Get Rich Quick Screams. How To Get Rich Quick Without Trying ?

How to get rich quick?.  The simple answer is, stop trying. YES, stop trying to get rich quick and decide to get rich slow. I think 24 months out of someones lifetime isn’t a long time to get  rich, do you?. make it happen regardless. It’s a mindset shift, most people are just “trying”. And “trying” won’t cut it.

Yoda got it right, “There is no try, do or do not”.  Very few people actually get rich quick, why?. Well, mainly because of two factors.

Watch the video below first to get the lowdown, this was filmed at Fanhams Hall, Ware, Herts in the UK. I call this my second home as I often come here armed with laptop to work on my business.

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How To Get Rich Quick ? Not

OK, I promised you the two factors that stop MOST people from getting rich, not only quickly, but at all.

  1. In our online marketing space, there are a lot of people who are treating their online business like a job. It’s not a Monday to Friday thing… it’s a Monday to Sunday thing and most of that “chilling” out watching the TV time, if not all,  should be channeled into building your business. There’s plenty of time to watch TV when you’re rich..
  2. Skills pay the bills in an online business. People tend to misdirect their available cash into collecting multiple biz ops instead of investing in the skills they need to move forward in one business at a time. Broke people tend to “multi buy” as many biz ops as possible even though they have not created success in any one opportunity. Remember, broke people diversify at the bottom, rich people diversify at the top.

Am I against, multiple streams of income… hell, NO!.. I love multiple streams of income, however I didn’t start my journey online with multiple streams of income. I started with one, figured out how to sell it to people  and then added another stream of income..

Did I get it right straight away?, No way!.. I spammed and spammed until I couldn’t spam any more.. then one day, a marketer took me aside and showed me the error of my ways!… I owe that person big time..

I built up slowly, investing in education at first to give me the marketing skills to make ONE thing work, then I added an extra income stream here and there.

How To Get Rich Quick – Buy 10,000 Lottery Tickets a Week

how to get rich quickThe problem I see online is that there are many people who want to graduate from the college without doing the work. Making money online takes time.

The Lottery pulls people out of obscurity and makes them millionaires. The same thing does not apply to business, any business.

If you want to make money fast in business, you could spend your life savings on paid traffic (not recommended) or you could work 24 hrs a day without sleep (again not recommended).. you might tap into some “new discovery”.. but the chances are…

It will take you:

9 -36 months to make any “reasonable” income online, if at all.

5 -15 yrs to become what most people think of as “Rich”.

How do I know this?.

I watch other people in our online network marketing industry and this tends to be the trend amongst the people who “don’t try” but actually decide to do it, no matter what. .

Now, I’m not saying that you might not build a team online and you might pick a couple of “superstars” in your team who go out and make them (and you) a fortune in just a few months… it’s possible.. but not likely.

If you are in a network marketing opportunity, you should be working on your prospecting and closing skills, these are the skills that will produce the sales.

5 Steps To Escape From The “How To Get Rich Quick” Thinking

Step 1. Sell products of value from a reputable company. Products that you feel good about and have 100% faith in. Think about some of the dodgy, “money for no work” types of schemes out there… would you introduce your family to them?. If the answer is NO, then don’t sell them.

If it looks too good to be true. It probably is.

Step 2. Work on the No 1 skill you need in that business. If it’s network marketing, then focus on prospecting and closing.

Skills are what pay the Bills. What separates you from all the other people out there trying to get Rich?.

Step 3. Be in it for the long term. Learn to create good content and be a person who solves problems. People are in pain, this is the reason why most people do things, they want to get away from pain. The pain of “no money”, too much weight” etc, etc. If you can solve these problems,  you are golden.

Step 4. Remember, you are in the business of selling things. Whatever fancy words you use for moving your products, it’s selling.

It doesn’t matter how many people see your offer, if no one buys, you won’t make any money. Get good at speaking to people and helping them make a buying decision.

Step 5. Invest in you. In order to get people to give you money, you need to invest in yourself. If you want to sell products, buy it yourself. Be a product of the product. Invest in education and teach others what you’ve learnt.

So now you know, there is no real “how to get rich quick”. If you provide value, sell quality products. Learn the skills you need to sell them and always, always separate yourself from the crowd. The crowd never wins in the long term.  They just follow the herd and hope for the best.

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Peace and prosperity

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Blog Post Ideas, Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas Ever Again

Blog post ideas. Do you get frustrated thinking about new blog post ideas?. Is your head a “content free zone?”. Don’t worry, I have the answer. This blog post will give you three ways of coming up with “instant” ideas.

Here is one “very special” idea. The other two are contained within the video below.

So why is this idea so special?. Well mainly because it is rarely spoken about. I’m talking about Books.. Yes, those big things on the shelf, lol.

People read them, but don’t often incorporate them into their blog post ideas. Not everyone can click their fingers and think of something to blog about but if you follow the three ideas suggested, you will never run out of blog post ideas again. I promise.

OK, so let’s get into method 1. Books.

Blog Post Ideas – The POWER of Books

Here’s what I do.

Find a book that talks about your particular niche. Go to the “contents” page and look at all the chapters. Now I want you to associate “chapters” with posts.

Here’s what we do. We find a chapter that would make a good blog post subject. We then grab the chapter title and rejig it so that our main keyword fits within the title. For example, if the chapter title was “The Magic Power of Thinking”. And our main keyword we wanted to use was say, “Law of Attraction”..

We could rejig the title (headline) to read Law of Attraction – The Magic Power of Thinking, or something like that.

So here’s what we do next. 

We look within the chapter for 2 or 3 subtopics. What are subtopics?

The definition of a subtopic is something that is part of a broader area of discussion.

Once we have found 2 or 3 subtopics. We can now use 200/300 words (or more) on each subtopic.

This way, we now have the idea for the post, the title and the 2 (or 3) subtopics to talk about. And Voila, we now have a post for our blog.

The next two tips are included in the video below. If you love the idea of blogging and you want to take it to a whole other level where you can create leads (prospects) and sales for any business. Click this link 

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Peace and prosperity

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The SECRET Law of Attraction – What Is The Why Behind Your What?

The Secret Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction allows us to tune into our inner selves and manifest those things of equal vibration. Hence the term, like attracts like.

However, although we are constantly attracting things into our life, whether welcome or unwelcome, sometimes we tend to treat the universe like a catalogue.

the secret law of attractionAttracting money for moneys sake will probably not bring you the happiness you want. We are only really truly happy when we are acting out the lives we had hoped for. Happiness comes in many forms, but it is my belief that happiness comes most when we are making others happy.

Yes, there is momentary happiness.. the sweet taste of chocolate, or the excitement of a gift.. for example, however the things we manifest into our lives, are not always the things that we actually need to make us happy.  For instance.. Money.

We could have money all day long, big hairy, scary bucketful’s of money, but this may not be the thing that makes us happy in the long term. It may just lead to self indulgence and a total disregard for money itself. However, if we knew the what behind the “why”.. well, now we’re talking.

The SECRET Law of Attraction – So what is the why behind your what?

What is it all for?.

law of attraction moneyI think most of what we think we want is only serving our ego, and not our higher self and happiness. Whatever we want, we are really after a certain “feeling”. The “feeling of success”, the “feeling of importance”, the “feeling of being wanted”, The feeling of being attractive to others, etc.

The secret law of attraction is a secret within a secret. In order to get what you really want, you have to know exactly what it it is and why it really matters.

Looking at the why behind the what will give you more information than just the feeling. It will give you the broader view of what is “truly” what you want. (Let me explain.).

If you questioned a 100 people, and asked them, “Do you want more money in your life? the chances are that almost 100% would reply “Yes”. You may get one or two who don’t need or want more money but this is pretty rare.

If you asked the same people, “Why do you want more money in your life”?. the chances are, most will be able to give you a reason. “More vacations”, “better car”, larger house” etc etc… however, when you dive deeper, it gets harder for people to actually tell you why they are doing something.

And this is the beginning of the SECRET, as to why a lot of people don’t get to act out the lives they truly wished for.. because the wish is very “washy” in other words, it is very unclear to a lot of people

When you know your

Most people can answer the first layer to most questions. They can give you quick “off the cuff” answers as to why they want something… however, this is rarely the actual REAL reason… (salespeople, take notes here).

People often will not, or cannot tell you the REAL reason that they want something. This can only really be found by uncovering the hidden layers within us. Here’s an example..

People don’t by BMW’s or Mercedes cars just to get from A-B. A beat up old Honda can do the same thing. People buy the BMW or Mercedes because they want a luxurious high status car.

OK, let’s dive deeper, shall we?…are you ready for this?

the secretDisclaimer: I’m not suggesting everyone buys a BMW or Mercedes for the following reasons. So if you’re a BMW or Mercedes owner, no hate mail please.. P.S I love both 🙂

OK, here are some possible reasons..

1 ) Maybe a person buys a BMW or Mercedes because it makes them feel important ?

2) Maybe they are trying to keep up with the neighbours

3) Maybe it shows people how successful they are

4) Maybe they like the idea of travelling in luxury and a beat up old Honda will not cut it anymore..

As you can see, different people have different reasons for wanting the same thing. I am using a BMW or Mercedes example here, but this could be anything. There are usually many layers to a person’s why. It’s not all Black and White.. if you find the “actual” why, you can adjust your thinking accordingly.

If you are working in  a coaching capacity, getting someone to peel back the layers to their real why can be an amazing experience. Sometimes, self realisation can be life changing for that person.

So many reasons.. 

OK, so let’s get back to the car analogy. Let’s say Mr X wants a Mercedes to feel more important.

My next question is “Why do you want to feel more important”?..

Answer: Because I feel like a loser driving a beat up old Honda.  This car is my way of me showing the world that I’m on my way up.

Next question:. OK, so let’s say, once you, feel important. Now what?

Answer: Once I feel more important to the people around me, I will have more confidence.

Next Question: OK, so let’s say you feel more confident. Now what?

Answer: Once I feel more confident. I will feel confident enough to branch out on my own, I would quit my job and start my own business.

Next Question: Ok, so you’ve quit your job and started your own business. Now what?

Answer: Now I feel I can finally provide a real life for my family. I feel that I can get the time freedom and income to give them the life they deserve..


There is the real Why.. gradually we unpacked each layer until the real reason appeared. and this is really what we should all do. Not only with ourselves, but with our team members, our customers etc.

Because once you state your real Why to the World.. it will surely follow that if you can imagine it, and feel it every waking moment, you will surely create the plan for it to happen.

I hope you have enjoyed the Secret Law of Attraction, if you want to find out more on how to use this incredible law to get you want you want in life, click here for more details. 

Peace and prosperity always..

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